Sweeping Streaming Song Theft: The Data

This is the data from the Saving Country Music investigation into the presence of fake accounts on streaming services such as Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music, Google Play, and YouTube, including the names of the artists affected, the names of the fake accounts, and the specific songs taken. For the story behind the data, please read Over 112 Artists Affected in Sweeping Streaming Song Theft.

NOTE: If you are an artist whose music has been affected by the fraud, please feel free to reach out to Saving Country Music via the Contact Forum.

The Overall Statistics

Identified Artists Affected: 122

Fake Accounts: 47

Total Songs: 1,470

Songs Identified: 745

Songs Yet to Be Identified: 725

Songs from Daytrotter/NoiseTrade/Paste Studios Identified: 47

Fake Account Names

  1. Calum Keddie
  2. Cynthia Fletcher
  3. Daniel Havasi
  4. Elizabeth Olson
  5. Erin Roberts
  6. Gary Mac Lean
  7. Ivar Holst
  8. James Nowell
  9. Janine Millam
  10. Jason Dover
  11. Jennifer Van Belle
  12. Jessie Kuhn
  13. John Hollister
  14. Joshua Bartkoske
  15. Joshua Martyn
  16. Katherine Hill
  17. Paul Thomas
  18. Paul Van Aaken
  19. Rebecca Griffey
  20. Rory Barnes
  21. Soteria Thompson
  22. Nils Prante
  23. Gemma Caul
  24. Joanna Meade

2nd Wave:

25. Malcom Dunkeld
26. Amazamba
27. Chris Allen
28. Frances Watson
29. Martha Lawry
30. Jack Perdue
31. Kyle Kott
32. Daniel Cottee
33. Danie Bright
34. Timothy Pearson
35. David o’Donnell
36. Samuel Gale
37. August Palmer
38. Edward Williams
39. Zaki AL-Khamiri
40. David Main
41. Oliver Oglethorpe
42. The Streaming Guys
43. Last People
44. Alex Beattie
45. Marc Engels
46. Gael Poilane
47. Bertnat Sapero


Artists Affected

(in alphabetical order)

Ryan Aderrey
After Avalanche (Shawn Pavlas)
Kathryn Anderson
Tony Anderson
Ashley Arrison
John Bayley
Mercy Bell
Abby Bend
Beth Bombara
Emily Braden
John Brazell
Brian Burke Band
Audrey Bussanich
Aliza Brinton
Abby Brown
Angela Burns
Megan Burtt
Anewta C
Pierce Cailan
Chicago Farmer
Dani Cichon
Danielia Cotton
Nick Dahlquist
David Daniel
Simon Dixon
Sharona Drake
Grant Duncan
Brian Dunne
Kristin Errett
Katie Ferrara
Matt Fredericksen
Lydia Fry
DJana Gabrielle
Jim Gaven
Christa Gniadek
Hollie Hammel
The Heather Gray
Hudson Henry
Horseshoes & Hand Grenades
Gareth Inkster
Andy Jacobs
Kaiti Jones
Mela Kamin
Alyssa Kelly
Kate Kelly
Rick Korte
Linda Kosut
Kayce Laine
Jessica Lamb
Cole Langley
Karianne Larson
Jilian Linklater
Megan Linsey
Aubrey Logan
Lindsey Luff
Eliel Lyn
Jane Marczewski
Dlenne Manouche
Lo Marie
Shayla McDaniel
Marshall McLuhan
Kirsten Melrose
Natalie Mishell
Charlie Mosbrook
Jay Ollero
Rich O’Toole
Dave Panico
Steve Parker
Joanna Paz
Don Pedigo
Mandy Pennington
Rod Picott
Abigail Price
The Purps
Miles Ralston
John Randolph
Alexis Rhode
Thea Rosenberg
Dorothy Shaw
Adjora Skinner
The Statesboro Revue
Natalie Royal
Rebecca Sayre
Natalie Schlabs
Richard Schmieg
Fiona Silver
Sound & The Fury
Katrina Stone
Nick Stone
Susy Sun
Sara Syms
Skybound Blue
Bubba Sparxxx
Charles Toil
Jonah Tolchin
Jessy Tomsko
Nicole Unser
Valley of the Bears
The Vatican
Williamson Vedder
Walk By Sea
Colter Wall
Brian Walther
Wasp Summer
Bradley West
Emily Wolf
David Wright // Dave Wright & Company

Artists Covered In Songs By Unidentified Performers

Michelle Branch
Ingrid Michaelson
Taylor Swift
Shania Twain
Sixpence None The Richer
Lucinda Williams
Vertical Horizon
Nina Simone
Lauryn Hill


Fake Accounts with Albums and Songs

John Hollister 

Artists Affected: Rich O’Toole, David Daniel, Andy Jacobs, Brian Dunne, Jonah Tolchin

These Walls

  1. “I Thank God” (Rich O’Toole – “Thank God”)
  2. “Tap Road” (Rich O’Toole – “Krenek Tap Road”)
  3. “Out of State (???)
  4. “America” (???)
  5. “Beautiful Girls” (Andy Jacobs – “Beautiful Girls”)
  6. “The Way She Moves” (Andy Jacobs – “The Way She Moves”)
  7. “Too Good To Call” (Rich O’Toole – “Too Good To Call”)
  8. “Reason To Believe” (Rich O’Toole – “Reason To Believe (May 6th)”
  9. “Get It Right” (Andy Jacobs – “Get It Right”)
  10. “These Walls” (Andy Jacobs – “These Walls”)
  11. “Never Gonna Quit” (Rich O’Toole – “Never Gonna Quit”)
  12. “Uncle Hank” (Rich O’Toole – “Uncle Hank”)
  13. “Jaded” (Rich O’Toole – “Jaded”)
  14. “The Chardonnay” (Andy Jacobs – “The Chardonnay”)
  15. “Missing Minnesota” (Rich O’Toole – “Missing Minnesota”)
  16. “Can’t Help Falling in Love” (Andy Jacobs – “Can’t Help Falling in Love”)

What A Great Day

  1. “Back To Me” (David Daniel – “Back To Me”)
  2. “Don’t Give Up on Me” (Brian Dunne “Don’t Give Up On Me”)
  3. “I’m Gonna Die Down Here” (Brian Dunne “I’m Gonna Die Down Here”)
  4. “You Got Me Good” (Brian Dunne “You Got Me Good”)
  5. “Slow Train” (Brian Dunne “Slow Train”)
  6. “Paradise” (David Daniel – “Paradise”)
  7. “This Broken Heart” (David Daniel – “This Broken Heart”)
  8. “Skating On Thin Ice” (David Daniel – “Skating On Thin Ice”)
  9.  “What a Great Day (David Daniel – “What A Great Day”)
  10. “Honky Tonk” (David Daniel – “Honky-Tonk Through The Night”)
  11. “We’ll Find Our Way” (David Daniel – “We’ll Find Our Way”)
  12. “Tomorrow Ain’t That Bad” (David Daniel – “Tomorrow Ain’t That Bad”)
  13. “Let Me Be There” (David Daniel feat. Renee Tomlin & Martin Cilia, Chris Bailey – “Let Me Be There”)

Without a Sound

  1. “Mockingbird” (Jonah Tolchin “Mockingbird” (Daytrotter))
  2. “Drunken Angel” (Jonah Tolchin “Drunken Angel” (Daytrotter) (Lucinda Williams song))
  3. “Torch & Pen” (Jonah Tolchin “Pitchfork, Torch, and Pen (Daytrotter))
  4. “Criminal Man” (Jonah Tolchin “Criminal Man” (Daytrotter))
  5. “Ship in the Bottle” (Jonah Tolchin “Ship in the Bottle” (Daytrotter))
  6.  “Completely” (Jonah Tolchin “Completely” (Daytrotter))
  7. “Diamond Mind” (Jonah Tolchin “Diamond Mind” (Daytrotter))
  8. “Ovel Room” (Jonah Tolchin “Oval Room” (Daytrotter) (Blaze Foley Song))
  9. “Unless We Change” (Jonah Tolchin “Unless We Change” (Daytrotter))
  10. “Without A Sound” (Jonah Tolchin “Without A Sound” (Daytrotter))
  11. “Lay in My Bed” (Jonah Tolchin “Lay in My Bed” (Daytrotter))
  12. “Pretty Insane” (Jonah Tolchin “Pretty Insane” (Daytrotter))
  13. “Dixieland” (Jonah Tolchin “Dixieland” (Daytrotter))

Jason Dover

Artists Affected: The Statesboro Revue, John Randolph

Big Escape

  1. Bad Nostalgia (???)
  2. I Woke Up (???)
  3. Huck Finn (“Huck Finn” – The Statesboro Revue)
  4. What A Time! (???)
  5. Fade My Shade (“Fade My Shade of Black – The Statesboro Revue)
  6. Like The Sound (“Like The Sound” – The Statesboro Revue)
  7. Big Escape (???)
  8. Undone (“Undone” – The Stateboro Revue)
  9. Bedroom Floor (“Bedroom Floor” – The Statesboro Revue)

