Release Radar & Most Anticipated Albums for Final Part of 2022

The final months of 2022 are here, and just like the first portion of the year, it is jam packed in an increasingly cluttered environment for new releases. Instead of being overwhelmed, use this guide to help you navigate through the crush of titles, with the first 20 albums listed considered some of the top releases to pay attention to, with a more detailed list of (most) all of the releases in country and “Americana” beneath that. And then of course, at the bottom is the always-fun “rumor mill” where hints and allegations land.

Hint: Bookmark this page, and come back each Friday to stay up-to-date with releases. This list will be updated regularly under the “confirmed releases” heading when new albums are announced, though older albums won’t be removed from the list so people can look back at what they might have missed.

PLEASE NOTE: No artist or album was overlooked, snubbed, or disregarded here. If you know of an album to be released that you believe is of interest to country and roots music, please feel free to share the information below in the comments section for the benefit of everyone.

Charley Crockett – Man From Waco – September 9th

There are quite a few things that will make The Man from Waco unique from Charley Crockett’s previous releases. First, Crockett breaks his streak of working with producer Billy Horton for the new album, and instead goes with the man who has been managing Crockett for a while now, Texas music legend Bruce Robison. The album was recorded at Bruce’s studio The Bunker just outside of Austin, TX in Lockhart where Robison also records all of his stuff for his song/profile series The Next Waltz.

Also making the album unique, Crockett recorded it entirely with his backing band The Blue Drifters as opposed to bringing in auxiliary players. And even though Charley oscillates between original records and cover records paying tribute to past greats, his original albums also tend to have a few cover songs too. On The Man from Waco, Crockett writes or co-writes all 14 tracks. (read more)

Adam Hood – Bad Days Better – September 16th

Produced by good friend and frequent collaborator Brent Cobb, Bad Days Better sees appearances by Miranda Lambert, Charlie Starr of Blackberry Smoke, Courtney Patton, and songwriting partners such as Warren Haynes of The Allman Bros., Pat McLaughlin, Rob Snyder, Davis Nix, Dave Kennedy, and Oran Thornton. But that’s not all. Adam Hood and producer Brent Cobb lined up no less than Blackberry Smoke themselves to be the studio band for Bad Days Better.

In other words, this is like getting a new Adam Hood album, and Adam Hood/Brent Cobb collaborative album, and a Blackberry Smoke side project all rolled up into one. Many people in the Adam Hood orbit who respect the songwriting of the Opelika, Alabama native answered the call to make Bad Days Better a career effort. (read more)

Dailey & Vincent – Let’s Sing Some Country! – September 16th

It’s always exciting when one of your favorite country artists like Dwight Yoakam, Alan Jackson, or Sturgill Simpson decides to cut a bluegrass album. It’s pretty rare to have a bluegrass outfit decide to flip the script and make a country album. But that’s exactly what Grand Ole Opry members and long-time bluegrass and Gospel duo Dailey & Vincent have decided to do.

Already heavily renown and awarded in both Gospel and bluegrass including a whopping 35 IBMA bluegrass awards, Jamie Dailey and Darrin Vincent will be releasing their first official country album on September 16th via BMG. It’s the duo’s first original album in over five years. And since this is Dailey & Vincent, you know when they say “country,” it won’t be a close approximation, it will be an authentic rendering of country sounds and sentiments. (read more)

Sunny Sweeney – Married Alone – September 23rd

There are only a few women out there in country music that you would ever dare considering using the exemplifying qualifier of “Outlaw” with, but Sunny Sweeney sure fits the bill. Though her career started in Nashville in the world of major labels and radio play, she’s a full-blown independent music maverick these days. She does things her way, or she doesn’t do them at all, and tours harder than most of the swingin’ D’s out there trying to sound like Tyler Childers.

Produced by Paul Cauthen and Beau Beauford of The Texas Gentlemen, the album features a ridiculous cast of co-writers, including Lori McKenna, Channing Wilson, Kendell Marvel, Caitlyn Smith, Josh Morningstar, and Brennen Leigh among others. Sunny Sweeney co-wrote all the songs on the album of course, except for the title track. (read more)

Nikki Lane – Denim & Diamonds – September 23rd

Produced by Joshua Homme of Queens of the Stone Age, and featuring Queens of the Stone Age members including Alain Johannes on guitar, Dean Fertita on organ, and Michael Shuman on bass, the album is said to push Nikki Lane more towards the rock side of country. But her pedal steel player Matthew Pynn also appears to make sure the album includes the requisite twang.

