Release Radar & Most Anticipated Albums for 2nd Half of 2024

The 2nd half of 2024 promises to be a very big and very busy time when it comes to album releases in country and roots music. Below you can find a list of Saving Country Music’s top recommended albums, along with a more complete list of (most) all the releases, followed by the always-fun “Rumor Mill” where hints and allegations end up.

Hint: Bookmark this page, and come back each Friday to stay up-to-date with releases. This list will be updated regularly under the “confirmed releases” heading as new albums are announced, though older albums won’t be removed from the list so people can look back at what they might have missed.

PLEASE NOTE: No artist or album was overlooked, snubbed, or disregarded here. If you know about an album to be released that you believe is of interest to country and roots music, please feel free to share the information below in the comments section for the benefit of everyone.

Willie Nelson – The Border – May 31st

This will be an original Willie Nelson album, meaning it will include original songs written by Willie, as well as other songs carefully selected and recorded to make the album a cohesive, original expression. When Willie releases one of these original albums, watch out. His last one was 2022’s A Beautiful Time, and it won the Grammy Award for Best Country Album. This was no honorary distinction. It was well-deserved.

The Border will once again be produced by Buddy Cannon who co-writes four songs with Willie Nelson for the album. But the lead single and title track is a Rodney Crowell tune that the Texas native wrote with Allen Shambin, and appeared on Crowell’s 2019 album Texas. It takes a refreshingly nuanced and human look at a crisis that is very much relevant to this moment. The cover art is of the Big Bend region between Texas and Mexico. (read more)

Jesse Daniel – Countin’ The Miles – June 7th

Jesse Daniel is one bad country music-making hombre. He’s not looking for any handouts or to cut in any lines. Everything he earns he wants to be from the callouses on his hands and the sweat from his brow as he proves himself worthy of every dollar he earns and every clap from the crowd. That’s the sworn commitment he’s made to himself.

That path has led him to becoming one of country music’s most hardest working and beloved traditionalists in the independent sphere, while the rest of the world is quickly taking notice. As Jesse Daniel’s fourth album overall and his first for New West imprint Lightning Rod Records, he’s announced Countin’ The Miles that comes highly anticipated. (read more)

Carly Pearce – Hummingbird – June 7th

Carly Pearce has been one of the bright spots in the mainstream over the last few years, and Hummingbird hopes to continue that momentum as a critical darling with commercial staying power. It find Pearce taking the role as co-producer for the first time alongside Shane McAnally and Josh Osborne who also co-write much of the album’s material. The album also includes the hit “We Don’t Fight Anymore” with Chris Stapleton.

“I have lived a lot of life in the last few years,” says Pearce. “Entering a new decade has brought a lot of maturity, growth, heartache and healing. I am still a work in progress, but these songs represent my honesty, playfulness and openness to keep growing.”

Matt Hillyer – Bright Skyline – June 21st

For many years Matt Hillyer was synonymous with Dallas honky tonk mainstays Eleven Hundred Springs while pursuing a solo career in between. But retiring the band hasn’t meant the retirement of Hillyer. If anything, he’s upped his game as a songwriter and solo artist whose respect is heavy throughout Texas and Oklahoma, and across the country.

I’ve been in a songwriter group for four years, so I just kept cranking songs out, more so than I ever have in my life.  I just wanted to keep it going, pick up right where we left off last time, and not let too much time pass,” says Hillyer, who released Glorieta in 2023. “With ‘Bright Skyline’ I want to tour as much as possible. I want to keep myself open to all the different genres that I can actually do, just to keep myself on my toes, and be able to do any and all of it for any of my shows.

Kaitlin Butts – Roadrunner! – June 28th

Kaitlin Butts has never been one to shy away from a little drama in her music. In fact, intrigue and murder have been recurring themes in her catalog. All the more reason for the Oklahoma native to lean into that theatrical side of her music for her third official album inspired by the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical Oklahoma!

