“Sun Records” Series Starring Drake Milligan Now Streaming

One of the best things CMT did in the last decade was to air the limited series Sun Records back in 2017. Consisting of eight episodes written by Hank Williams biographer Colin Escott, and based off the Million Dollar Quartet musical, it captured the important moments that most all of popular American music sprang from, with a cast that included the characters of Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, along with Eddy Arnold, Hank Snow portrayed by Pokey LaFarge, and others.

Little did we know while watching the series originally that the star of it, Drake Milligan who portrayed Elvis himself, would turn into one of the most promising new artists in country music here in 2022. Releasing a stellar little EP last year, and then bounding onto the scene this year after competing on America’s Got Talent, Drake Milligan released an excellent traditional country LP called Dallas/Fort Worth in September, and is now considered one of country music’s hottest up-and-coming artists.

Drake Milligan’s origin story is that he saw an Elvis impersonator in a restaurant when he was young, and then all of a sudden was obsessed, emulating Presley in talent shows and such. But soon he started taking music and entertainment more seriously, writing his own songs and developing his own style. Still, that baseline of Elvis influence and appeal remains part of his persona.

In fact, Between starring in Sun Records and competing on America’s Got Talent, he also auditioned and was selected for American Idol. But instead of going through with the competition, he dropped out, focused himself on writing original songs, was signed with major label BBR Records (Broken Bow), and waited for the right opportunity to pounce.

With a big Elvis movie (called Elvis) directed by Baz Luhrmann and starring Austin Butler and Tom Hanks released earlier this year causing a resurgence of interest in The King, Milligan’s appearance on America’s Got Talent, and his single “Sounds Like Something I’d Do” being sent to radio (currently #51), it’s all come together for Drake here in 2022.

Now folks can see where it all started since Paramount+ just added Sun Records to its streaming catalog. This is the same where in certain bundle packages, the new George & Tammy limited series beginning on December 4th when they’re bundled with Showtime.

All these disparate streaming services these days doesn’t make it easy for consumers with Netflix, Disney+ and others to know where to point their noses. But it is good to see cool series like Sun Records find someplace to land for audiences to see if they so desire.

Little did we know when watching Sun Records originally that the star of the series would emerge as a star in country music, but the appeal for Drake Milligan is real and goes well beyond the Elvis impersonations. Sun Records was his start, but hopefully he sticks around entertaining us for years to come.

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