So Apparently All of Garth’s New Music Is On A Phone That He Fried & Can’t Power Back Up


Oh Garth Brooks. Gotta love him, gotta hate him, gotta wonder just what in the hell is going through his Garth Brooks brain at certain times. He’s made a billion dollars off of music and is putting together the biggest concert tour in the history of the world, but you’re not too sure he knows how to tie his own shoes. And when it comes to technology, forget about it. He’s like Mr. Magoo—trying to shove his silly GhostTunes down our throats as some true alternative to iTunes, and tripping over crazy ass conveyor belts on his stage whose purpose still eludes me. If it’s Man Against Machine, Garth is losing big time.

Ever since Garth came out of retirement and announced his Man Against Machine comeback album, he’s been promising that a second album would be released right behind the first one. In fact at the beginning, there was talk of the possibility of a double album.

But since then, stuff has gotten weird. First, Sony Nashville CEO Gary Overton (the “If you’re not on radio, you don’t exist” guy) left his position at the company, creating a power vacuum, and putting a hold on all of Garth’s plans to release new singles or new music. Then there was talk of issuing a 25th Anniversary edition of his blockbuster 1990 album No Fences with a remake of “Friends in Low Places” featuring Florida Georgia Line, Jason Aldean, Keith Urban, and George Strait, but then that got delayed from a dispute over royalties and was shelved.

Well now get this: All of the music Garth has been working on for a new release over the last six months? It’s currently sitting on a phone that’s dead, and nobody can get it to power back up at the moment. That’s right, there’s no backup, no Plan ‘B’, it’s all just gone unless they figure out somehow to salvage the files. Six full months of studio time and effort could be completely flushed down the drain.

Speaking to the Journal Sentinel, when asked about new music, Garth’s response was,

“We’re working on new music, and my problem is here’s where the old guy gets into technology which is bad. All the new stuff I’ve been working on for six months was on a phone that I fried and I can’t get the phone to come back up. And I know I should have backed it up. I know. But it’s like losing your briefcase back in the 90’s, you know. So it’s, yeah, I’m still working on that phone. But, we’ll get it.”

Why exactly Garth Brooks, Garth freaking Brooks, wouldn’t make a backup of his audio files, or at least entrust their handling to someone who wouldn’t drop their Galaxy S5 into the toilet like a butterfingered, middle-aged multi-million-dollar über star who couldn’t cook himself a Hot Pocket is beyond me. Maybe he didn’t want the files leaking, but goodness.

So yeah, there’s your answer of when we can expect new music from Garth Brooks. We can only hope the rendition of “Friends in Low Places” with Florida Georgia Line and Jason Aldean was on the fried phone.


Apparently when nobody was paying attention, Garth also posted about this on Facebook. Here’s the missive:

Hey everyone, you know I am not one that is good at change, so I wanted to explain my absence over the break. I fried my phone in Brazil”¦I have had that phone for many years and it had ALL of my “stuff” on it”¦and by “stuff,” I mean pictures, videos, and SONGS”¦all of the stuff I have been writing and arranging. I have tried to bring it back to life, had it worked on, the rice trick, heat trick, everything”¦to no avail. (Can you say, “back-up”?) I have a friend that has a story where he dropped his in the lake and after trying everything, he had to get a new phone”¦three months later, he walked into his room and his old phone was working. So I am trying that; forever hopeful that my old phone will breathe again. So thanks to the wonderful family at Facebook , I am set up again and will be back to it starting tonight”¦thank you for the time to read this and the chance to explain.

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