Radio Single Finally Named From Pistol Annies’ New Record ‘Interstate Gospel’

Yes, The Pistol Annies will have a radio single, and it will be the rambunctious “Got My Name Changed Back.” Going for adds on October 29th via RCA Nashville, it will give the supergroup consisting of Miranda Lambert, Angaleena Presley, and Ashley Monroe an opportunity to try and break the male-dominated monopoly on country radio, and perhaps help promote their upcoming record in the process.

“Got My Name Changed Back” was one of three songs initially released when the Pistol Annies announced their new album Interstate Gospel in September. The album is due to be released on November 2nd. But when none of the tracks emerged as the one song to lead the charge on radio, the concern became the trio wouldn’t enjoy a bona fide single at all. Not sending promoted singles to radio is one of the reasons women are disappearing from the radio charts.

Though speculation upon the inspiration for “Got My Name Changed Back” is pervasive, the Pistol Annies insist the song isn’t written about anyone specifically, though the trio does boast two divorces among them, including one by Miranda Lambert who sings lead on the song. Written by the trio themselves, the song features three full instrumental solos—something pretty unheard of for a radio song. It also appears radio will receive a slightly edited version of of the track for airplay since “Got My Name Changed Back” makes reference to “road whores” in the album version.

On October 7th, the Pistol Annies were spotted in Murfreesboro, Tennessee near Nashville filming a video for the song. It’s a little late for the single to start climbing the charts to help promote the November 2nd album release, and it’s speculative if the song will get played at all since Miranda Lambert and other women are struggling to find significant traction for songs on country radio. But you can’t play what you don’t have, and sending “Got My Name Changed Back” to radio just before the trick-or-treaters head out is a step in the right direction. We’ll also keep an eye out to see if the song makes it onto big streaming playlists, which are quickly challenging radio for importance in the music marketplace.

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