Newest Adds to Saving Country Music’s Top 25 Current Playlist (#73)

The Saving Country Music Top 25 Playlist is built to keep you informed on all the best songs and albums coming out right here, right now in country and roots music. It’s available on most all streaming formats (see below), or you can just use the song, artist, and album recommendations to find something new to listen to. New songs have just been added.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Due to Google Play being shut down soon and rolled into YouTube, the playlist is no longer being supported on that format. Also please note the recently-changed home for the playlist on Apple Music.

Newest Additions:

This week’s newest additions are especially country, particularly twangy, and fiercely traditional, aside from a curve ball by The Bloody Jug Band, which is still a banger.

Shelby Lee Lowe – “You’re Not Gone” – One of three songs Shelby Lee Lowe has just released in an EP called Something in Me, a hardcore honky tonk song about heartbreak was never so fun and enjoyable to listen to.

Alecia Nugent – “Too Bad You’re No Good” – We’re used to artists from other genres “going country” to revitalize their careers later in life. But when it comes to bluegrass great Alecia Nugent, she’s more than welcome in the country genre if she’s releasing songs like “Too Bad You’re No Good.” Originally recorded by Trisha Yearwood, it’s one of numerous excellent cuts off of Nugent’s first album in 11 years, The Old Side of Town.

Royce Johns – “One Last Two Step” – If you’re looking for traditional country that is unwavering to its adherence to the roots of the genre, look no further than Royce Johns, and his latest album from which this title track comes from.

Randall King – “Takin’ It As It Comes” – When naming off who could be the George Strait of the next generation, make sure you don’t forget about ol’ Randall King down in Texas. Now signed to Warner Music Nashville, this is one of two recent standalone singles (the other is “Hey Moon”) that you should have on your radar.

The Bloody Jug Band – “Lac du Flambeau” – Translating to “Lake of Fire,” this song really is the perfect example of why The Bloody Jug Band should not just be regarded as a Halloween band. When it comes to constructing songs, these guys do it better than most, and the guitar on the track is especially tasty.

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Please Note: The songs on this playlist are curated for listening pleasure and flow. Otherwise, they are not in any specific order.

Saving Country Music’s Top 25 Current Playlist:

  • “Ride On” – David Quinn – Letting Go
  • “Why’d Ya Do It” – Sierra Ferrell – (single)
  • “You’re Not Gone” – Shelby Lee Lowe – Something in Me
  • “I Don’t Mind” – Sturgill Simpson – Cuttin’ Grass Vol. 1
  • “Too Bad You’re No Good” – Alecia Nugent – The Old Side of Town
  • “One Last Two Step” – Royce Johns – One Last Two Step
  • “Body in a Boxcar” – Sunny Sweeney – Recorded Live at the Machine Shop (11-13)
  • “100 Proof Honky-Tonk” – The Reeves Brothers – The Last Honky Tonk
  • “Tumbleweed” – Roo Arcus – Tumbleweed
  • “Beer Bucket List” – David Adam Byrnes – Neon Town
  • “Takin’ It As It Comes” – Randall King – (single)
  • “Quietly Into The Night” – Eva Noblezada, Dale Watson – Yellow Rose Soundtrack
  • “Diamond Joe” – The Onlies – Self-Titled
  • “Wreck Me” – Charley Crockett – Welcome To Hard Times
  • “Lac de Flambeau” – The Bloody Jug Band – Stranded
  • “Skid Row” – Victoria Bailey – Jesus, Red Wine & Patsy Cline
  • “Cowpoke” – Colter Wall – Western Swing & Waltzes
  • “The Loneliness in Me” – Rachel Brooke – The Loneliness in Me
  • “Hanging Tree” – Drew Moreland – Feeling Good Again EP
  • “Bag of Pills” – Arlo McKinley – Die Midwestern
  • “Take Me As I Am” – Aaron Vance – (single)
  • “Disappearing Girl” – Juliette McConkey – Disappearing Girl
  • “Don’t You Know I’m From Here” – Brennen Leigh – Prairie Love Letter
  • “Mattress on the Floor” – Mo Pitney – Ain’t Lookin’ Back
  • Soapbox” – Brent Cobb ft. Nikki Lane – Keep ‘Em On They Toes
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