Song Review – Sierra Ferrell – “The Fox Hunt”

Like some sort of woodland creature captured in a folk story that’s more myth and legend than physical manifestation, Sierra Ferrell dazzles the mind and imagination, arrests you in a spell of charisma, and steals your attention until nothing else enters your thoughts except the marvelous noise she makes so you can attain full immersion under her spell. Push forward Sierra Ferrell’s new song “The Fox Hunt” as corroborating evidence of this captivating phenomenon.

The allure of the song is not necessarily its compositional expertise or poetic disposition, but its adventurous spirit. It’s a dance song that calls upon the carnal drive of hunger, the fever and frenetic nature of the hunt, and the thrill of the kill until you’re enveloped in a primal, almost rapacious frenzy of earthly pleasures.

The beauty and charm of “The Fox Hunt” is it’s the result of Sierra Ferrell opening up a second front in her deep and reverent exploration of roots music. The song blossomed from her pursuit of the fiddle as a fresh discipline. But far from novice, “The Fox Hunt” is evidence of her formidable talents brought to bear from an intimate knowledge of the very germination points of American country music.

What “The Fox Hunt” awakens in an audience is as elemental as breath. Resisting it is to resist your very nature.

For half a hundred years, the Telluride Bluegrass Festival in beautiful Colorado has held firmly to certain traditions and decorum for how the crowd is supposed to behave for performers ahead of the main headliners, namely that nobody is allowed to stand and dance directly in front of the stage so the folks near the front can be allowed to sit and enjoy the music early on.

When Sierra Ferrell sang and played “The Fox Hunt” at Telluride in the summer of 2023, it caused such a wave of uncontrollable euphoria swelling like a wave throughout the crowd, it bust through like dam being compromised, and the crowd erupted in a manner rarely or ever seen aside from inebriated rave parties.

Sierra Ferrell is not of this world, and neither is “The Fox Hunt.” Though Ferrell comes from the side of music where live performance is the foremost concern due to her history as a street performer, producers Eddie Spear and Gary Paczosa took this original song and made sure to inject it with a live energy as best they could manage in the studio setting, while working wetness and reverberation into the signals to hopefully convey the other-worldly experience of seeing Sierra Ferrell in the flesh.

Though no formal announcement of a new album accompanies the song release, expect a new collection of Sierra Ferrell tunes to feast upon in the upcoming year. Until then “The Fox Hunt” will leave us salivating like ravenous beasts for more from the enchanting experience of Sierra Ferrell.

Two Guns Up (9.2/10)

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