Newest Additions to Saving Country Music’s Top 25 Current Playlist (#31)

The latest round of additions to the Saving Country Music Top 25 Playlist start with a superb new song from Ward Davis off his new Asunder EP. If you’ve ever been through a tough divorce, or even if you haven’t, “Good and Drunk” hits you right where it hurts in the best way. It’s a late addition to one of the best songs released in 2018.

Up next is a song that goes in the opposite direction called “The One That You Love” from Texas panhandle band Comanche Moon. Their latest album Country Music Deathstar was just reviewed on Saving Country Music, and this song adds a little necessary positivity to the playlist. The solemn, vintage, faraway feel of “Pickup Cowboy” by Jonathan Byrd is next on the list. It’s the title track from his latest album.

It takes one special song from the mainstream to make the playlist. It’s not that mainstream tracks are discriminated against here, but they usually don’t need the help from Saving Country Music, and are usually not good enough to include. However Maddie & Tae’s “Die From A Broken Heart” continues to outperform for a non radio track, and is doing something special that is worth recognizing. One of the reasons songs by women are disappearing in the mainstream is because the artists and songs that show real traction aren’t always the ones that make it onto radio or playlists, like “Die From A Broken Heart.” It also happens to be a really good song, even if it’s from a slightly younger perspective than what some may expect from this playlist.

And last but not least, a new track from Colter Wall called “Raisin’ Cotton” from the Texas Cotton movie soundtrack makes the list. It’s one of many worthy songs from that compilation.

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Saving Country Music’s Top 25 Current Playlist:


  • “Natural Disaster” – Dillon Carmichael – Hell On An Angel
  • “The One That You Love” – Comanche Moon – Country Music Deathstar
  • “Good and Drunk” – Ward Davis – Asunder EP
  • “Around Here” – Whitey Morgan and the 78’s – Hard Times and White Lines
  • “If I Can Make Texas Tonite” – Tom Buller – When A Country Boy Gets the Blues
  • “Ruby’s Stool” – Loretta Lynn – Wouldn’t It Be Great
  • “Walking On Water” – Nick Dittmeier & the Sawdusters – All Damn Day
  • “Living Room” – Brian Callihan – (single)
  • “Raisin’ Cotton” – Colter Wall – Texas Cotton (Soundtrack)
  • “Viki Lynn” – Lauren Morrow – Self-Titled EP
  • “Cheyenne” – Pistol Annies – Interstate Gospel
  • “Finding Who I Always Should Have Been” – James Steinle – South Texas Homecoming
  • “Brokenhearted” – William Michael Morgan – (single)
  • “JP’s Florida Blues #1” – JP Harris – Sometimes Dogs Bark At Nothing
  • “Pickup Cowboy” – Jonathan Byrd & The Pickup Cowboys – Pickup Cowboy
  • “Slow Kill” – Kristina Murray – Southern Ambrosia
  • “Death & Life” – Jamie Lin Wilson – Jumping Over Rocks
  • “Bad Time To Be An Outlaw” – The Bottle Rockets – Bit Logic
  • “Sad” – Carson McHone – Carousel
  • “Die From A Broken Heart” – Maddie & Tae – (single)
  • “Old News” – The Steel Woods – Old News
  • “Is It Cheating” – Belle Plaine w/ Colter Wall – Malice, Mercy, Grief, and Wrath
  • “Red And Gold” – The Brother Brothers – Some People I Know
  • “She Don’t Love Me” – Adam Hood (w/ Brent Cobb) – Somewhere In Between
  • “Better Boat” – Kenny Chesney (ft. Mindy Smith) – Songs for the Saints
  • “Down Low” – Town Mountain ft. Tyler Childers – New Freedom Blues

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