If you loved her last album what else can she do (2022) but the seven songs left you wanting even more, don’t worry, Roadrunner! will include a total 17 tracks. It’s an epic, conceptualized work produced by Oran Thornton, with contributions from steel-guitar/multi-instrumentalist Russ Pahl. Vince Gill and Cleto Cordero also pop in for a featured spots, and co-writers include Angaleena Presley, Natalie Hemby, and Courtney Patton. (read more)

Silverada – Self-Titled – June 28th

The band formerly known as Mike and the Moonpies officially changed their named to Silverada earlier this year. Now Mike Harmier, steel guitarist Zachary Moutlon, guitarist Catlin Rutherford, bass player Omar Oyoque, and drummer Taylor Englert are revving up to take the new Silverada for a spin. Harmeier wrote the new self-titled album in his backyard studio.

“Going into the studio, everybody in the band felt inspired to do something bigger than what they’d done before. We all knew we were at a precipice, and we wanted to jump. I brought in some songs that were metaphorical and not always straightforward, and that showed the guys that I wanted to take this music somewhere new… so they threw their own rule books out the window, too.” (read more)

Alice Wallace – Here I Am – June 28th

Those who know about Alice Wallace, they know her as one of the best singers out there at the moment whose songwriting also surpasses expectations on a regular basis. Though originally from California, she’s now been in Nashville for the last few years, and the new album calls upon some of the city’s best players to bring her songs to life.

“This is an album about reclaiming myself–as an artist, as a woman, and as a person navigating a world that is beautiful and confusing and harsh,” Wallace says. “All of those changes gave me a chance to examine myself in ways I never had. This album covers a spectrum of emotion I haven’t been brave enough to share on an album before. This is album is me.”

Johnny Cash – Songwriter – June 28th

“Johnny Cash is 20 years gone, but we haven’t heard the last from the Man in Black just yet. A cache of 11 demo tracks were recorded in 1993 when Cash was between his final country label deal and before he signed with producer Rick Rubin. He walked into the LSI Studios in Nashville to record eleven solo written songs he’d accumulated over the years.

The demos ended up getting lost in time, but they were recently unearthed, and stripped back to just Cash’s voice and his acoustic guitar. Then with Cash’s son John Carter Cash and David “Fergie” Ferguson acting as producers, a select group of musicians were invited into the Cash Cabin Studios in Hendersonville to record what is now simply being titled Songwriter. (read more)

Kiely Connell – My Own Company – July 19th

Kiely Connell positively stunned Saving Country Music and the rest of the world who paid attention to her 2021 album Calumet Queen. Now she is back with Thirty Tigers behind her, and an album produced by Tucker Martine. The album captures a country and Americana sound infused with classic pop inflections and Connell’s remarkable voice and songs.

“Every year we would visit my grandmother out in Arizona which has to be where my true love of all things western comes from,” Connell says. “In the extreme conditions of the desert it’s very difficult for plant and animal life to survive, and yet somehow it does. I find that incredibly inspiring. I want to be an artist who finds beauty in unlikely places and be unafraid to conquer the unknown like the cowboys in the old west.”

Melissa Carper – Borned In Ya – July 19th

For years, Melissa Carper was mostly a member in bands and a bass player for hire. But ever since breaking out with her 2021 debut Daddy’s Country Gold, she’s been building up a bigger and bigger fan base with her infectious sound and style that draws comparisons with Billie Holiday and Sierra Ferrell. It’s a faraway sound that is dated, yet timeless.