Never Come Back

  1. “Lucky Ones” (???)
  2. “Still Forever” (???)
  3. “Houston” (???)
  4. “Your Love” (???)
  5. “Plain To See” (Colter Wall “Plain To See Plainsman” (Daytrotter))
  6. “The Trains Are Gone” (Colter Wall “The Trains Are Gone” (Daytrotter))
  7. “The Other Side of Town” (???)
  8. “Never Come Back” (???)
  9. “I Ride Old Paint” (Colter Wall “I Ride Old Paint” (Daytrotter))
  10. “J Beyers” (Colter Wall “John Beyers” (Daytrotter))

New Step

  1. God’s Reasons (John Randolph “God Has His Reasons”)
  2. I’m Your Man (John Randolph “I’m Your Man”)
  3. Old Fashioned (John Randolph “Call Me Old Fashioned”)
  4. A Star Is Born (John Randolph “A Star Is Born”)
  5. Soaking Up (John Randolph “Soaking Up The Son”)
  6. House of Change (John Randolph “House of Change”)
  7. New Step (John Randolph “New Step”)
  8. Without You (John Randolph “Without You”)
  9. Drifter (John Randolph “Drifter”)
  10. Gather At The River (John Randolph “Shall We Gather (At The River)”)
  11. The Keys (John Randolph “The Keys”)
  12. The Man I Am Today (John Randolph “The Man I Am Today”)

Elizabeth Olson

Artists Affected : Megan Burtt, Sara Syms, Meghan Linsey, Abby Brown, Kathryn Anderson, Nicole Unser

Counting Stars

  1. “Over Me” (Megan Burtt – “Over Me”)
  2. “Way Back Home” (Sara Syms – “Way Back Home”)
  3. “Mess” (Meghan Linsey – “Mess”)
  4. “Home Bound” (Abby Brown – “Homeward Bound”)
  5. “Good Boy” (Meghan Linsey – “Good Boy Bad”)
  6. “Crossroads” (Sara Syms – “Crossroads”)
  7. “Waves Crashing” (Sara Syms – “Waves Crashing”)
  8. “It Ain’t Love” (Megan Burtt – “It Ain’t Love”)
  9. “Devil Came Around” (Sara Syms – “Devil Came Around”)
  10. “Love Never Sleeps” (Meghan Linsey – “Love Never Sleeps”)
  11. “Got Away” (Abby Brown – “Got Away”)
  12. “Counting Stars” (Meghan Linsey – “Counting Stars”)
  13. “Settle Me Down” (Megan Burtt – “Settle Me Down”)
  14. “Fix You Need” (Megan Burtt – “Fix You Need”)
  15. “Bottom of This” – Megan Burtt – “Get To The Bottom Of This”)
  16. “Ghost” (Abby Brown – “Ghost”)
  17. “Try Harder Than That” (Meghan Linsey feat. Bubba Sparxxx – “Try Harder Than That”)

Everything’s Good

  1. “Saviour of the Nation” (??? Man singing)
  2. “These Moments” (???)
  3. “Home Sweet Home” (Kathryn Anderson – “Home Sweet Home (Away From Home)”)
  4. “Just Another Song” (Kathryn Anderson – “Just Another Country Song”)
  5. “Done & Gone” (Nicole Unser – “Done and Gone”)
  6. “I Wonder As I Wander” (???)
  7. “Mercy” (???)
  8. “Getting By” (Nicole Unser – “Gettin By”)
  9. “Write A Letter” (Kathryn Anderson – “Write A Letter”)
  10. “Wrong Side” (Kathryn Anderson – “Wrong Side of the Radio”)
  11. “Everything Good” (Nicole Unser – “Everything Good”)
  12. “Sweet” (Nicole Unser – “Sweet Eva”)
  13. “Cowboy Ride” (Nicole Unser – “Cowboy Ride”)
  14. “Guitar For Sale” (Kathryn Anderson – “Guitar For Sale”)
  15. “Smoking” (Nicole Unser – “Smokin”)
  16. “You Win” (Nicole Unser – “You Win”)

Joshua Martyn

Artists Affected: Tony Anderson, Don Pedigo, Cole Langley, Brian Burke Band, Brian Walther

Just Me and You

  1. “Feel Like Fighting” (Cole Langley – “Feel Like Fighting” (Noisetrade))
  2. “Your Love” (Cole Langley “Your Love” (Noisetrade))
  3. “Til’ Death Do Us Part” (???)
  4. “Do I Love You” (???)
  5. “Battles” ( ???)
  6. “Bartender” (Brian Burke Band – “Bartender”)
  7. “I’ll Be Gone” (???)
  8. “Country Girl” (Brian Burke Band – “Country Girl”)
  9. “After Midnight” (Brian Burke Band – “After Midnight”)
  10. “Near My Bed” (Brian Burke Band – “Near My Bed”)
  11. “Bartender Reprise” (Brian Burke Band – “Bartender Reprise”)
  12. “Just Me and You” (Brian Burke Band – “Just Me and You”)
  13. “You Make Me Smile” (???)
  14. “Hope You’re Gonna Be Mine” (Brian Burke Band – “Hope You’re Gonna Be Mine”)
  15. “Coming Home” – (Cole Langley “Coming Home” (Noisetrade))
  16. “Tides” – (Brian Walther – “Tides”)
  17. “Starting Over Again” – (Cole Langley “Starting Over Again” (Noisetrade))


  1. “Bombs Away” (Tony Anderson – “Bombs Away”)
  2. “Breaking Out” (Tony Anderson – “Breakin’ Out”)
  3. “Fight the Feelin'” (Tony Anderson – “Doncha’ Fight The Feelin'”)
  4. “Birthday Song” (Tony Anderson – “Birthday Song (Baby Blues)”)
  5. “Another Blonde” (Tony Anderson – “Another Blonde in the Breadline”)
  6. “What I Was Running From” (Don Pedigo – “What I Was Running From”)
  7. “Nobody Sleeps Alone” (Don Pedigo – “Nobody Sleeps Alone”)
  8. “Can’t Fool Myself” (Tony Anderson – “Can’t Fool Myself”)
  9. “Miles From Nowhere” (Tony Anderson – “Miles From Nowhere”)
  10. “Stolen Moments” (Tony Anderson – “Stolen Moments & Stealin’ Time”)
  11. “Country Hotel” (Don Pedigo – “Country Hotel”)
  12. “Missing Wheel” (Tony Anderson – “When The Missing Wheel Spins”)
  13. “Monsters” (Don Pedigo – “Monsters” )
  14. “Wired For Progress” (Tony Anderson – “Wired For Progress”)
  15. “Free Range Renegade” (Tony Anderson – “Free Range Renegade”)
  16. “UnBlue You” (Tony Anderson – “UnBlue You”)
  17. “The Spirit of Jimmy – Acoustic Version” (Don Pedigo – “The Spirit of Jimmy Reed”)
  18. “Smalltown Maze- Acoustic Version” (Don Pedigo – “Small Town Maze”)

Joshua Bartkoske

Artists Affected: Chicago Farmer, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades, Malingo, Bradley West

Getting By

  1. “Consider Me” (Chicago Farmer “Consider Me” (Daytrotter))
  2. “13 Beers” (Chicago Farmer “13 Dollar Beers” (Daytrotter))
  3. “Nature’s Daughter” (Chicago Farmer “Mother Nature’s Daughter (Daytrotter))
  4. “Nothing Better to Do” (Chicago Farmer “Nothing Better To Do” (Daytrotter))
  5. “Getting By” (Chicago Farmer “Getting By” (Daytrotter))
  6. “Man Without A Heart” (Chicago Farmer “Man Without A Heart” (Daytrotter))
  7. “Indiana Line” (Chicago Farmer “Indiana Line” (Daytrotter))
  8. “Assembly Line” (Chicago Farmer “Assembly Line Blues” (Daytrotter))
  9. “Big House” (Chicago Farmer “Big House Small House” (Daytrotter))
  10. “Everyone in This Town” (Chicago Farmer “Everyone In This Town) (Daytrotter))
  11. “People and Places” (Chicago Farmer “People and Places” (Daytrotter))

Old Man

  1. “Chicken Queen” (Horseshoes & Hand Grenades “Prairie Chicken Queen”)
  2. “Imperfection” (Horseshoes & Hand Grenades “Imperfection”)
  3. “Ring Out” (Horseshoes & Hand Grenades “Ring Out”)
  4. “Short But Sweet” (Horseshoes & Hand Grenades “Short But Sweet”)
  5. “One High” (Horseshoes & Hand Grenades “One High”)
  6.  “Rachel” (Horseshoes & Hand Grenades “Rachel Fell Off The Dock”)
  7. “Forest For The Trees” (Horseshoes & Hand Grenades “Forest For The Trees”)
  8. “Right On Time” (Horseshoes & Hand Grenades “Right On Time”)
  9. “For A River” (Horseshoes & Hand Grenades “For a River”)
  10. “Old Man” (Horseshoes & Hand Grenades “Old Man & Me”)
  11. “Cigarette Burn” (Horseshoes & Hand Grenades “Cigarette Burn Waltz”)
  12. “Stuck On Your Mind” (Horseshoes & Hand Grenades “Stuck On Your Mind”)