It’s been five years since Nikki Lane released an album, but it’s not like she’s been sitting on her duff. As the proprietor of the vintage store High Class Hillbilly, Nikki Lane isn’t just an ambassador of throwback music, but the fashion and culture that goes along with it. Writing and performing songs is just one of the many ways Lane contributes, and instead of just jotting down a few ditties to satisfy some arbitrary release timeline, she decided to savor and experience life, and let the songs come to her for this particular album. (read more)

Kendell Marvel – Come On Sunshine – September 23rd

Even if you’ve never heard the music, perhaps you’ve seen the name. And even if you’ve never seen the name, you’ve probably heard the music, just under a different name than his own. It’s all the work of songwriter and performer Kendell Marvel, who has made a career writing songs for the likes of Jamey Johnson, George Strait, Lee Ann Womack, Brothers Osborne, Chris Stapleton, and others.

Produced by Beau Bedford, Come On Sunshine features collaborations with Chris Stapleton, Al Anderson, Dan Auerbach, Devon Gilfillian, Waylon Payne, Mickey Raphael, and Josh Morningstar. “I’m 51 years old, which means I’m long past the point of catering to anybody,” Marvel explains. “I’m just telling the stories I want to tell. I like to work with people who are different than me. Working with Beau Bedford in Dallas meant that I was playing with guys I’d never met before.”

Hellbound Glory – The Immortal Hellbound Glory: Nobody Knows You – September 30th

Before the collective country music population was losing their minds over independent country revolutionaries such as Sturgill Simpson, Tyler Childers, and Zach Bryan, it was Leroy Virgil of Hellbound Glory that was reading the mainstream their rights, and releasing one insanely good country song after another out of Reno, Nevada.

2008’s Scumbag Country and 2010’s Old Highs and New Lows still hold up as underground country standards, and if you want something with a bit more rock edge, check out the Shooter Jennings-produced Pinball from 2017 that launched the viral hit “Hellbound Blues,” or 2020’s Pure Scum. Now Shooter Jennings and Leroy Virgil are back for the new album. (read more)

John Fullbright – Liar – September 30th

John Fullbright was the well-beloved songwriting wunderkind nominated for a Grammy who we all thought was the bright future of Americana, who then turned elusive performer only a few knew exactly what happened to. But now the early member of the Turnpike Troubadours is back after an eight year hiatus.

Liar takes a very Tulsa-centric approach since that’s where he’s found his musical comfort zone. The new album was recorded at Steve and Charlene Ripley’s farm-to-studio compound in northeastern Oklahoma shortly after Steve’s passing, with Fullbright and Charlene acting as producers. They also brought in famous Tulsa musicians Jesse Aycock, Aaron Boehler, Paul Wilkes, Stephen Lee, and Paddy Ryan as the album’s wrecking crew. (read more)

Dropkick Murphys – This Machine Still Kills Fascists – September 30th

The Dropkick Murphys may be best known for their loud and aggressive Celtic punk music, but for their next album, they’re taking an entirely different approach, and one that has numerous ties to the independent country realm. The album features 10 songs that were specifically curated by Woody Guthrie’s daughter, Nora Guthrie. Evan Felker of the Turnpike Troubadours and Nikki Lane also contribute vocals on the album, and Dom Flemons makes numerous instrumental appearances.

“Woody Guthrie, he’s the original punk. He went against the grain, he fought the good fight, he spoke up and sang about his beliefs. I’m motivated by reading what he wrote and am inspired by his courage. One man and a guitar—it’s powerful stuff,” says Ken Casey. (read more)

Courtney Patton – Electrostatic – October 7th

Based in Texas, but affecting audiences well beyond, the songwriting of Courtney Patton is cherished among many distinguishing and attentive listeners for the poetry and insight it contains, and Courtney Patton’s often stunning delivery. She’s also revealed herself to be a badass boss lady with a boisterous disposition taking the stage as a hostess at events for Mile 0 Fest down in Key West, FL over the last two years.