Appearing on the album will be Dennis Crouch, fiddler Billy Contreras, pianist Jeff Taylor, multi-instrumentalist Rory Hoffman, as well as console steel player and consummate Melissa Carper champion, Chris Scruggs. “She’s as good as it gets. She has a quality that really transcends time and fashion,” says Scruggs. (read more)

The Red Clay Strays – Made By These Moments – July 26th

The Red Clay Strays are already taking the country and roots world by storm with their throwback Sun Records-inspired sound. Their new album produced by Dave Cobb and backed by RCA Records only promises to up the ante even more. “’Made by These Moments’ shines a light on overcoming the battles we face in life like loneliness, depression, and hopelessness,” says frontman Brandon Coleman. “We hope you listen and recognize that our pain has a purpose.”

Brandon Coleman is joined by Drew Nix (electric guitar, vocals, harmonica), Zach Rishel (electric guitar), Andrew Bishop (bass) and John Hall (drums), who formed the band in 2016 in Mobile, AL. They all huddled with Dave Cobb at the Georgia Mae studio in Savannah to record the new album, with songwriting contributions from Brandon Coleman’s brother Matthew. (read more)

American Aquarium – The Fear of Standing Still – July 26th

For nearly 20 years now, American Aquarium and frontman BJ Barham have been a mostly rock band graciously accepted into Americana, Texas/Red Dirt, and independent country due to the quality of the songs, and the chest-pounding power of their live performances. That’s why the announcement of a new album comes as welcome news from the Raleigh, North Carolina-based band.

The Fear of Standing Still will be the second album the group has recorded with producer Shooter Jennings after the band’s 2020 album Lamentations. American Aquarium also released the more understated and acoustic Chicamacomico that received high acclaim. But the new one recorded at Sunset Sound in Los Angeles promises to have a bit more grit and snarl, without shorting on the songwriting. (read more)

Jeff Crosby – Another Petal Falls Off The Rose – July 26th

As a solo artist, touring with Reckless Kelly and others, and splitting his time between Austin and Idaho, Jeff Crosby has become one of the most respected musicians among musicians you can find. On July 26th, he’ll forward his latest solo offering produced by the legendary Dave Schools of Widespread Panic.

“This album is the sound of a 36 year-old musician/traveler and his band from the Pacific Northwest wading through a mid-life crisis post-pandemic while also falling in love again, attempting to come to terms with a horrible breakup and avoiding inevitable sobriety,” explains Crosby. “I think getting older and realizing I’ve been at this for twenty years was somewhat heavy on my mind while writing this group of songs. Being proud of the fact that we’re still here and still writing new music, staying inspired…having fun with it.”

49 Winchester – Leavin’ This Holler – August 2nd

It’s from the hills and hollers of Appalachia that country music first came into being. And it’s from those same hills and hollers where a new generation of artists have risen to save country music in the modern era. One such outfit is named 49 Winchester after a street address in the small town of Castlewood, Virginia where singer Isaac Gibson, best friend and bassist Chase Chafin, and guitarist Bus Shelton formed the band.

Now 10 years into the game, 49 Winchester have gone from hometown heroes to one of the hottest country and roots bands spanning the globe thanks to the incredibly soulful voice of Mr. Gibson. “There’s been nothing in my life that’s ever lasted a decade,” Isaac Gibson says. “It’s a testament to the uncommon fact that we’re musicians from a very specific place in the world. And it’s a testament to viewing each other more as family than as friends.” (read more)

Lainey Wilson – Whirlwind – August 23rd

Few if anyone has been on a winning streak bigger than Lainey Wilson at the moment. She’s the reigning CMA and ACM Entertainer of the Year, the latest invitee to join the Grand Ole Opry, and quickly becoming a household name beyond the country music sphere. She may not be a staunch traditionalist, but you wouldn’t know that by comparing her to many of her peers in the mainstream. Jay Joyce will produce what will be one of the most anticipated country releases all year, Whirlwind.

“This album has been a long time coming, and I can’t wait for the world to have this body of work in their hands soon,” says Wilson. “This new chapter of music is the most cathartic and personal piece of art I’ve ever made. I hope this record brings some peace to your whirlwind and wraps its arms around you like it did for me.”