Peace Island

  1. “Blanchard Springs” (Malingo “Blanchard Springs”)
  2. “The Wanderer” (Malingo “The Wanderer”)
  3. “Stikcks & Stones” (Malingo “Sticks & Stones”)
  4. “Don’t Fear” (???)
  5. “These Days” (???)
  6. “El Testament” (Malingo “El Testament D’amelia)
  7. “Nothing Matters Now” (???)
  8. “Stand Tall” (Malingo “Stand Tall, Fear Not!”)
  9. “Peace Island” (Malingo “Peace Island”)
  10. “With These Hands” (Malingo “With These Hands”)
  11. “The Wrong Way” (Malingo “The Wrong Way”)
  12. “Just Like That” (???)
  13. “Further” (Malingo “Further”)

These Days

  1. “Willie’s Song” (Bradley West “Willie’s Song”)
  2. “Alright With Me” (Bradley West “Alright With Me”)
  3. “Some Things” (Bradley West “Some Things Daddies Can’t Fix)
  4. “All We Did” (Bradley West “All We Did”)
  5. “Home Country Blues” (Bradley West “Down Home Country Blues”)
  6. “Unless You Can Pay The Price” (Bradley West “Unless You Can Pay The Price”)
  7. “Grandma’s Wishes” (Bradley West “Grandma’s Wishes”)
  8. “These Days” (Bradley West “These Days”)
  9. “Slow Train” (Bradley West “Slow Train”)
  10. “Big MackDonald” (Bradley West “Big Mack Donald”)
  11. “Till We Get It Right” (Bradley West “Till We Get It Right”)

Janine Millam

Artists Affected: Christa Gniadek, Aliza Brinton, Alexis Rhode, Emily Wolf, Shayla McDaniel

Cosmic Reality

  1. “Nothing Left” (Christa Gniadek “Nothing Left”)
  2. “Love Like Ours” (Christa Gniadek “Love Like Ours”)
  3. “It’s Not Right” (Christa Gniadek “It’s Not Right”)
  4. “Shake Those Bones” (Aliza Brinton feat. Jason Slota “Shake Those Bones”)
  5. “Hope For Us” (Alexis Rhode “Hope For Us”)
  6. “Go” (Alexis Rhode “Go”)
  7.  “Love for Me Out” (Emily Wolf “Love For Me (Outro))
  8. “If Flowers” (Alexis Rhode “If Flowers Were Forever”)
  9. “Never Let Me Go” (Christa Gniadek “Never Let Me Go”)
  10. “Hideaway” (Alexis Rhode “Hideaway”)
  11. “Alive” (Aliza Brinton, Jason Slota, and Shawn Alpay “Alive, Electrified”)
  12. “Cosmic Reality” (Emily Wolf “Cosmic Reality”)
  13. “Warrior” (Aliza Brinton feat. Jason Slota “Warrior”)
  14. “Autumn in the Air” (Aliza Brinton feat. Shawn Alpay “Autumn In The Air”)
  15. “Love For Me” (Emily Wolf “Love For Me”)


  1. “Roommate” (Shayla McDaniel “Roommate”)
  2. “Hey Little Girl” ( ???)
  3. “If” (Shayla McDaniel “If”)
  4. “No More We” (Shayla McDaniel “No More We”)
  5. “Hot Chocolate (???)
  6. “Arms” (Shayla McDaniel “Arms”)
  7. “We Move On” (Shayla McDaniel “We Move On”)
  8. “I Am Woman”  (???)
  9. “Can’t Take It Back” (Shayla McDaniel “Can’t Take It Back”)
  10. “Silence” (Shayla McDaniel “Silence”)
  11. “You Can Go” (???)
  12. “Losing You” (Shayla McDaniel “Losing You”)


  1. “I Wish” (???)
  2. “Fire to the Rain” (??? Adele Song)
  3. “Sparks Fly” (??? Taylor Swift Song)
  4. “Everywhere” (??? Michelle Branch Song)
  5. “The Way I Am” (??? Ingrid Michaelson Song)
  6. “You Are Not Sorry” (??? Taylor Swift Song)
  7. “You and Me” (???)
  8. “Birthday” (???)
  9. “From This Moment On” (??? Shania Twain Song)
  10. “Mean” (??? Taylor Swift Song)
  11. “Strangers” (???)
  12. “Still The One” (??? Shania Twain Song)
  13. “Yellow” (??? Coldplay Song)
  14. “Everything You Want” (??? Vertical Horizon Song)
  15. “Fairytale” (??? Taylor Swift Song)
  16. “Kiss Me” (??? Sixpence None The Richer Song)

Gary Mac Lean

Artists Affected: Marshall McLuhan

So Far Away

  1. “Awake” (Marshall McLuhan “Wide Awake”)
  2. “Yet So Far” (Marshall McLuhan “And Yet So Far”)
  3. “Million Reasons” (Marshall McLuhan “Another Million Reasons”)
  4. “In The Middle” (Marshall McLuhan “In The Middle”)
  5. “Nothing to Blame” (Marshall McLuhan “Nothing To Blame”)
  6. “Ordinary Life” (Marshall McLuhan “Ordinary Life”)
  7. “Tell Me” (Marshall McLuhan “Tell Me Not To Feel”)
  8. “To Say” (Marshall McLuhan “Who Am I To Say”)
  9. “Without” (Marshall McLuhan “Without”)
  10. “So Far Away” (Marshall McLuhan “So Far Away”)
  11. “Comfortable” (The Marshall McLuhan Project “Comfortable”)
  12. “Fade” (Marshall McLuhan “Fade To Grey”)
  13. “Falling Out of Line” (Marshall McLuhan “Falling Out of Line”)

Ordinary Life

  1. “Chameleon” (Marshall McLuhan “Chameleon”)
  2. “Climb” (Marshall McLuhan “Climb”)
  3. “Shallow” (Marshall McLuhan “Shallow”)
  4. “Colorblind” (Marshall McLuhan “Colorblind”)
  5. “You Restore My Soul” (Marshall McLuhan “You Restore My Soul”)
  6. “Beyond Tomorrow” (Marshall McLuhan “Beyond Tomorrow”)
  7. “Discovering” (Marshall McLuhan “Discovering”)
  8. “Faith” (Marshall McLuhan “Faith”)
  9. “Closer to the Edge” (Marshall McLuhan “Closer to the Edge”)
  10. “It Sets You Free” (Marshall McLuhan “It Sets You Free”)
  11. “Wide Awake” (Marshall McLuhan “Wide Awake”)
  12. “Ordinary Life” (Marshall McLuhan “Ordinary Life” NOTE: 2nd appearance)
  13. “Another Million Reasons” (Marshall McLuhan “Another Million Reasons” NOTE: 2nd appearance)
  14. “In The Middle” (Marshall McLuhan “In The Middle” NOTE: 2nd appearance)

Jessie Kuhn

Artists Affected: Ashley Arrison, Dani Cichon, Alyssa Kelly, Adjora Skinner, Alma, Anewta C, Abby Bend, Lydia Fry, Nick Stone


  1. “Serenade” (Ashley Arrison “Serenade”)
  2. “Walk Me Home” (Ashley Arrison “Walk Me Home”)
  3. “Miss Plastic” (Ashley Arrison “Miss Plastic”)
  4. “Breathing” (Ashley Arrison “Breathing”)
  5. “Hearts Parade” (Ashley Arrison “Hearts On Parade”)
  6. “Letter in the Sea” (Dani Cichon “Letter in the Sea”)
  7. “We Won’t Go” (Dani Cichon “We Won’t Go”)
  8. “Little Bit” (Dani Cichon feat. Nick Stone “Little Bit”)
  9. “California” (Ashley Arrison “California”)
  10. “Bird” (Ashley Arrison “Caged Bird”)
  11. “Doily” (???)
  12. “Trying to Helop You Out” (Ashley Arrison “Trying To Help You Out”)
  13. “Winter” (Ashley Arrison “Winter”)
  14. “The Hard Way” (Ashley Arrison “The Hard Way”)
  15. “My Favourite Thing” (Ashley Arrison “Favorite Thing”)
  16. “Line Them Up” (Dani Cichon “Line Them Up”)

Not a Saint

  1. “I Don’t Want It” (Alyssa Kelly “I Don’t Want It”)
  2. “Your Home” (???)
  3. “Still” (???)
  4. “Back Again” (???)
  5. “Invisible Boy” (???)
  6. “Send My Love” (??? Adele Song)
  7. “Freedom – Acoustic Version” (Adjora Skinner “Freedom (Acoustic Version))
  8. “Let It Go” (???)
  9. “You & I” (Alma “You & I (Live))
  10. “Keys” (???)
  11. “Say One Thing” (Anewta C “Say One Thing”)
  12. “Not a Saint” (Anewta C “Open Wide”)
  13. “Hallelujah” (???)
  14. “Hurts Bigger” (??? Artist: Hurts “Nothing Will Be Bigger Than Us” Cover)