Running the Sequestered Songwriters series with her husband Jason Eady during the pandemic allowed Patton to take a retrospective look at the music that had helped influence her career, while also discovering the richness of certain artists perhaps she hadn’t spent as much time with. “I didn’t initially start the project with this intent, but as we were making it, I could hear all of my musical heroes and influences organically coming out in each song. And that brought me so much joy,” Patton says. (read more)

Town Mountain – Lines in the Levee – October 7th

The Asheville, NC-based outfit has been like the house band for the country music revolution for the last 10 years or so, paling around with Tyler Childers and Billy Strings among others, playing many of the cool independent festivals throughout the Appalachian region and beyond, and bringing their fun but reverberative attitude to their mix of music that includes country, bluegrass, and mountain folk.

As Sturgill Simpson continues to be on hiatus after suffering from a vocal cord rupture, his drummer and bandleader Miles Miller has officially joined Town Mountain as a full time member. He joins Phil Barker, Bobby Britt, Robert Greer, Jesse Langlais, and Zach Smith as the principals of Town Mountain, who signed to New West to release this album. (read more

Caleb Caudle – Forsythia – October 7th

Long heralded as a top songwriter by critics, Caleb Caudle returns with Forsythia, which Caudle considers a portrait of his truest self, since he approached it as possibly being his last album ever. Produced by John Carter Cash at the Cash Cabin studios just outside of Nashville, it features collaborators such as Jerry Douglas, Sam Bush, Dennis Crouch, Elizabeth Cook, and Carlene Carter.

“This is the most autobiographical song I’ve ever written,” Caudle says of the title track, which he also says is emblematic of the album. “I grew up across the street from a small general store called Gordy’s Hardware which was run by some cousins on my mom’s side of the family. They had slingshots, harmonicas, candy and pretty much everything else a kid would want. There’s a creek that runs back behind my folks’ house and I used to fish and look for crawdads back there. After travelling all over the world, this song is a celebration of my first world; a real small one. I love the innocence of it and I go there in my mind when life gets tough.”

Randy Rogers Band – Homecoming – October 14th

Marking their 9th studio album and their 20th Anniversary, Homecoming is said to be a project that brings the Randy Rogers Band back to their roots, back to a more nostalgic feel to the music, “conjuring memories of first heartbreaks, small towns and cherished memories,” hoping to spark a renewed resurgence for the band.

To be released on Thirty Tigers, Randy Rogers says, “‘Homecoming’ is a renaissance orchestrated by Radney Foster. We went back to our roots working with Radney again as well as recording this record at two iconic studios that produced some of our most successful music. Dance with the one that brought you.” Radney also co-writes numerous songs, with Parker McCollum, John Baumann, Jon Randall, and Jack Ingram also appearing in the track list.

Alex Williams – Waging Peace – October 21st

From the Outlaw side of country and the True Grit talent roster, Alex Williams has announced a new album called Waging Peace. And don’t worry, it won’t be full of drum circle chants and nag champa seances. You’ll get all the requisite grit, muscle, and twang that you want from an Alex Williams record. The war Alex Williams is waging on the new album is for peace inside himself between the forces of good and evil. It’s about attempting to find internal peace in the tumultuous world of being a touring musician.

Helping Alex Williams along this journey is producer Ben Fowler, who brought together well-known musicians such as harmonica player Mickey Raphael and steel guitarist Danny Dugmore, while Mickey Raphael also helped co-write one of the songs on the album. Other notable co-writers include Tennessee Jet, Mando Saenz, and Ben Jarrell. Alex Williams wrote or co-wrote all twelve of the tracks on the new album. (read more)

Gabe Lee – The Hometown Kid – October 28th

Many country music artists are based in Nashville, and many more come to the city every year to “make it” in the mecca of the country industry. But a very select few country performers are actually from there. Gabe Lee is one of those rare few, and he’ll be offering his assessments and perspectives on his hometown along with other heartfelt expressions in his new album.