Whey Jennings – Jekyll & Hyde – August 23rd

“I believe what we’re doing is powerful and I believe it’s going to change lives,” Jennings says about what he considers his debut album. “I want to be an entertainer, but I also want to be somebody who makes you think about not only who you are, but who everyone around you is, and how to make this world a better place. I want people to feel my music.”

Just as Whey has grown as an artist, he’s also grown as a person, going from cover songs of rowdy ways, to original songs of fighting off addiction and finding sobriety through faith. Original songs are now the centerpiece of his music, with eight of the twelve songs on the upcoming album co-written by Whey, along with multiple contributions from songwriter Wes Shipp. (read more)

George Strait – Cowboys & Dreamers – September 6th

Since Strait last released an album, we’ve seen a dramatic shift in the direction of country music. In 2019 when Honky Tonk Time Machine came out, country music was still trying to extricate itself from the Bro-Country era. Now we have a whole host of new and up-and-coming traditional country artists directly inspired by Strait breathing new life into the genre. All the more reason for Strait to break his semi-retirement and release new music himself.

Keith Gattis joins other notable songwriters including Chris Stapleton, Kendell Marvel, Jessie Jo Dillon, and of course long-time Strait contributors Dean Dillon and Jim Lauderdale. Son Bubba Strait also gets a few co-writes, as does George Strait himself. It’s also interesting to see Strait chooses to cover “Waymore Blues” by Waylon Jennings. (read more)


May 31st

Red Shahan – Loose Funky Texas Junky
Willie Nelson – The Border
Jesse Dayton – The Hard Way Blues
Laurie Lewis – TREES
Prinz Grizzley – Dear Leftovers
The Flying Raye – Never Too Old To Die Young
Judd Warrick – Brokenland
ellescriv – Wandering The Pine
Atomic Junkshot – Peacedale
Cosmic Guilt – Palace of Depression
The Midnight Revival – Self-Titled
High Road – Straight from the Heart
Terri Clark – Take Two (Duets album)
Slim Cessna’s Auto Club – Kinnery of Lupercalia: Buell Legion (Gothic country)
Anna Tivel – Living Thing (folk)
Swamp Dogg – Blackgrass: From West Virginia to 125th St (bluegrass)
Marc Douglas Berardo – The Beauty of This Now (singer-songwriter)
Richard Thompson – Ship To Shore (folk)
(6-1) Joseph Huber – Blasthouse Sessions

June 7th

Tony Trischka – Earl Jam: A Tribute To Earl Scruggs
Jesse Daniel – Countin’ The Miles
Josh Meloy – Where You Came From
Carly Pearce – Hummingbird
Evan Boyer – The Devil In Me
Kayla Ray – The World’s Weight
Zoe FitzGerald Carter – Before The Machine
Evan Horner – Fighting For
Parker Smith – Short Street
Ben Vallee – Introducing … Ben Vallee
Rye Davis – A Long Time Gone
Alisa Amador – Multitudes (folk/Americana)
Robert Earl Keen – Western Chill (digital release)
Will Stewart and the Gold Band – Live In Norway (alt-country)
Left Lane Cruiser – Bayport BBQ Blues (blues)
Tracy Lawrence – Out Here In It EP
(6-8) Ashley E. Norton – Call of the Void

June 14th

(6-13) The Whiskey Charmers – Streetlights
Rob Leines – Head Case
Luke Combs – Fathers & Sons
Jenny Don’t and the Spurs – Broken Hearted Blue
E.B. Anderson – Pictou County Love Songs
The Lost Weekend Band – One Hell of a Time
Madeline Hawthorne – Tales from Late Nights and Long Drives
Surrender Hill – River of Tears
David Serby – Low Hanging Stars
Grace Pettis – Down to the Letter
Ben McPeak – We’re All Here
Widespread Panic – Snake Oil King
Lonesome River Band – The Winning Hand (bluegrass)
Gangstagrass – The Blackest Thing on the Menu (bluegrass/hip-hop)
Oliver Wood – Fat Cat Silhouette (Americana)
Jason Hawk Harris – Breakup Songs Are Love Songs Too EP (covers)
Jake Neuman & The Jaybirds – Little Bitty Town EP