Take Me Home

  1. “God Doesn’t Make Mistakes” (???)
  2. “The Better” (???)
  3. “Finding My Way” (Abby Bend “Finding My Way”)
  4. “Desert Life” (Abby Bend “Desert Life”)
  5. “You Love Me Anyway” (Lydia Fry “You Love Me Anyway”)
  6. “On Waves” (???)
  7. “Brainwashed” (???)
  8. “Right Now” (???)
  9. “Broken Ground” (???)
  10. “Pennies From Heaven” (??? Billie Holiday Song)
  11. “Piece of Fiction” (???)
  12. “Itty Bitty” (???)
  13. “Show and Tell” (???)
  14. “Home” (???)
  15. “Little Bit” (Dani Cichon feat. Nick Stone “Little Bit” NOTE: 2nd Appearance)
  16. “Wanderer” (Abby Bend “Wanderer”)

Rebecca Griffey

Artists Affected: Liselle, Mela Kamin, Mercy Bell, Natalie Royal, M’lynn,

All The Birds

  1. “Surprise” (Liselle “Joy Potion Surprise”)
  2. “Come Down” (Liselle “Come Down”)
  3. “Wounded” (Liselle “Walking Wounded”)
  4. “In My Prime” (???)
  5. “Vanity” (???)
  6. “My Soul” (Mela Kamin “Summer In My Soul”)
  7. “What He Does” (Mela Kamin “What He Does”)
  8. “Satellite” (???)
  9. “Dry Ground” (Liselle “Dry Ground”)
  10. “Take Me Back” (Mela Kamin “Take Me Back”)
  11. “Psalm” (???)
  12. “All the Birds” (Liselle “All The Birds”)
  13. “Why Me” (???)
  14. “You’re Beautiful” (Mela Kamin “You’re Beautiful”)
  15. “The Stars” (Liselle “See The Stars”)
  16. “Blue Sky” (Liselle “Blue Sky”)


  1. “Icarus” (Mercy Bell “Icarus”)
  2. “Flowers” (Mercy Bell “Flowers (Everybody, Everywhere))
  3. “Good Cowboys” (Mercy Bell “All Good Cowboys”)
  4. “The Fall” (Mercy Bell “The Fall”)
  5. “Keds” (Mercy Bell “Dirty Keds”)
  6. “Bonnie & Clyde” (Natalie Royal “Bonnie & Clyde”)
  7. “Wild Fire” (Mercy Bell “Wild Fire”)
  8. “Black Dress” (Mercy Bell “Black Dress”)
  9. “Hard Times” (Mercy Bell “Hard Times”)
  10. “Patchwork” (Mercy Bell “Patchwork”)
  11. “The Fall – Another Version (Mercy Bell “The Fall” NOTE: Different version that first one))
  12. “Hey” (???)
  13. “This Christmas” (Mercy Bell “Merry Christmas & Joy to the World”)
  14. “Keep Me” (Natalie Royal “Fight To Keep Me”)
  15. “Regret” (Natalie Royal “Regret”)
  16. “Just Take Time” (M’lynn “Just Take Time”)
  17. “Grounding” (M’lynn “Grounding”)

James Nowell

NOTE: Grant Duncan is an artist that was based in Japan and New Zealand, and has not released his music in the American market.

Artists Affected: Grant Duncan

Heavy Clouds

  1. “Being Without You” (Grant Duncan “When I’m With You”)
  2. “When It Lasts” (Grant Duncan “That Lasts The Longest Now”)
  3. “Tonight” (Grant Duncan “Find It Somewhere Else Tonight”)
  4. “Love Each Day” (Grant Duncan “Love Stretches Further Each Day”
  5. “Rainy Clouds” (Grant Duncan “Heavy Clouds”)
  6. “Myself” (Grant Duncan “Own True Self”)
  7. “Storm” (Grant Duncan “A Storm In Paradise”)
  8. “Tightrope” (Grant Duncan “Walking Tightrope”)
  9. “Things Change” (Grant Duncan “Never Stays That Way For Long”)
  10. “Tired Eyes” (Grant Duncan “See Her Tired Eyes”)

The Road

  1. “Was Never Said” (Grant Duncan “Never Ever Said”)
  2. “Leaving Town” (Grant Duncan “Won’t Be Leaving Town”)
  3. “Road” (Grant Duncan “The Road”)
  4. “Sea & Sky” (Grant Duncan “Blue Sea, Blue Sky”)
  5. “My Place” (Grant Duncan “Back To The Place”)
  6. “There Is No End” (Grant Duncan “No End In Sight”)
  7. “At Stake” (Grant Duncan “Too Much At Stake”)
  8. “Just One Step” (Grant Duncan “With One Step”)
  9. “We Made It Home” (Grant Duncan “Such A Long Time Before We Made It Home”)
  10. “Light” (Grant Duncan “Glimpse Of Light”)
  11. “What It Takes To Justify” (Grant Duncan “Hard To Justify”)
  12. “Left Behind” (Grant Duncan “Being Left Behind”)

Good Love

  1. “Good Love” (??? Grant Duncan)
  2. “Storm” (Grant Duncan “A Storm In Paradise”)
  3. “Tired Eyes” (Grant Duncan “See Her Tired Eyes”)
  4. “Hard To Find” (Grant Duncan “It’s Always Too Hard To Find”)
  5. “Make It Happen” (Grant Duncan “Make It Happen”)

Paul Thomas

Artists Affected: After Avalanche (Shawn Pavlas), Matt Fredericksen

Angels (from After Avalanche (Shawn Pavlas) “Mutant Soul” EP From Noisetrade

  1. “Girl ” (After Avalanche (Shawn Pavlas) “Girl You’re Ok”)
  2. “Keepsakes” (After Avalanche (Shawn Pavlas) “Keepsakes”)
  3. “Angels” (After Avalanche (Shawn Pavlas) “Angels”)
  4. “A Lie” (After Avalanche (Shawn Pavlas) “You Are A Lie”)
  5. “Ground & Sky” (After Avalanche (Shawn Pavlas) “Breaking Ground & Sky”)
  6. “Without Hope – Acoustic” (After Avalanche (Shawn Pavlas) “I Don’t Need Hope (Acoustic Remix)”)
  7. “We Wait” (After Avalanche (Shawn Pavlas) “We Wait (Acoustic Bonus Track)”)

So Good

  1. “Song For You” (Matt Fredericksen “Another Song For You”)
  2. “Teach Me” (Matt Fredericksen “Can You Teach Me”)
  3. “Larry” (Matt Fredericksen “???”)
  4. “So Good” (Matt Fredericksen “So Good”)
  5. “Crooked Life” (Matt Fredericksen “Crooked Life”)
  6. “The Feels” (Matt Fredericksen “The Feels (Acoustic)”)
  7. “Wake Up” (Matt Fredericksen “Wake Up”)
  8. “Strings” (Matt Fredericksen “Strings”)


  1. “Girls” (After Avalanche (Shawn Pavlas) “Crazy Girls”)
  2. “Recorder” (After Avalanche (Shawn Pavlas) “Not Your Recorder”)
  3. “Singularity” (After Avalanche (Shawn Pavlas) “Singularity”)
  4. “Alcohol” (After Avalanche (Shawn Pavlas) “Something About The Alcohol”)
  5. “Nostalgia” (After Avalanche (Shawn Pavlas) “Nostalgia”)
  6. “The Beat” (After Avalanche (Shawn Pavlas) “The Beat”)
  7. “Rich & Holy” (After Avalanche (Shawn Pavlas) “The Rich & Holy”)
  8. “Make It Through” (After Avalanche (Shawn Pavlas) “Make It Through ???”)
  9. “Roots” (After Avalanche (Shawn Pavlas) “Roots”)
  10. “Dead Inside” (After Avalanche (Shawn Pavlas) “My Dead Inside”)
  11. “Without Hope” (After Avalanche (Shawn Pavlas) “I Don’t Need Hope (Acoustic Remix)” NOTE: 2nd appearance)
  12. “Society” (After Avalanche (Shawn Pavlas) “Society”)

Rory Barnes

Artists Affected: Ryan Aderréy, Jon Bayley, Gareth Inkster, Jim Gaven, Nick Dahlquist


  1. “Dry Land” (???)
  2. “Father” (???)
  3. “HoneyMoons” (???)
  4. “Gold” (???)
  5. “Magic Place” (???)
  6. “Coffee & Whiskey” (???)
  7. “Stay Apart” (???)
  8. “Daydream” (???)
  9. “Isolate Yourself” (???)
  10. Adieu (???)