First emerging with his 2019 debut album farmland, Gabe Lee quickly distinguished himself as a top flight songwriter in the field of new independent country performers, and an incredibly passionate and soulful singer. Gabe Lee continues to be one of the most underrated songwriters and performers in the current independent country wave that is swelling into a tsunami, threatening to consume Nashville and cleanse the streets of the wannabes and copycats. (read more)

Lainey Wilson – Bell Bottom Country – October 28th

Lainey Wilson continues to be one of the bright spots in the mainstream, and just may be hitting the big time even more after it was revealed she will be a cast member during the 5th season of the massive blockbuster show Yellowstone this fall and winter, playing a songwriting character similar to her true self. When better then to coincide this appearance with the release of her sophomore album Bell Bottom Country, with a title emblematic of her expressive personality.

“I’ve lived quite a bit of life the past few years, and I have a lot more to say,” Wilson explains. “Sure, I love a good pair of bell bottoms, but Bell Bottom Country to me has always been about the flare and what makes someone unique—I have really embraced mine, and I hope y’all can hear that across this project.”

Trampled By Turtles – Alpenglow – October 28th

Call them bluegrass. Call them folk or Americana. Call them whatever you want, but when Trampled By Turtles take the stage, something magical happens that’s hard to quantify. They grab your attention with amazing instrumentation normally only reserved for the highest echelons of bluegrass, while the songwriting of frontman Dave Simonett puts them in a different stratosphere and classification.

Dave Simonett and his bandmates Erik Berry (mandolin), Ryan Young (fiddle), Dave Carroll (banjo), Tim Saxhaug (bass) and Eamonn McLain (cello) come together once again for the band’s 10th album overall over a nearly 20-year run (has it really been that long?). The album is named after the optical phenomenon when the sun casts a reddish glow at dawn or dusk, accentuated often by mountains in the distance. (read more)

Emily Nenni – On The Ranch – November 4th

Emily Nenni has been a regular performer at places such as Robert’s Western World and Santa’s Pub in Nashville for years, earning Ameripolitan nominations, and instilling a distinctive honky tonk sound to her music. For years she has been one of those under-the -radar gems out there looking to be discovered. But all of that hopefully changes on November 4th when she releases her new album via Normaltown/New West Records.

The 10-song On The Ranch was produced by Mike Eli (guitarist for Chris Stapleton) and Alex Lyon, and mixed and engineered by Jake Davis at Laughing Heart Studio in Nashville, TN. It definitely comes as one of the most anticipated releases for the final portion of 2022.

Live Forever: A Tribute to Billy Joe Shaver – New West Records – November 11th

Featuring contributors such as close friend Willie Nelson, fellow Texan George Strait, mainstream stalwart Miranda Lambert, as well as numerous names from the Americana world such as Ryan Bingham, Amanda Shires, Margo Price, and Allison Russell, the release tries to cover all bases. Willie Nelson has already paid tribute to Billy Joe Shaver numerous times before with songs such as “Hero,” but he leads off the tribute by covering Shaver’s song “Live Forever” with help from Lucinda Williams.

Billy Joe Shaver was considered one of the last real deal artists in country music. When he stared down Waylon Jennings at Tompall Glaser’s Hillbilly Central in Nashville and told him he’d kick his ass “in front of God and everybody” if he didn’t listen to his songs, it resulted in the 1973 album Honky Tonk Heroes, which sparked off the Outlaw movement in earnest. (read more)

Caitlin Rose – CAZIMI – November 18th

Perhaps the name is new to you. But to those who’ve been carefully curating their listening catalogs with the most emotionally-cutting and forward-thinking country music for over a decade with be both intimately familiar with the name Caitlin Rose, and extremely excited to hear that the Texas-born, and Nashville-based songwriter is breaking her ten-year lapse in releasing a new album when CAZIMI hits shelves.

The daughter of highly-acclaimed Nashville songwriter Liz Rose, Caitlin’s 2008 Dead Flowers EP, and 2010 debut album Own Side Now announced an important new songwriter, and a stunning singer with a clear and heartbreak-laden voice gracing the music scene. Her 2013 album The Stand-In, which ended up making it into the Top 25 of Saving Country Music’s Greatest Albums of the Last Decade, but she’s been mostly dormant since, making CAZIMI highly anticipated. (read more)