June 21st

Rich O’Toole – Ghost
Cory Cross – There’s More
George Ducas – Long Way From Home
Jim Lauderdale – My Favorite Place
Matt Hillyer – Bright Skyline
Cody Dickinson – Homemade
Gerry Spehar – Other Voices
Lauren Watkins – The Heartbroken Record
Brian Mackey – Good Morning Ireland
Aaron McDonnell – Midnight Pool Mix
Dave Alvin & Jimmie Dale Gilmore – TexiCali
Rob Baird – Burning in the Stars
Nick Taylor – Not Alone
Lauren Rose Thayer – Going Somewhere
Leslie Mendelson – After the Party (singer/songwriter)
Greaternity – The Son of Man (Christian country)
Mike Jacoby Electric Trio – Rocket Fuel Logic (alt-country)
Jack McKeon – Talking To Strangers (bluegrass)
Various Artists – Petty Country: A Country Music Celebration Of Tom Petty
(6-22) David Payne – Last Call at the Yellow Horse Saloon

June 28th

(6-27) Sweet Joe Pye – Rise Early EP – (old-time/folk)
Kaitlin Butts – Roadrunner!
Silverada – Self-Titled
Johnny Cash – Songwriter
Jubal Lee Young – Wild Birds Warble
Alice Wallace – Here I Am
Josh Morningstar – Self-Titled
Kyle Daniel – Kentucky Gold
Marques Morel – Tales and Tellings
Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats – South of Here
Robert Jon & the Wreck – Red Moon Rising
Alan Walker – A Little Too Late
John Gallagher Jr. – Goodbye or Something (singer-songwriter)
Chris Edwards – Homebrew

July 5th

(7-2) Golden Roses – Heartbreak Fixer Uppers
Steel Saddle – Self-Titled

July 12th

Rainy Eyes – Lonesome Highway
Megan Moroney – Am I Okay?
The Magnolia Janes – The Light Years
Bones Owens – Love Out of Lemons
Blackwater Railroad Company – A Lovely Place To Die
Maya de Vitry – The Only Moment
Drew Parker – Camouflage Cowboy
Cassandra Lewis – Lost in a Dream (Americana)
Donovan Woods – Things Were Never Good If They’re Not Good Now (Americana)
Tray Wellington – Detour To The Moon (bluegrass)
Bridge City Sinners – In The Age of Doubt (Gothic country)
Billy Strings – Live Vol. 1
Randy Rogers and Wade Bowen – Hold My Beer Vol. #4 EP
Steve Earle – Alone Again EP (Live)
Colin Stough – Lookin’ For Home EP

July 19th

(7-16) – The State Champions – Independent Record
(7-17) – Lasers Lasers Birmingham – Mystery Highway
Goodnight, Texas – Signals
Melissa Carper – Borned In Ya
Elijah Ocean – Loser’s Holiday
Boy Golden – For Eden
Kiely Connell – My Own Company
AJ Lee & Blue Summit – City of Glass
Koe Wetzel – 9 Lives
Eddy Lee Ryder – Sweet Delusions
The Singer and The Songwriter – Dreams! The Dead! Ghost! Future (folk)
Various Artists – Twisters: The Album (soundtrack)

July 26th

Yarn – Born, Blessed, Grateful, and Alive
American Aquarium – The Fear of Standing Still
Red Clay Strays – Made By These Moments
Matt Pitschman – Long Road to Heaven
Charlie Overbey – In Good Company
Marley Hale – By My Own Ways EP
Jeff Crosby – Another Petal Falls Off The Rose
Connor Daly – Colors Fade
Lance Roark – Tenkiller EP
Tigerlily Gold – Blonde – July 26th (country pop)
Drive- By Truckers – Southern Rock Opera – Deluxe (Reissue -plus)

