Rockabilly Queen Wanda Jackson to the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame

I was happy to hear the news yesterday that the Queen of Rockabilly, the immortal Wanda Jackson is going to be inducted into the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame on April 4th as an early influence inductee.

If you do not know who Wanda Jackson is then shit, I don’t even know where to start. She was the first female badass of music, PERIOD! Sexy, talented, saucy, raspy, rough, redneck, bad-ass, battle-axe wielding bitch that still outclassed anyone in rock n’ roll OR country in her time or ours.

Just the mention of the name Wanda Jackson makes me pitch a tent in my music pants. Her influence on rock n’ roll and country cannot be overstated, and as for rockabilly, well she WAS rockabilly. And she was a pioneer for women in music, not just standing up there looking and singing pretty, but shaking it, ragging her voice out, making you feel the pain and pleasure in the music.

She’s more Elvis than Elvis (they dated for a short period). If Johnny Cash had been born with an innie and not an outie, his name would’ve been Wanda Jackson. Get the point ?!?!

Check her out, and pay attention to the rasp in the voice, the hips, and watch for a cameo from a vintage double neck guitar:

I’m not going to lie people, watching Wanda Jackson gets me going. I’m gonna have to take a cold shower when I’m done writing this blog.

As her career moved on and the Rockabilly movement fizzled out, she got into straight country. This is one of my favorite Wanda Jackson tunes:

Man what a voice. AND she is still, at the age of 71, she is still writing songs, cutting albums, and playing gigs.

When I see all of these great REAL country/hellbetty girls of today, whether it is Rachel Brooke, Galea Bad Housewife, or Tonya Watts, I see a little bit of Wanda in them: Sexy but classy, talented, but most importantly a strong, aggressive sense of raw womanhood that gets me going every time.

Thank God (or Satan, not sure which to thank) for women with guitars!

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