Broken Promises

  1. “A Miracle” (Ryan Aderréy “A Miracle, My Love”)
  2. “My Soul” (Jon Bayley “Bear My Soul (another song about Home)” (Noisetrade))
  3. “Lonely Dove” (Jon Bayley “Lonely Dove” (Noisetrade))
  4. “Wait” (Jon Bayley “Wait” (Noisetrade))
  5. “Something There” (Jon Bayley “Something There” (Noisetrade)”
  6. “Without Hope” (Ryan Aderréy “Without Hope”)
  7. “Attics” (Jon Bayley “House Full Of Attics” (Noisetrade))
  8. “I Set You Free” (Ryan Aderréy “I Set You Free”)
  9. “We Are One” (Ryan Aderréy “We Are One”)
  10. “Broken Promises” (Ryan Aderréy “What Ifs & Broken Promises”)
  11. “Let The Music Flow” (Ryan Aderréy “Let The Music Flow”)

So Long

  1. “Last Year” (Gareth Inkster “Last Year”)
  2. “Lullaby” (Gareth Inkster “Lullaby”)
  3. “Son Long” (Gareth Inkster “So Long”)
  4. “You” (Gareth Inkster “Then There Was You”)
  5. “Misfire” (Gareth Inkster “Misfire”)
  6. “Poles” (Gareth Inkster “Hydro Poles”)
  7. “Improvisation” (Gareth Inkster “Improvisation”)
  8. “For You” (Gareth Inkster “This One’s For You”)
  9. “Reprise” (Gareth Inkster “Reprise”


  1. “Show Up” (Jim Gaven “Show Up”)
  2. “Wisdom” (Nick Dahlquist “Wisdom Comes Walking”)
  3. “Leave Him” (Jim Gaven “Just Leave Him (Bonus)”)
  4. “Piece of Puzzle” (Jim Gaven “Puzzle Piece (My Puzzle Piece)”)
  5. “The Girl” (Jim Gaven “The Girl Next Door”)
  6. “Sunflower” (Nick Dahlquist “Sunflower”)
  7. “Forever in Love” (Jim Gaven “Forever In Love”)
  8. “Stay” (Jim Gaven “Stay”)
  9. “Johnathan” (Nick Dahlquist “Johnathan”)
  10. “Do This Right” (Nick Dahlquist “Do This Right With You”)
  11. “Patience” (Jim Gaven “Moments of Patience”)

Soteria Thompson

Artists Affected: Sharona Drake, Mandy Pennington, Lo Marie, Jessica Lamb, Kaiti Jones, Kirsten Melrose, Hollie Hammel, Kristin Errett,

Fight On

  1. “Color Blind” (Sharona Drake “Color Blind”)
  2. “Strange Fruit” (??? (Nina Simone Song))
  3. “Victim” (???)
  4. “Lonely Traveler” (Mandy Pennington “Lonely Traveler”)
  5. “Falling” (???)
  6. “Lullaby” (???)
  7. “Beyond The Age of Reason” (Lo Marie “Beyond The Age of Reason”)
  8. “Oh Girl” (???)
  9. “Black Rage” (??? (Lauryn Hill song))
  10. “Not That Easy” (???)
  11. “Fight On” (???)
  12. “Dirty Fools” (Lo Marie “Dirty Fools”)
  13. “By God’s Grace” (???)

If You Can

  1. “Just Don’t Have The Time” (Jessica Lamb “Just Don’t Have The Time”)
  2. “Bullet Points” (Jessica Lamb “Bullet Points”)
  3. “Everybody Leaves” (Kaiti Jones “Everybody Leaves”)
  4. “When Sandstorm Came” (Kaiti Jones “When The Sandstorm Came”)
  5. “Loving You Is Killing Me” (Kaiti Jones “Loving You Is Killing Me”)
  6. “Love Each One” (Kaiti Jones “Love Each One”)
  7. “Take Courage” (Kirsten Melrose “Take Courage”)
  8. “Naomi’s Song” (Kirsten Melrose “Naomi’s Song”)
  9. “If You Can” (Kaiti Jones “If You Can”)
  10. “I’m Coming Back” (Kirsten Melrose “I’m Coming Back”)
  11. “Let Me Be” (Jessica Lamb “Let Me Be”)
  12. “Cambridge” (Jessica Lamb “Cambridge”)
  13. “Call This Home” (Jessica Lamb “Call This Home”)
  14. “Child” (Kaiti Jones “Arise Child”)

We Wait

  1. “Leaving This City” (???)
  2. “Siren Song” (???)
  3. “Swing Wide” (???)
  4. “I’ll Just Stay Inside” (Hollie Hammel “I Think I’ll Just Stay Inside”)
  5. “Don’t Wake Me Up” (Hollie Hammel “Don’t Wake Me Up”)
  6. “Happily Never After” (Kristin Errett “Happily Never After”)
  7. “Home” (???)
  8. “But A Word” (???)
  9. “Start Over Again” (???)
  10. “We Wait” (???)
  11. “Hold On” (???)
  12. “Another Land” (???)
  13. “Better Company” (Hollie Hammel “Better Company”)
  14. “Recklessly” (???)

Erin Roberts

Artists Affected: Skybound Blue, Lindsey Luff, Natalie Mishell, Natalie Schlabs, Jessy Tomsko, Katie Ferrara, Audrey Bussanich, Wasp Summer, Jane Marczewski,

All About You

  1. “Making Ready” (Skybound Blue “Makin’ Ready”)
  2. “Run” (Lindsey Luff “Run”)
  3. “Vessel” (Skybound Blue “Vessel”)
  4. “Something Moving” (Skybound Blue “Something Moving”)
  5. “All About You” (Skybound Blue “All About You”)
  6. “These Arms” (Skybound Blue “These Arms”)
  7. “Scrambled Eggs” (Skybound Blue “Scrambled Eggs”)
  8. “Halfway Home” (Skybound Blue “Halfway Home”)
  9. “Too Soon” (Lindsey Luff “Too Soon”)
  10. “Habit” (Skybound Blue “Habit”)
  11. “Long Gone” (Lindsey Luff “Long Gone”)

Complicated Heart

  1. “Different Kind of Love” (Natalie Mishell “Different Kind of Love”)
  2. “The Box” (Natalie Mishell “The Box”)
  3. “Just Like That” (Natalie Schlabs “Just Like That”)
  4. “Hurricane” (Natalie Mishell “Hurricane”)
  5. “Drowning in the Wave” (Natalie Schlabs “Drowning In The Wave”)
  6. “Empty Handed” (Natalie Mishell “Empty Handed”)
  7. “House Is Burning” (Natalie Schlabs “The House Is Burning”)
  8. “Complicated Heart” (Natalie Mishell “Complicated Heart”)
  9. “Every Word” (Natalie Schlabs “Every Word”)
  10. “Open Heart” (Natalie Mishell “Keep An Open Heart”)
  11. “Mystery Man” (Natalie Mishell “Mystery Man”)
  12. “Throw A Spark” (Natalie Schlabs “Throw A Spark”)

In February

  1. “There Was” (Jessy Tomsko “There Was”)
  2. “I Want You” (Katie Ferrara “I Want You”)
  3. “Come Down” (Jessy Tomsko “Come Down”)
  4. “What I’m Looking For” (Audrey Bussanich “What I’m Looking For (Live)”)
  5. “Happy New Year” (Jessy Tomsko “Happy New Year”)
  6. “Won’t You Come” (Audrey Bussanich “Won’t You Come, Too? (Live)”)
  7. “Joy” (???)
  8. “In February” (Jessy Tomsko “In February”)
  9. “One Wish” (Katie Ferrara “One Wish”)
  10. “In Your Arms” (Katie Ferrara “In Your Arms”)
  11. “Jackets” (Katie Ferrara “Jackets”)

Ocean & Sky

  1. “Abraham” (???)
  2. “Jacob” (Wasp Summer “Jacob”)
  3. “Going Mining” (Wasp Summer “I’m Going Mining”)
  4. “Late August” (Wasp Summer “Late August Early September”)
  5. “Anyone Else” (???)
  6. “On The Outside Of You” (Wasp Summer “On The Outside Of You”)
  7. “River” (Jane Marczewski “River”)
  8. “No Time For Compliments” (Wasp Summer “No Time For Compliments Now”)
  9. “Dancehall” (Wasp Summer “Dancehall At Louse Point”)
  10. “Hopelessly” (Jane Marczewski “Hopelessly”)
  11. “I’ll Go” (Jane Marczewski “I Think I’ll Go”)
  12. “Ocean & Sky” (Jane Marczewski “Ocean and Sky”)

Katherine Hill

Artists Affected: Karianne Larson, Eliel Lyn, DJana Gabrielle

Strawberry Lemonade

  1. “Halfhearted” (???)
  2. “Is That What You Want” (Karianne Larson “Is That What You Want?”)
  3. “Electricity” (Karianne Larson “Electricity”)
  4. “Track of Time” (Karianne Larson “Let’s Lose Track of Time”)
  5. “With You” (Eliel Lyn “With You”)
  6. “June Firts” (Karianne Larson “June First”)
  7. “Stressed Out” (???)
  8. “Misled” (Eliel Lyn “Misled (Live Studio Acoustic)” (Noisetrade))
  9. “Ready For Love” (Eliel Lyn “Ready For Love” (Noisetrade))
  10. “Heathens” (???)

