Paramount Series “Yellowstone” Features Good Music from Independent Artists

Paramount Network’s original series Yellowstone starring Kevin Costner has lots of folks talking with its rough and tumble drama, and panoramic vistas shot on location in the American West. But one interesting wrinkle for fans of independent country music has been the inclusion of multiple artists on the soundtrack in the series, and in pretty prominent roles. Last week Texas Southern rock band Whiskey Myers received a huge boost from the series when their music wasn’t just featured, the band itself saw screen time, resulting in their albums shooting up the iTunes charts.

But that’s just where the love for independent and traditional country artists from the series begins. Jay Ungar & Molly Mason‘s version of “Ashokan Farewell” made famous in the Ken Burns documentary series on The Civil War was featured in Episode 1, as was a song by the Texas country music supergroup The Trishas called “Trouble About My Soul,” and Chris Stapleton‘s version of “Tennessee Whiskey.” Whitey Morgan and the 78’s version of the old Johnny Cash song “Bad News” made an appearance in Episode 2, as did Billy Joe Shaver‘s “Goodbye Yesterday.”

Along with the big boost Whiskey Myers received from their appearances on Episode 4, the song “Keep The Wolves Away” from Uncle Lucius was featured, as was Ryan Bingham‘s ‘Sunrise.” In fact Ryan Bingham might be on deck to receive his own boost as he’s set to become a recurring character in the series beginning with Episode 5. As cool as it has been to see and hear some worthy artists receiving attention through the series, what Yellowstone might have in store with the soundtrack and appearances makes it even more compelling to follow along.

Yellowstone centers around the famous American National Park and the conflicts that arise between the shared borders of a large cattle ranch, an Indian reservation, land developers, and the park itself. It was created by Taylor Sheridan who is originally from Texas, and made a name developing Sons of Anarchy, as well as the movie Hell or High Water, both of which featured lots of independent and classic country music as well. Sheridan is given credit for revitalizing the modern Western.

For those following along with a series, below is a (mostly) complete list of all the songs and artists featured on the series so far. Beyond the country realm, other good music is also featured in the series. As new episodes air, we’ll try to either update this list, or post new ones for folks who hear a song or artist they like, and want to find the name. Also if you see something missing or want to know the name of a song, feel free to pipe up in the comments section.

New episodes air each Wednesday on the Paramount Network.

Opening Credits – Original Theme by Brian Tyler

Episode 1 – Daybreak

  • Joey Stylez – “Save Your Soul (Radio Version) – (While in Kayce’s truck)
  • Chris Stapleton – “Tennessee Whiskey” – (In the restaurant)
  • A Perfect Circle – “Judith” – (In Jimmy’s Trailer)
  • Whiskey Myers – “On the River” – (Kayce hesitates to drive into Yellowstone ranch)
  • Puscifier – “Tumbleweed” – (Tribal police vehicles pass Kayce’s house)
  • APM Music – “Nocturne Opus 9 #1 – (In the clubhouse at Sporting Club)
  • Audio Network – “Blue Haze” – (In the clubhouse at Sporting Club)
  • Jay Ungar & Molly Mason – “Ashokan Farewell” – (Funeral at Yellowstone Ranch)
  • The Trishas – “Trouble About My Soul” – (End Credits)

Episode 2 – Kill The Messenger

  • White Zombie – “Thunder Kiss ’65” – (At the rodeo)
  • Blur – “Song 2” – (At the rodeo)
  • Whitey Morgan and the 78’s – “Bad News” – (At the bunkhouse)
  • (Billy Joe) Shaver – “Goodbye Yesterday” – (End Credits)

Episode 3 – No Good Horses

  • Bad Flamingo – “Howlin at the Moon” – (At Yellowstone Ranch arena)
  • Rusty Tinder – “Got Me In A Bind” – (At Murray Hotel Bar)
  • Puscifier – “The Humbling River” – (End Credits)

Episode 4 – The Long Black Train

  • Ryan Bingham – “Sunrise” – (Morning at Yellowstone Ranch)
  • Audio Network – “Late Night Mellow” – (Paradise Valley Sporting Club)
  • Brad Hatfield – “After Hours” – (Paradise Valley Sporting Club)
  • Whiskey Myers – “Frogman” – (Whiskey Myers performs live at cowboy bar)
  • Uncle Lucius – “Keep The Wolves Away” – (Kayce is pulled over on Reservation)
  • Whiskey Myers – “Stone” – (Whiskey Myers performing live, end credits)

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