September 9th

Bo Armstrong – if your tired heart is aching
The Hooten Hallers – Back in Business Again
Laura Benitez and The Heartache – California Centuries
Jonathan Terrell – A Couple, 2, 3, EP
Lauren Monroe – Messages from Aphrodite
Triggers & Slips – What Do You Feed Your Darkness?
Deb Morrison – The North Fork
Damn Tall Buildings – Sleeping Dogs
Jonathan Terrell – A couple 2,3 EP
Charley Crockett – Man From Waco
Jake La Botz – Hair On Fire
I Draw Slow – Self-Titled
Phoebe White – UnXpected
Satsang – Flowers From the Fray
Karen Waldrup – Kendall County Road
Derek Hoke – Electric Mountain
Pug Johnson and The Hounds – Throwed Off and Glad

September 14th – Grace Leer –Self-Titled EP

September 15th – Drake Milligan – Dallas / Fort Worth

September 16th

Lara Taubman – Ol’ Kentucky Light
Dailey & Vincent – Let’s Sing Some Country!
Justin Saladino Band – Honest Lies
Gene Watson – Outside The Box
Lara Taubman – Ol’ Kentucky Light
Marcus Mumford – Self-Titled
Amy Ray – If It All Goes South
Andrea Benz – Who I Am
Veronica Stanton – Caught Up in a Feeling
Hot Buttered Run – Shine All Night
The Harlem Gospel Travelers – Look Up!
Adam Hood – Bad Days Better
Skinny Dyck – Palace Waiting EP
Clete Bradley and The Mood – Too Many Chiefs (Not Enough Indians)

September 23rd

Dr. John – Things Happen That Way
Kendell Marvel – Come On Sunshine
Sunny Sweeney – Married Alone
Benjamin Tod – Songs I Swore I’d Never Sing
Chris Canterbury – Quaalude Lullabies
Youngtree & the Blooms – Self-Titled
Jeffrey Halford & The Healers – Soul Crusade
Beth Nielsen Chapman – CrazyTown
James and the Shame – Human Overboard
Duwayne Burnside – Acoustic Burnside
Nikki Lane – Denim & Diamonds
Todd Snider – Return of the Storyteller (Live)
Scott Clay – Let It All Lay Bare
Jake Hunsinger and the Rock Bottom Band – Wrapped Around The Axle
Lauren Reno – Gold Rush
Buick Audra – Conversations With My Other Voice
Bluegrass at the Crossroads (Compilation)
Luke Daniel – Rock n Roll Americana
JD Clayton – Side A EP

September 30th

Dropkick Murphys – This Machine Still Kills Fascists
The Young Fables – Pages
Matthew Check – Without a Throne
Gregg Allman – All My Friends: Celebrating the Songs & Voice of Gregg Allman
David Beck – Bloom and Fade
Mary Bragg – Self-Titled
Rachel McIntyre Smith – Glory Daze EP
Ben Burgess – Tears The Size of Texas
David Adam Byrnes – Keep Up with a Cowgirl
Mayeux and Broussard – Cosmo Oil Co.
Hayes Carll – You Get It All (Deluxe Edition)
Have Gun, Will Travel – Silver Sounds EP
Hellbound Glory – The Immortal Hellbound Glory: Nobody Knows You
John Fullbright – Liar
Tyler Childers – Can I Take My Hounds to Heaven?
Zach Williams – A Hundred Highways
Ashley McBryde – Ashley McBryde Presents: Lindeville
The Cactus Blossoms – If Not For You (Bob Dylan Vol. 1) EP

October 7th

Truth & Salvage Co. – Atoms Form
Hal Cannon – Nothin’ Lastin’
Courtney Marie Andrews – Loose Future
Bonny Light Horseman – Rolling Golden Holy
Wesley Dean – Unfiltered (live acoustic album)
Caleb Caudle – Forsythia
Joselyn & Don – Seeds & Bones
Town Mountain – Lines in the Levee
Michael Paul Lawson – Love Songs For Loners
Violet Bell – Shapeshifter
Listen to the Red Rock (compilation)
Barrett Davis – The Ballad of Aesop Fin
Courtney Patton – Electrostatic
The Panhandlers – West Texas is the Best Texas EP