August 2nd

Heart of Pine – Southern Soul Revival
49 Winchester – Leavin’ This Holler
Joe Ely – Driven To Drive
Evan McMillian – For A Dreamer
Cody Hibbard – Long Ride In A Short Bed
Ella Langley – Hungover
Gavin Adcock – Actin’ Up Again
Mike Montrey Band – Love, Time and Mortality

August 9th

Amos Lee – Transmissions
Karen Jonas – The Rise and Fall of American Kitsch
Amos Lee – Transmissions (Americana)
Skylar Gudasz – Country (folk/Americana)
Michigan Rattlers – Waving from a Sea (indie Americana)

August 16th

(8-13) Malin Pettersen – Seasons
Morgan Wade – Obsessed
Tony Martinez – Everywhere West
Muscadine Bloodline – The Coastal Plain
Tay Bronson – Bad Apple
Todd Hearon – Impossible Man
Ben Sollee – Long Haul
Devon Allman – Miami Moon
Ray LaMontagne – Long Way Home
Tay Bronson – Bad Apple
Bella White – Five For Silver EP (cover songs)

August 23rd

Whey Jennings – Jekyll & Hyde
Embla and the Karidotters – Off Leash
Lainey Wilson – Whirlwind
Maggie Antone – Rhinestoned
India Ramey – Baptized by the Blaze
Wild Ponies – Dreamers

August 30th

Jana Mila – Chameleon
Caleb Caudle – Sweet Critters
The Cactus Blossoms – Every Time I Think About You

September 6th

George Strait – Cowboys & Dreamers
Matt Ward – The Long Way Home (Australian country)
Luke Winslow-King – Flash-A-Magic
Shovels & Rope – Something Is Working Up Above My Head
Jenna Paulette – Horseback

September 13th

Shawna Thompson – Lean On Neon
Greg Loftus – No Kings in the Wild
Nick Lowe, Los Straitjackets – Indoor Safari (Mod, surf)

September 21st

Marcedes Carroll – We Lost Track of the Stars

September 27th

Julian Taylor – Pathways

October 4th

The Wild Feathers – Sirens

October 11th

Lucy Isabel – All the Light

November 15th

Dolly Parton & Family: Smoky Mountain DNA – Family, Faith & Fables


Zach Bryan will have a new album called The Great American Bar Scene. 15-16 songs and a poem. No release date just yet.

Jamey Johnson is working on new album, and for real this time, with his new single “21 Guns” out now.

Whitey Morgan has been posting photos of himself in the studio lately.

Benjamin Tod of the Lost Dog Street Band has a honky tonk album representing different eras of country coming. It’s tentatively planning to be released in the fall.

Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood are also working on a duets project together.

The Pistol Annies have been writing together, and with others like Lukas Nelson, likely for a new album.

Ray Wylie Hubbard: “Warning: the new record is not the pretty girl singing Jolene at the national finals rodeo in Las Vegas..its the Huntsville prison rodeo when the death row clown gets gored distracting the bull away from the arsonist who got thrown.”

Courtney Patton was in the studio recording new album in December 2023.

J.P. Harris has signed with the newly reconstituted Bloodshot Records and released a new song “Beautiful World.” New album coming.

Billy Strings recently announced on the Marc Maron podcast that he will have an upcoming album called Highway Prayers.

Canadian Gothic country artist Lindi Ortega said that she would be recording a new album in 2023, and recently released a song with Tennyson King called “Where I Make My Home.”

Mason Via has left Old Crow Medicine Show. Don’t be surprised if a new album is on the way.

Colby Acuff has been teasing a new album, and has a new song “Scared of the Dar” out now.

An album of previously-unheard songs from Luke Bell is in the works.

Chapel Hart will have a Christmas album later this year.

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