A Love Song

  1. “Personal Jesus” (DJana Gabrielle “Personal Jesus”)
  2. “January” (DJana Gabrielle “January”)
  3. “Someone Like You” (???)
  4. “Coeur D’hiver” (DJana Gabrielle “Coeur D’hiver”)
  5. “Glasgow” (DJana Gabrielle “Glasgow”)
  6. “The Woman I Once Was” (DJana Gabrielle “The Woman I Once Was”)
  7. “Spring” (DJana Gabrielle “Spring”)
  8. “He Does Not Make Junk” (???)
  9. “The Lake” (DJana Gabrielle “The Lake”)
  10. “A Love Song” (DJana Gabrielle “A Love Song”)
  11. “Ode to Time” (DJana Gabrielle “Ode to Time”)
  12. “Unrevealed” (DJana Gabrielle “Unrevealed”)
  13. “By Name” (???)

Things on My Mind

  1. “Pour” (???)
  2. “With Me” (???)
  3. “Make Me Weak” (???)
  4. “My Prayer” (???)
  5. “Round” (???)
  6. “Dying for a Kiss” (???)
  7. “River Flow” (???)
  8. “Hell No” (???)
  9. “Peace Like a River” (???)
  10. “Things On My Mind” (???)
  11. “Still Holding Me (???)
  12. “Your Eyes” (???)
  13. “How It Should Be” (???)
  14. “Live” (???)
  15. “Bittersweet” (???)

Daniel Havasi

Artists Affected: Jay Ollero, Simon Dixon, John Brazell, Hudson Henry

City Girl

  1. “At Our Feet” (Jay Ollero “At Our Feet”)
  2. “Been Here Before” (Simon Dixon “Been Here Before”)
  3. “Next Time” (Jay Ollero “Next Time”)
  4. “Restless Heart” (John Brazell “Restless Heart”)
  5. “Emily” (Simon Dixon “Emily”)
  6. “Aim and Fire” (Simon Dixon “Aim and Fire”)
  7. “Summer” (Simon Dixon “Summer”)
  8. “You’ll Never See It That Way” (Jay Ollero feat. David Fertello “You’ll Never See It That Way”)
  9. “I Won’t Cry” (Jay Ollero “I Won’t Cry”)
  10. “City Girl” (John Brazell “City Girl”)
  11. “Come and Go” (Simon Dixon “Come and Go”)
  12. “She’s Gone” (Jay Ollero “She’s Gone”)
  13. “Drunk” (Simon Dixon “Drunk”)
  14. “Like A Soldier” (Jay Ollero “Like a Soldier”)

Let Me Know

  1. “Seattle” (???)
  2. “Flaws” (Hudson Henry “Flaws”)
  3. “Way Back Home” (Hudson Henry “Way Back Home”)
  4. “Mayday Song” (???)
  5. “Fight For You” (???)
  6. “Young” (???)
  7. “Let Me Know” (???)
  8. “Remember You” (Hudson Henry “Remember You”)
  9. “Being Honest” (Hudson Henry “Being Honest”)

Jennifer Van Belle

Artists Affected: Katrina Stone

Featuring: Steve Parker

Maybe Someday

  1. “Maybe Someday” (Katrina Stone “Somebody’s Somebody”)
  2. “Perfection” (Katrina Stone feat. Steve Parker “Perfection”)
  3. “Maybe Someday” (Katrina Stone “Maybe Someday”)
  4. “Lovesick” (Katrina Stone “Lovesick”)
  5. “Perfectly Accidental” (Katrina Stone “Perfectly Accidental”)
  6. “Sweet Remedy” (Katrina Stone feat. Steve Parker “Sweet Remedy”)
  7. “Swim” (Katrina Stone “Swim”)
  8. “Fix You” (???)
  9. “The Embers” (???)
  10. “Once in a While” (Katrina Stone “Once In A While”)
  11. “Songbird” (Katrina Stone “Songbird”)
  12. “Love’s Not in the Way” (Katrina Stone “Love’s Not The Way”)
  13. “Lesser Soul” (???)

The Happiness

  1. “Lonely Soul” (Katrina Stone “Lonely Soul”)
  2. “Rediscover You” (Katrina Stone “Rediscover You”)
  3. ‘Ain’t No Rest” (Katrina Stone “Ain’t No Rest”)
  4. “Find Your Own Way” (Katrina Stone “Find Your Own Way”)
  5. “Without My Heart” (Katrina Stone “Without My Heart”)
  6. “Abandon Ship” (Katrina Stone “Abandon Ship”)
  7. “Boys Like You” (Katrina Stone “Boys Like You”)
  8. “The Happiness” (Katrina Stone “The Happy Ones”)
  9. “Love Is Not Lost” (Katrina Stone “Love Is Not Lost”)
  10. “Fall In Love Again” (Katrina Stone “Fall In Love Again”)

Here For You

  1. “Little Light” (Katrina Stone “Little Light of Mine”)
  2. “Finest Hour” (Katrina Stone “Finest Hour”)
  3. “In The Midst” (Katrina Stone “In The Midst”)
  4. “Choose To Be Happy” (Katrina Stone “Choose To Be Happy”)
  5. “Here For You” (Katrina Stone “Here For You”)
  6. “What Makes the World Go Round” (Katrina Stone “What Makes the World Go Round”)

Cynthia Fletcher

Artists Affected: Kayce Laine, Susy Sun, Jilian Linklater, Angela Burns,

Featured: Miles Ralston

Day by the Sea

  1. “Closing Out the Sky” (Kayce Laine “Closing Out the Sky”)
  2. “AM Light” (Kayce Laine “5 AM Light”)
  3. “Landline” (Jilian Linklater “Landline” (Noisetrade Demos))
  4. “Ice Cream in Summer” (Susy Sun feat. Miles Ralston “Ice Cream in Summer”)
  5. “Too Good” (???)
  6. “Fly Too High” (Kayce Laine “Fly Too High”
  7. “Colors” (Susy Sun “Colors”)
  8. “I Can’t Keep on Falling” (Jilian Linklater “I Can’t Keep Falling” (Noisetrade Demos))
  9. “Day by the Sea” (???)
  10. “Idly” (???)


  1. “Misty Morning” (Angela Burns “Misty Morning”)
  2. “Crackers” (Angela Burns “Crackers”)
  3. “Conversation” (Angela Burns “Conversation”)
  4. “Love Canopy” (Angela Burns “Love Canopy”)
  5. “Mystic Fire” (Angela Burns “Mystic Fire”)
  6. “Love Undefined” (Angela Burns “Love Undefined” )
  7. “Patience” (Angela Burns “Patience”)
  8. “Daybreaks” (Angela Burns “Daybreaks”)
  9. “Little Box” (Angela Burns “Little Box”)
  10. “A Fire and a Faith” (Angela Burns “A Fire and a Faith”)
  11. “Arbitrary Mind” (Angela Burns “Arbitrary Mind”)

Paul Van Aaken

Artists Affected: Walk By Sea, Ipreferguitars, Valley of the Bears, The Heather Gray, Richard Schmieg, Attaboy, Sound & The Fury, Pierce Cailan, Tigerweather, The Vatican


  1. “Intermission” (Walk By Sea “Intermission”)
  2. “Years” (???)
  3. “Rain” (???)
  4. “Dreamtime” (???)
  5. “Popsicle” (???)
  6. “7o8” (Ipreferguitars “708”)
  7. “Where You Go?” (Ipreferguitars “Where Do You Go?”
  8. “Wolves” (Valley of the Bears “Listen For The Wolves”)
  9. “Cemetery” (Valley of the Bears “Cemetery Trees” (Noisetrade))
  10. “Brother” (Walk By Sea “Brother”)
  11. “Emet” (Walk By Sea “Emet”)
  12. “Wrong About It” (The Heather Gray “Wrong About It”)
  13. “All Right” (Richard Schmieg “All Right”)
  14. “All Right – Acoustic Version” (Richard Schmieg “All Right – Acoustic Version”)
  15. “Expeditions” (???)
  16. “Ms Serious” (Ipreferguitars “Mrs. Serious”)
  17. “Isolation” (Walk By Sea “Isolation”)
  18. “Awakening” (Walk By Sea “Awakening”)

Not Alone

  1. “Youth” (???)
  2. “Fields of Art” (???)
  3. “Together” (???)
  4. “The Night Away” (Attaboy “Dance The Night Away”)
  5. “So Good” (Attaboy “So Good”)
  6. “Set Sail” (Attaboy “Set Sail”)
  7. “Tennessee” (Sound & The Fury “Tennessee”)
  8. “Not Alone” (Attaboy “Not Alone”)
  9. “Fighter” (Sound & The Fury “Inside Fighter”)
  10. “We Are More” (Attaboy “We Are More”)
  11. “Lost” (Attaboy “When You’re Lost”)
  12. “Come Alive” (Attaboy “Come Alive”)
  13. “Help” (Attaboy “Help”)
  14. “Shaut It Down” (Attaboy “Shut It Down”)
  15. “Every Time” (Attaboy “Every Time”)