October 9th – Freight – Hard Worker

October 14th

Julian Taylor – Beyond the Reservoir
Mightmare – Cruel Liars (Sarah Shook solo indie album)
Randy Rogers Band – Homecoming
M. Lockwood Porter – Sisyphus Happy
Plains – I Walked With You A Ways
Nels Johnson – Los
Nicholas Mudd – Living and Dying EP
Sam Williams – Glasshouse Children, Tilted Crown (Deluxe Edition)
Jeremy Squires – Hymnal
War Hippies – Self-Titled
James Hand – Master of Depression: 10th Anniversary of Mighty Lonesome Man
Kirby Heard – Ripples in the Wake
Miko Marks – Feel Like Going Home
Reba McEntire – The Ultimate Christmas Collection

October 20th – Ian James Bain – Where I Wanna Be

October 21st

Alex Williams – Waging Peace
Jo Smith – Wyoming
Will Payne Harrison – Tioga Titan
Anthony D’Amato – At First There Was Nothing
Joe Ely – Flatland Lullaby
Garrett T. Capps & NASA Country – People Are Beautiful
Jocephus and the George Jonestown Massacre – Snowblind in The Rising Sun
The Williams Brothers – Memories to Burn
Bendigo Fletcher – WingDing EP
This Lonesome Paradise – Nightshades
Ashley Heath – Something to Believe
Sterling Drake – Highway 200 EP
Hoeg & Nilsson – These Are the Days

October 28th

Memphis Kee – Wimberley
Long Mama – Poor Pretender
Lainey Wilson – Bell Bottom Country
Luke LeBlanc – Fugue State
Joseph Shipp – Free, for a While
Trent Summar – I Might Get Used to California EP
The Great Divide – Providence
Tommy Alexander – Feelings
Trampled By Turtles – Alpenglow
The Matchsellers – The Wishful Thinker’s Hall of Fame
Dustbowl Revival – Set Me Free EP
Gabe Lee – Hometown Kid
Honey Harper – Honey Harper and the Infinite Sky
Mike Ryan – Longcut
Comanche Moon – Last Golden Rays
Angela Easterling – Witness
Emily Scott Robinson – Built on Bones
Julie Roberts – Ain’t in No Hurry
Teague Brothers Band – Love and War
Andy Leftwich – The American Fiddler
June Star – Arrival EP
Native Harrow – Old Kind of Magic
Flatland Cavalry – Songs To Keep You Warm EP

November 4th

Emily Nenni – On The Ranch
First Aid Kit – Palomino
Hillgrass Bluebilly Records – JR (Johnny Cash) Tribute to Johnny Cash
Seth Avett – Seth Avett Sings Greg Brown
Jason Carter – Lowdown Hoedown
Jason Collett – Head Full of Wonder
Kenny Shore – Time Stands Still
Andrew Browning and the 9 Pound Hammers – The Midnight Desert Talk Radio
Roger Street Friedman – Love Hope Trust
Stephanie Quayle – On The Edge
The Jorgensens – Americana Soul
Kaitlin Butts – Sad Yeehaw Sessions EP

November 11th

The White Buffalo – Year of the Dark Horse
Larkin Poe – Blood Harmony
Randy Houser – Note To Self
Live Forever: A Tribute to Billy Joe Shaver
Stephan Prigmore – Everything Is at Least Both
Jack Schneider – Best Be On My Way
Stephen McCarthy and Carla Olson – Night Comes Falling
Sicard Hollow – Brightest of Days
David Starling – Mondegreen
Moon Shine – The Land In Between
Porter Howell (Little Texas) – This Town Was
Jack Schneider – Best Be On My Way
Matt Castillo – The River Flows EP

November 12th

The Whiskey Charmers – On The Run
The Foreign Landers – Traveler’s Rest

November 18th

Maple Run Band – Used To Be The Next Big Thing
Caitlin Rose – CAZIMI
Melissa Carper – Ramblin’ Soul
Dolly Parton – Diamonds & Rhinestones: The Greatest Hits Collection
Bo Armstrong – if your tired heart is aching…
The Stubborn Lovers – Come A Reckoning
Willie Nelson – Willie Nelson Live At Budokan (1984)
Scotty McCreery – Same Truck: The Deluxe Album
James Houlahan – Beyond The Borders
Vince Herman (Leftover Salmon) – Enjoy The Ride
The Stubborn Lovers – Come a Reckoning
Charlie Treat – Wild Mystic Mountain
Brian Blake – Book of Life
Those Poor Bastards – God Awful
Isaac Hoskins – Bender
David Miner – Heartache Songs

