Ray Price in Hospital Battling Severe Sepsis Infection

ray-price87-year-old Country Music Hall of Famer Ray Price is currently in the hospital battling Sepsis, a bacterial infection in his blood line. He is currently in a cardiac intensive care unit being treated by Dr. Red Duke.

“Rays blood pressure dropped too low and his heart rate too high. We were in watchful crisis all night long and through out early morning hours before he stabilized,” Ray’s wife Janie Price told fans. “Dr. Red Duke is here in charge and coordinating all of the Specialists treating Ray. I am at Rays bedside and have not left him for a second. I will continue to be ever watchful and give updates as Ray continues to improve.  Please remember Ray in your prayers tonight. Blessings To All!”

Sepsis is considered a potentially-fatal inflammation caused by severe infection. Sometimes the condition can last even after the infection is gone, threatening organ dysfunction and other maladies. The condition is considered to kill millions globally every year, but is treatable with antibiotics and intravenous fluids.

Ray was admitted to the hospital earlier this year for severe dehydration due to Post Radiation Syndrome after being successfully treated for Cancer. He was also admitted to the hospital briefly in June for kidney stones.

Please keep Ray Price in your thoughts, and we will do our best to keep you updated on this developing story.

UPDATE (10-13-13 4:35 PM CDT): Ray’s condition has improved according to his wife Janice.

I finally have some good news to share with you about Ray. Today’s reports show that the blood infection has started to respond to the antibiotics. Ray is much better tonight.

When we got him to the Intensive Care Unit this past Tuesday night, Ray was in critical condition. The Sepsis had spread throughout his entire blood stream and he was in Acute Kidney Failure. Dr. Red Duke assembled the Team of Specialists who went to work on Ray and this Great Physician never left Rays side during the crisis. Ray was in distress with his breathing as his lungs had filled with water. He was Incubated and started on Dialysis.

I watched as Ray recovered from the worse health crisis we have ever had. All of the Doctors were amazed! We will remain in the Isolation Critical Care Unit until Ray is completely out of danger.
I have always known that Ray has Devoted Fans. I never knew until this week just how many of you are out there. The sheer number of Fans visiting our Facebook Pages is breathtaking! I Am At A Loss For Words Of How To Express My Gratitude To Each Of You For Your Unceasing Prayers And Love. With God’s Undying Love And Your Love And Support, Our Beloved RAY PRICE Will Live To Sing Another Day! As for me, I am content to just sit here and hold Rays hand.  Your Grateful Friend, Janie Price

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