Preview Entire Songs of Hank III’s New Album !

Hank III The Rebel Within Hank III’s latest record Rebel Within to be released May 25th is now available for preview through, where you can listen to ALL the songs, IN THEIR ENTIRETY! Just CLICK HERE, and navigate over to the player on the right.

You’ll want to get over there and get your listen on ASAP, because the entire songs are likely only to be up there for a limited time, then you’ll only get samples. Many artists are beginning to offer entire album previews ahead of release dates to increase interest. For example you can stream Th’ Legendary Shack Shakers new album Agridustrial as well by CLICKING HERE.

Just listened to it one time through and it is still sinking in, but I REALLY like what I’m hearing. For those that thought his last album Damn Right, Rebel Proud was a departure, you’ll at least think this is a step up. Really like the songs “Lookin’ For A Mountain” and “Tore Up and Loud.” The song “Karmageddon” shows a lot of Those Poor Bastards influence, like Kaw-Liga meets Lonesome Wyatt.

Full review coming soon.

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