December 2nd

Sam Platts and the Plainsman – West Side
Adeem the Artist – White Trash Revelry
Kevin Serey – Hard Truths & Tall Tales
Cody Johnson – Cody Johnson and the Rockin’ CBJ Live
Jonivan Jones – Ragged Jangly

December 3rd – The Lostlines and Nick Shoulders – Heart of Night EP

December 4th – Daniel Antopolsky – Old Timey Soulful Hippy-Dippy Flower Child Songs from the Cosmos… Wow! (Unheard Songs of the Early 1970s, Pt. 2)

December 8th – Visit – Existential Hymns

December 9th

Justin Hiltner – 1992
My Politic – Missouri Folklore: Songs and Stories From Home

December 14th – Jake Swamp and the Pine – Simpson & Banks

December 16th

Rattlesnake Milk – Chicken Fried Snake
Zachariah Malachi – Local Bar Opry Star

January 10th, 2023 – Juniper – She Steals Candy

January 13th, 2023

Whitehorse – I’m Not Crying, You’re Crying
Margo Price – Strays

January 23rd, 2023 – Johnny Nicholas Presents Moon and the Stars: A Tribute to Moon Mullican


Flatland Cavalry has an EP on the way called Songs to Keep You Warm. New track “Mountain Song” out now.

Dale Watson has recorded an acoustic album using a 1950s 12-string Stella with David “Fergie” Ferguson producing, recorded at the studios of Dan Auerbach’s Easy Eye Sound.

Brennen Leigh: “We’re making a Country record. It’s a beautiful honor to have my brother Chris Scruggs producing these songs. I flew home for a day to add some final touches. It’s so Country I’m not sure y’all can handle it 🙂 Stay tuned.”

The Turnpike Troubadours were rumored to have been in FAME studios in Muscle Shoals in February of this year, with some now linking Shooter Jennings to the project. Bassist RC Edwards has also confirmed the band has been in the studio and writing new songs, but word is it could be 2023 before we get a new album. However, Evan Felker did play a new song in Houston on May 7th called “Cat In The Rain,” and there is a possibility a single could appear before the end of 2022.

Former Saving Country Music Album of the Year winner Slackeye Slim has been saying he has new music on the way, potentially at the end of this year, or the beginning of next.

Austin-based Hillgrass Bluebilly Records has a new Johnny Cash Compilation on the way called JR Vol. 3: a Tribute to Johnny Cash, with a 4th volume tributing RL Burnside also on the way. It’s a continuation of Hiram and Huddie that was released in 2009 as a tribute to Hank Williams and Lead Belly. They also may have a re-release of the 2012 James Hand album Mighty Lonesome Man in the works featuring additional tracks. Stay tuned.

Dierks Bentley has new album on the way.

Tyler Childers has been dropping video teasers for new music. Expect a new single and album announcement very soon.

Colter Wall recently posted a photo of himself back in the studio.

Marty Stuart has signed with European label Snakefarm Records, and supposedly has THREE albums in the can ready to go.

British traditional country artist Ags Connolly has launched a Kickstarter campaign for a new album called Siempre.

Jake Worthington has signed to Big Loud. New album in the works.

Johnny Falstaff has moved back to Houston (from Germany) after kicking Cancer’s ass, and was spotted in Nashville recently recording a new album.

Julie Roberts is finally rearing up to release her Shooter Jennings-produced album, with the single “Music City’s Killing Me” out September 9th, with the album Where I’m Stayin’ Tonight later this year.

Brit Taylor has a new album on the way produced by Sturgill Simpson. Expect more info soon.

Channing Wilson has a new album on the way he recorded with Dave Cobb.

Jason Hawk Harris, who was a refugee after Bloodshot Records went defunct, recently ran a crowdfunding campaign on Twitter, and promises he’ll be finishing up a new album soon.

Dalton Domino has a new album on the way from Lightning Rod Records called Arizona. No release date yet, but the first songs “Wannabe” and “Rock and Roll Should Kill You” out now.

Jordan Nix also has a new album on the way Dalton Domino has been touting hard.

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