“One Asshole at a Time.” Sturgill Simpson Stops Concert Fight

sturgill-simpson“One asshole at a time, and right now it’s my turn.” — Sturgill Simpson

With those words, not only did Sturgill Simpson stop down a concert fight, he might have found himself a new tagline.

This week Sturgill Simpson embarked on a much-anticipated sold out American tour, and the third night of the tour saw him in his home state of Kentucky playing at the Madison Theater in Covington, just over the river from Cincinnati. The venue was filled to capacity, with little room for elbows or egos, and during Sturgill’s song “Sometimes Wine” a scuffle started in the crowd from folks pushing and shoving, spurning Sturgill to stop down the show to instill order.

Sturgill watches as the situation escalates, still trying to keep the song going, until it gets too out of hand. “Hold up, hold up, hold, up hold up,” Sturgill says to his band before shouting, “YOU!” And pointing out the culprit to security and the surrounding fans. “Hey hey hey. Come on now, everyone came to have a good time. It doesn’t matter who started it, all that matters is that it’s over … One asshole at a time and right now it’s my turn, so…”

Shortly thereafter the offending parties were dealt with, Sturgill Simpson and his band re-started the song, and all was forgotten in the midst of a good time. But Sturgill’s both authoritative and self-deprecating “One asshole at a time” moment might be one we’re remembering for a while.

Somebody make a T-shirt.

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