  1. “Let Me Down” (Pierce Cailan “Let Me Down Easy (Canso)”)
  2. “West” (Pierce Cailan “West By Southwest (Viadeyra)”)
  3. “Phantasmagoria” (Pierce Cailan “Divine Hallucinations: Phantasmagoria I”)
  4. “Hallucinations” (Pierce Cailan “Divine Hallucinations: Phantasmagoria II”)
  5. “Beach Castle” (Tigerweather “Beach Castle”)
  6. “Still Dawn” (Pierce Cailan “The Still Dawn of Woodsglen (Alba)”)
  7. “Blade” (Pierce Cailan “Divine Hallucinations: III God of the Blade”)
  8. “Womb” (Pierce Cailan “Divine Hallucinations: I God of the Womb”)
  9. “Wind” (Pierce Cailan “Divine Hallucinations: II God of the Wind”)
  10. “Old Tales” (Pierce Cailan “Lashed Recounts of Old Tales (Balaresc)”)
  11. “Little Thing” (Tigerweather “Every Little Thing”)
  12. “Love Crazy” (Tigerweather “Love Crazy”)
  13. “Sunshine” (Tigerweather “Sunshine”)
  14. “Healer” (Pierce Cailan “The Healer (Escondig)”)
  15. “Wasted On You” (Tigerweather “Wasted On You”)
  16. “Lani” (Tigerweather “Lani”)
  17. “KeepMe True” (Tigerweather “Keep Me True”)

My Memories

  1. “Goodbye” (The Vatican “Goodbye”)
  2. “Go” (The Vatican “Go”)
  3. “Drive” (The Vatican “Drive”)
  4. “Let You Go” (The Vatican “Let You Go”)
  5. “2020” (The Vatican “2020”)
  6. “Netflix” (The Vatican “Netflix”)
  7. “Outside” (The Vatican “Outside”)
  8. “1992” (The Vatican “1992”)
  9. “Better World” (The Vatican “Better World”)
  10. “Iron Future” (The Vatican “Iron Future” )
  11. “The Horizon” (The Vatican “The Horizon”)

Calum Keddie

Artists Affected: Charlie Mosbrook

NOTE: All song names changed on this account.

Distant Shores

  1. “Her Chance to Shine” (Charlie Mosbrook “Up Among The Stars”)
  2. “If I Die in Tennessee” (Charlie Mosbrook “Hand Me Down My Walkin Cane”)
  3. “Silence” (Charlie Mosbrook “Muted Resistance”)
  4. “When We Were Young” (Charlie Mosbrook “Hemlock Hill”)
  5. “Keep an Open Heart” (Charlie Mosbrook “Listen To a Woman”)
  6. “New Paradise” (Charlie Mosbrook “Nothing But a Dream”)
  7. “Couple of Tickets” (Charlie Mosbrook “Easy Win”)
  8. “Distant Shores” (Charlie Mosbrook “Anywhere Else But Here”)
  9. “My Time With You” (Charlie Mosbrook “Howlin’ At The Door”)
  10. “Remember” (Charlie Mosbrook “Remember Who We Are”)
  11. “You’re The One For Me” (Charlie Mosbrook “Blame”)
  12. “Be Back Soon” (Charlie Mosbrook “Accidental Fruit”)
  13. “Till the End of Times” (Charlie Mosbrook “Back On My Feet Again”)

What We Need

  1. “My Pain” (Charlie Mosbrook “Crooked Stick”)
  2. “When The Night Is Almost Gone” (Charlie Mosbrook “January Sky”)
  3. “What We Need” (Charlie Mosbrook “Something To Believe”)
  4. “Something” (Charlie Mosbrook “Feed My Sould”)
  5. “Black Abyss” (Charlie Mosbrook “Hidden”)
  6. “Heavens Look” (Charlie Mosbrook “Empty Sky”)
  7. “My Soul Go Free” (Charlie Mosbrook “Spread My Wings”)
  8. “Your Smile” (Charlie Mosbrook “Creepy”)
  9. “What We Lose and Gain” (Charlie Mosbrook “Something To Lose”)
  10. “I’m Coming Home” (Charlie Mosbrook “I Will Be Coming Home To You”)

Ivar Holst

Artists Affected: Charles Toil

These Days

  1. “Illegal” (Charles Toil “Illegal”)
  2. “I Had Enough” (Charles Toil “I Had Enough (Live)”)
  3. “St Quentin” (Charles Toil “San Quentin (Live)”)
  4. “Moses” (Charles Toil “Happy Anniversary (Live)” or “Moses (Live)”)
  5. “He Was The Best” (Charles Toil “He Was The Best”)
  6. “Cloud” (Charles Toil “Cloud 9”)
  7. “One Of These Days” (Charles Toil “One Of These Days”)
  8. “Plain James” (Charles Toil “Plain James (Live)”)
  9. “Anymore” (Charles Toil “Anymore”)
  10. “It’s a Shame” (Charles Toil “It’s a Shame (Live)”)
  11. “Bermuda” (Charles Toil “Bermuda”)
  12. “Giving It a Whirl” (Charles Toil “Giving It a Whirl”)
  13. “Dreaming in California” (Charles Toil “I Wished I Lived in California”)
  14. “Like Way Back Then” (Charles Toil “Way Back When”)
  15. “So You Know” (Charles Toil “Just So You Know”)
  16. “Help Is On The Way” (Charles Toil “Help Is On The Way”)

Nils Prante

Artists Affected: Rick Korte, David Wright, Dave Wright & Company, Tateronix, Dlenne Manouche, Dave Panico

Lazy Day

  1. “Leaves Fall Down” (Rick Korte “Leaves Fall Down Like Rain”)
  2. “Whimsy” (Rick Korte “Whimsey of the Faries”)
  3. “Carcas” (Rick Korte “Carcas”)
  4. “LimeRick Junction” (Rick Korte “Limerick Junction (Bonus Track)”)
  5. “Traffic” (Rick Korte “Traffic”)
  6. “Grame Jam” (Rick Korte “Grape Jam”)
  7. “Something in D” (Rick Korte “Something in D”)
  8. “Urban Chariot” (Rick Korte “Urban Chariot”)
  9. “Your Love” (Rick Korte “Your Love”)
  10. “Natasha” (Rick Korte “Latasha”)
  11. “Lazy Day” (Rick Korte “Lazy Day”)
  12. “Crickets” (Rick Korte “Crickets”)
  13. “Not Saw It Coming, Pt. 1” (Rick Korte “Never Saw It Coming (Part 1)”)
  14. “Not Saw It Coming, Pt. 2” (Rick Korte “Never Saw It Coming (Part 2)”)

Sunday Splash

  1. “Winter Wonderland” (???)
  2. “Boogie Days” (Dave Wright & Company “Boogie Days”)
  3. “Santa Cruising'” (Dave Wright & Company “Santa Cruzin'”)
  4. “Trick Ponies” (Tateronix “Trick Ponies & Applesauce”)
  5. “Stay Cation” (David Wright “Stay-Cation”)
  6. “Moms and Daughters” (David Wright “Moms and Daughters”)
  7. “Toad Strangler” (Tateronix “Toad Strangler”)
  8. “Sunday Splash” (David Wright “Stay-Cation” (2nd appearance))
  9. “Times Like These” (Tateronix “Times Like These”)
  10. “PT” (David Wright “Part”)
  11. “AM PM” (David Wright “Am Pm”)

When The Day Is Done

  1. “Hungaria” (Dlenne Manouche “Hungaria”)
  2. “Moose” (Dlenne Manouche “Moose The Mooche”)
  3. “Django’s Waltz” (Dlenne Manouche “DJango’s Waltz”)
  4. “Freedom Dance” (Dave Panico “Freedom Dance”)
  5. “Donna Lee” (Dlenne Manouche “Donna Lee”)
  6. “Treaty Line” (Tateronix “Treaty Line”)
  7. “Night in Tunisia” (Dlenne Manouche “A Night In Tunisia”)
  8. “When The Day Is Done” (Dlenne Manouche “When Day Is Done”)
  9. “Funky Monkey” (Dave Panico “Funky Monkey”)
  10. “Yardbird Suite” (Dlenne Manouche “Yardbird Suite”)
  11. “Breaking Free” (Dave Panico “Break’n Free”)

Gemma Caul

Artists Affected: Joanna Paz, Lo Marie, Fiona Silver, Emily Braden, Dorothy Shaw, Aubrey Logan, Danielia Cotton, Linda Kosut, Rebecca Sayre

