Ray Wylie Hubbard’s Son Lucas Defends Father from Redneck During “Redneck Mother”

photo: Brad Coolidge

Usually these stupid little videos are fun for a laugh and then you move on with your day. But this one seemed especially worthy of pulling out of the herd and shining a spotlight on as not just a cool sign of personal courage, but life imitating art.

At a show on Friday, May the 4th at Love and War in Lindale, TX (hometown of Miranda Lambert), Ray Wylie Hubbard was singing his iconic, signature song “Redneck Mother” made famous by Jerry Jeff Walker on Viva Terlingua. Right as Ray Wylie was spelling out “mother,” and extending the ‘R’ for “Rrrredneck,” a real life redneck decided it was the perfect time to crash the stage.

Luckily Ray’s son Lucas, who plays lead guitar in his father’s band, was there to push said redneck back before anything else worthy of reporting ensued. A Ray Wylie Hubbard show at a restaurant in rural Texas is not exactly where you expect to encounter mosh pits and stage crashers. The quick actions of Lucas were rendered even more timely and poetic since after the ‘R’ in “redneck,” the song mentions the “mother who has raised a son so well.”

Ray Wylie’s wife Judy—who is often referred to as Mother Hubbard—must be proud. She posted video of the incident where Ray—always the Wylie Lama—explains to the redneck yahoo that the loving nudge back to where he belonged was, you know, for his own personal safety. It’s not only warming to see Lucas playing in his dad’s band, but willing to defending his 71-year-old pops from the same would-be rednecks that inspired Ray Wylie’s “Redneck Mother” in the first place.

“So Lucas’s new nickname is ‘Keef,'” Hubbard later said about the incident. “He didn’t exactly deck a guy with his guitar but when this man tried to jump on stage. He pushed him back off between the one and and the next measure and never missed a lick. Now probably the guy was just excited and wanted to sing with me or dance or just show off for his friends but because of situations that have happened to other bands where there were terrible consequences and the fact that he could have tripped on the pedal board wires or knocked a mic over or no telling. Young keef jr. did the right thing. I mean the rest of the audience was just great and fun and just one guy went overboard..well, actually over stage.”

Ray Wylie Hubbard’s latest album Tell The Devil I’m Getting There As Fast As I Can was released in 2017. For years he’s been revered as a songwriter, guru, and legend in Texas and Red Dirt music, and beyond. He was recently inducted into the Texas Heritage Songwriters’ Association Hall of Fame, with Eric Church flying to Austin to participate in the induction.

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