Release Date for Hank III’s “The Rebel Within”

Hank IIICurb Records has just announced the release date for Hank Williams III’s new album The Rebel Within, and it is much earlier than most anticipated.

The new album will be released on May 25th according to Curb, who has a long sordid history of battling Hank III on releasing his music in a prompt manner. Both his previous two albums were held up in legal battles, but after Hank III and Curb decided on a release date for his last album Damn Right, Rebel Proud, it was said that Curb had a “change of heart.” Such a prompt release of his new material seems to signal that this is the case.

Damn Right, Rebel Proud surprised a lot of people by debuting #2 on the Billboard country music charts, and #18 on the overall charts, supported largely by Hank III’s rabid fan base.

As soon as the album is available for pre-order and samples become available, I will let everyone know. Pre-ordering is a great way to insure that the release date stays solid, and helps the chart ratings with the debut.

On Oct. 20th, Hank III talked about the new album on Outlaw Radio:

“I honestly don’t think it tops Straight to Hell. It’s got a couple of moments. It’s got a strait up country song called “Drinking Ain’t Hard to Do.” Then of course you have “The Rebel Within” that has a little bit of the screamin’. And then you got a little more of the hellbilliy, psychobilly track on “Let’s Party.” Both of those songs are already on YouTube and you can check them out. It goes through some different kind of moods, like there’s some slow ones like “#5”³ it’s the big gut wrencher. It’s written for one of my friends whose gone through the hard times with the heroin man, and made it through the other side.”

“It’s got the slow ones its got the fast ones and a little attitude. But I still don’t think it tops . . . I still got another 4 years before I come close to knocking that one (Straight to Hell) down.”

Thanks to Jeremy for info on this story.

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