Newest Adds to Saving Country Music’s Top 25 Current Playlist (#108)

The Saving Country Music Top 25 Playlist is built to keep you informed on all the best songs and albums coming out right here, right now in country and roots music. It’s available on most all streaming formats (see below), or you can just use the song, artist, and album recommendations to find something new to listen to. New songs just added.

Newest Additions:

Tommy Prine – “Ships in the Harbor” – Leave it to John Prine’s son to release his debut single, and it perhaps isn’t just the best song all year, but one of the best songs we’ve heard in the last few years. No, it’s not a “country” song per se. But if you listen to the end and you’ll understand why it’s here.

Drake Milligan – “Sounds Like Something I’d Do” – A rare opportunity to feature a single that is also being featured on mainstream country radio as “Sounds Like Something I’d Do” was the 2nd most added song on the format last week, and wholly appropriate to include here as the lead off song to Milligan’s great new album Dallas/Fort Worth.

Sunny Sweeney – “Tie Me Up” – Sunny had been featuring this song live for a few years, and we finally get a studio version that lives up to the live performance with a strong Waylon beat and honky tonk attitude. It’s the first song on her new album Married Alone.

Gabe Lee – “Over You” – One of the greatest and most underrated songwriters of our time has released the second single from his upcoming album The Hometown Kid out October 28th, and though it was apparently inspired by the Nashville native getting his heart broke by the Tennessee Titans football team, it certainly works as a country music heartbreaker as well.

Seth Jones – “My Mistake” – Matching lead guitar and fiddle compliment the melody of Texas songwriter Seth Jones’s latest song, which is a heartbreaker that compliments his life-worn voice. “You better all listen to it and share it or else all is lost and the terrorists win,” Jones says, so why argue with him?

Jon Pardi – “Reverse Cowgirl” – Leave it to Jon Pardi to return the innuendo to country music just like he’s been returning the twang to mainstream country over the last few years. More stuff like this in mainstream country, please! It’s from Pardi’s new record Mr. Saturday Night.

Adam Hood – “Flesh and Blood” – A lot of high praise coming in for Adam Hood’s new album Bad Days Better produced by Brent Cobb, and backed by Blackberry Smoke. “Flesh and Blood” delves into the temptations of a touring musician, and is one of numerous country soul scorchers from the new record.

Charley Crockett – “Just Like Honey” – Charley Crockett just continues to claw his way up the country music ladder through the sheer sweat on his brow. His latest album The Man From Waco saw his best debut yet, and though like always he mixes in a little vintage R&B into his style, the album still has plenty of country roots like this little gem.

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Please Note: The songs on this playlist are curated for listening pleasure and flow. Otherwise, they are not in any specific order.

Saving Country Music’s Top 25 Current Playlist:

  • “Sounds Like Something I’d Do” – Drake Milligan – Dallas/Fort Worth
  • “Tie Me Up” – Sunny Sweeney – Married Alone
  • “Where I Went Wrong”The Broken Spokes – Where I Went Wrong
  • “Flesh and Blood” – Adam Hood – Bad Days Better
  • “My Grass Is Blue” – Kimmi Bitter – (single)
  • “Reverse Cowgirl” – Jon Pardi – Mr. Saturday Night
  • “Ships in the Harbor” – Tommy Prine – (single)
  • “My Mistake” – Seth Jones – (single)
  • “Casualty” – Courtney Patton – Electrostatic (10-7)
  • “Just Like Honey” – Charley Crockett – The Man From Waco
  • “Over You” – Gabe Lee – The Hometown Kid (10-28)
  • “Another Bad Apple” – Ward Davis – (single)
  • “Where Cotton Is King” – The Panhandlers – (single)
  • “Anabelle” – Memphis Kee – (single)
  • “On The Ranch” – Emily Nenni – On The Ranch (11-4)
  • “Turn Anywhere into a Honky Tonk” – Alex Key – Neon Signs and Stained Glass
  • “Years” – Sierra Ferrell – Something Borrowed, Something New: A Tribute to John Anderson
  • “Texas” – Jonathan Terrell – A Couple, 2, 3, EP (9-9)
  • “Playing Patsy” – Adam & Amy Pope – (single)
  • “The Way I Oughta Go” – Bella White – (single)
  • “Can’t Wait to Never See You Again” – Hellbound Glory – The Immortal Hellbound Glory: Nobody Knows You (9-30)
  • “Honky Tonk Town” – Kimberly Kelly – I’ll Tell You What’s Gonna Happen
  • “Trouble With A Hammer” – Conrad Fisher – (single)
  • “A Guitar, A Singer, and A Song” – Wade Bowen w/ Vince Gill – Somewhere Between The Secret and The Truth
  • “Tall and Mighty” – Kelsey Waldon – No Regular Dog
  • “Oklahoma Smokeshow” – Zach Bryan – Summertime Blues
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