Saving Country Music is Now Available in Audio Form

Too busy to stop down and read all the kick ass articles on Saving Country Music? Well now you have the option to listen to them. Starting last week, select articles began to be made available in audio form on Saving Country Music’s YouTube channel. Not every article will be made available in this manner, but a lot will. Sometimes the audio will coincide with the publishing of the article on Saving Country Music, and sometimes it might come along a little bit later, especially in breaking news situations.

Don’t want to listen to each article individually, but all at once? You’re in luck. Just launched, you can now listen to all the articles offered in audio form on the Saving Country Music Roundup Podcast that will be posted every week or so. It’s available on Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music (still populating), and other select podcasting networks.

The Saving Country Music Roundup will also include other commentary from yours truly that may not make it into written form on the site itself. On the inaugural episode I talk about why it has taken so long for Saving Country Music to get into podcasting, the plan for the podcast moving forward, along with further commentary and clearing the air about the recent article about Jason Isbell that stirred some controversy.

At the moment, we’re still in the exploratory phase and testing a few things out to see what sticks. Some of the stuff we do may go away, and other stuff may be adopted more long-term and in-depth. Eventually some of the audio stuff will probably evolve into video stuff as Saving Country Music works to reach people wherever they are, and however they consume music coverage.

Not every article will be on the new Roundup podcast, so coming to Saving Country Music will still be the best way to stay informed. Also don’t forget that there is also a history podcast from Saving Country Music called Country History X. Though new episodes have not been posted in a while, more are on the way. These are just some of many changes and exciting new features on the way for Saving Country Music.

On a personal note, for those that have been waiting for my recent novel Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board to be released in audio form, it is now available on Amazon/Audible, Apple Books, and virtually anywhere else audio books are sold. As those that have read the book will tell you, it’s a very intense and enriching read, but also very dense. For some, the audiobook will be a much better way to consume it.

As always, thanks for reading and listening, and your feedback is encouraged for all the new and upcoming ventures.


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