Random News Roundup Vol. 7 (Bob Wayne, Reinstate Hank)

Bob Wayne Now Available Online !!!

Bob Wayne and the Outlaw Carnies who got kudos in my last blog for their album Driven By Demons being one of the top albums of the year are now available online! You can find his music on iTunes, or CD Baby , or on bobwayne.org

This first two albums, Blood to Dust and 13 Truckin’ Songs are available now, and Driven By Demons will be coming online shortly. I got all three and recommend them all.

So pony up and GET SOME!!!

Reinstate Hank Videos !!!

First of there’s a really cool Reinstate Hank video that came from the event in Cincinnati Judd Films wrote about in this blog.

I was tipped off about this from Reinstate Hank lieutenant Restless in Amsterdam. Check it out:

Man, can you imagine renting a room and being told the piano that comes with it is the one Hank Williams practiced on before recording “Lovesick Blues”? Shitfire.

Also Outlaw Magazine is asking anyone and everyone to submit videos voicing their opinion about Hank Williams not being a member of the Opry that will be uploaded to their website. To read more about it CLICK HERE, and thanks again to Cathy for spearheading the Reinstate Hank affairs through Outlaw Magazine.


Tim Pop Live has some new shows up, including another all country show, so you should go check that out.

–Hank III released a few new concert dates in Cali, including 2/27 at the Roxy in LA, and the Grand Ballroom in San Francisco on 2/28. Of course you can always check out the tour section of hank3.com for all tour dates.

Also a quick correction. In my Shooter VS. Shelton blog, I accidentally wrote that Shooter’s “Put the ‘O’ Back in Country” song was a duet with Neil Young. I had duet on the brain I guess because I was talking earlier in the blog about how there was no chance we’d see a duet between Shooter and III. I think what I meant to say at the time was that Neil Young co-wrote the song. But that is false too. “Put the O” was adapted from Neil Young’s “Are you Ready for the Country,” a song Neil wrote on Harvest in 1972 and covered by Waylon in 1976 on an album of that same name. I have to thank Don for pointing that out, and hopefully I can keep my brain farts to a minimum in the future.

I also dug up some very very interesting information involving the whole ‘cunt’ and ‘O’ in country controversy that is so involved I have even finished the research yet, but I will get it into a blog soon so stay tuned.

Horns Up Hellbillies !!!

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