Each New Day

  1. “One Desire” (Joanna Paz “One Desire”)
  2. “Dirty Fools” (Lo Marie “Dirty Fools”)
  3. “I Want to Fall in Love” Joanna Paz(Joanna Paz “Fall In Love”)
  4. “Apart From You” (Joanna Paz “Apart From You”)
  5. “Without You” (Joanna Paz “Without You”)
  6. “Someday We All Be Free” (Lo Marie “Someday We’ll All Be Free”)
  7. “Where Is The Sunshine” (Joanna Paz “Where Is The Sunshine?”)
  8. “Solid Ground” (Lo Marie “Solid Ground”)
  9. “Each New Day” (Joanna Paz “Each New Day”)
  10. “What Do You Think” (Joanna Paz “What Do You Think?”)
  11. “Night Clubbing” (Fiona Silver “Nightclubbing”)
  12. “Constant” (Joanna Paz “Constant”)
  13. “Smoking Gun” (Fiona Silver “Smoking Gun”)
  14. “Oh My Soul” (Joanna Paz “Oh My Soul”)
  15. “Good Plans” (Joanna Paz “Good Plans”)
  16. “Love Grenade” (Fiona Silver “Love Grenade”)

Forgive Me

  1. “Gossip” (Aubrey Logan “Gossip” (Paste Studio))
  2. “Nightclubbing” (Fiona Silver “Nightclubbing” (Daytrotter Version 9/23/2017))
  3. “For Your Life” (Danielia Cotton “For Your Life” (Paste Studios))
  4.  “High Place” (Aubrey Logan)
  5. “Smoking Gun” (Fiona Silver “Smoking Gun” (Daytrotter Version 9/23/2017))
  6. “I’ll Follow You” (Fiona Silver “I’ll Follow You” (Daytrotter Version 9/23/2017))
  7. “Then There Eyes” (Emily Braden “Then There Eyes”)
  8. “If I Don’t Love You” (Dorothy Shaw “If I Don’t Love You”)
  9. “Evil Gal Blues” (Emily Braden “Evil Gal Blues”)
  10. “Love For Me” ( Emily Wolf “Love For Me” (NOTE: 2nd appearance. Also appears under account “Janine Millam”))
  11. “Testify” (Emily Braden “Testify”)
  12. “Forgive Me” (Danielia Cotton “Forgive Me” (Paste Studios))
  13. “Blue Funk” (Dorothy Shaw “Blue Funk”)
  14. “Cosmic Reality” (Emily Wolf “Cosmic Reality” (NOTE: 2nd appearance. Also appears under account “Janine Millam”))

It’s Going to Rain Today

  1. “Skylark” (Linda Kosut “Skylark”)
  2. “Sweet Sue” (Rebecca Sayre “Sweet Sue, Just You”)
  3. “I Get A Kick Out of You” (Rebecca Sayre “I Get a Kick Out of You”)
  4. “Who Cares?” (Rebecca Sayre “Who Cares?”
  5. “Perdido” (Rebecca Sayre “Perdido”)
  6. “Fall in Love” (Joanna Paz “Fall In Love”)
  7. “Dat Dere” (Linda Kosut “Dat Dere”)
  8. “Hey There” (Rebecca Sayre “Hey There”)
  9. “What You’d Call a Dream” (Linda Kosut “What You’d Call A Dream”)
  10. “Peel Me a Grape” (Linda Kosut “Peel Me A Grape”)
  11. “What Do You Think?” (Joanna Paz “What Do You Think?”)
  12. “It’s Going to Rain Today” (Linda Kosut “I Think It’s Going To Rain Today”)
  13. “If I Were A Bell” (Linda Kosut “If I Were A Bell”)
  14. “In The Still of The Night” (Rebecca Sayre “In The Still Of The Night”)
  15. “Teach Me Tonight” (Linda Kosut “Teach Me Tonight”)

Joanna Meade

Artists Affected: Thea Rosenberg, Abigail Price

Something You Say (NOTE: Likely all songs from Thea Rosenberg)

  1. “Sinners” (???)
  2. “Oh Heavens No” (???)
  3. “Shoes” (???)
  4. “To My Husband” (???)
  5. “That Old Trick” (Thea Rosenberg “That Old Trick”)
  6. “The First Spring” (???)
  7. “Amazing Grace” (???)
  8. “Sugar or Cream” (???)
  9. “Knock on Your Door” (???)
  10. “Something You Say” (???)
  11. “In Exile” (???)
  12. “Pilate” (???)

Summer to My Soul

  1. “Don’t Worry” (???)
  2. “Down to the Bones” (Abigail Price “Down To The Bones”)
  3. “Fleeting Heart” (Abigail Price “Fleeting Heart”)
  4. “I’d Like to Get to Know” (???)
  5. “Rachel’s Song” (???)
  6. “Summer to My Soul” (???)
  7. “The River” (???)

Malcom Dunkeld

Artists Affected: Rayjacko, The Purps

Move Like That

  1. “Never Stop” (Rayjacko – “We Going Up”)
  2. “What You Gonna” (???)
  3. “Fire Fire” (Rayjacko – “Black Panther”)
  4. “If You Love” (Rayjacko – “Don’t Fear”)
  5. “Upstairs” (Rayjacko feat. Slay Jp “We Going Up (Remix)”)
  6. “Move Like That” (Rayjacko feat. Mr Spellz “Kete”)
  7. “My Way” (Rayjacko “Answer Me”)
  8. “When They Get” (The Purps “Trouble”)
  9. “Everyday” (Rayjacko Feat. Surrel & Leeboy “Head Tight (Explicit Version)”)
  10. “For Me” (Rayjacko “The Club”)


Artists Affected: Townwalkers

Tell Me Something

  1. “Everyday I” (Townwalkers “Autumn Song”)
  2. “See Me” (Townwalkers “You Won’t See Me”)
  3. ‘Tell Me Something” (Townwalkers “Oh, My Love”)
  4. “Let Me” (Townwalkers “Think About This”)
  5. “Come On” (Townwalkers “Radio”)
  6. “My Friend” (Townwalkers “Nata”)
  7. “Tell Me” (Townwalkers “Cross”)
  8. “Get Back” (Townwalkers “You Hack”)
  9. “Want To Be” (Townwalkers “Girlfriends”)

Chris Allen

Artists Affected: Williamson Vedder

NOTE: All songs taken from Williamson Vedder Account on Jamendo Music

To The End

  1. “Lullaby” (Williamson Vedder “Lukey’s Lullaby Blues”)
  2. “Winter” (Williamson Vedder “December Snows (For Chloe)”)
  3. “Ruby Drops” (Williamson Vedder “Crimson Rain”)
  4. “Regrets” (Williamson Vedder “Regrets of Gold”)
  5. “Tears” (Williamson Vedder “Crimson Tears”)
  6. “Wanderer” (Williamson Vedder “Vagabond”)
  7. “Desesperacion” (Williamson Vedder “Brazos”)
  8. “Our Decisions” (Williamson Vedder “Change Your Mind”)
  9. “Why Was So” (Williamson Vedder “Was I Wrong”)
  10. “Agua Caliente” (Williamson Vedder “Mexican Tequila”)
  11. “Our Secrets” (Williamson Vedder “Hidden Secrets”)
  12. “To The End” (Williamson Vedder “Fire In The Air”)
  13. “Street Dog” (Williamson Vedder “Stray Dog”)

Frances Watson

Artists Affected: Kate Kelly

Friday Night

  1. “The Book We Made” (Kate Kelly “The Book We Made”)
  2. “Tiptoe” (Kate Kelly “Tiptoe”)
  3. “Ellamoon” (Kate Kelly “Ellamoon”)
  4. “Friday Night” (Kate Kelly “Friday Night”)
  5. “Blind Sailors” (Kate Kelly “Blind Sailors”)
  6. “The Garden” (Kate Kelly “The Garden”)
  7. “Honey” (Kate Kelly “Honey”)
  8. “New Heartbeat” (Kate Kelly “New Heartbeat”)
  9. “Falling Down” (Kate Kelly “Falling Down Again”)
  10. “Sweet Nothings” (Kate Kelly “Sweet Nothings”)
  11. “Daydreamer” (Kate Kelly “Daydreamer”)
  12. “If The Moon Had Eyes” (Kate Kelly “If The Moon Had Eyes”)
  13. “Child Inside” (Kate Kelly “Child Inside”)

Martha Lawry

Artists Affected: Kate Kelly, Kristen Elizabeth

Friday Night

  1. “Honey” (Kate Kelly “Honey”)
  2. “Daydreamer” (Kate Kelly “Daydreamer” (2nd Appearance))
  3. “Child Inside” (Kate Kelly “Child Inside” (2nd Appearance))
  4. “Too Good” (Kristen Elizabeth “Too Good”)
  5. “All I Need” (LeahLeah “All I Need”)
  6. “Ella” (???)
  7. “Let’s Get You Out” (???)
  8. “Falling Down” (Kate Kelly “Falling Down Again” (2nd Appearance))
  9. “The Moon” (Kate Kelly “If The Moon Had Eyes” (2nd Appearance))
  10. “Auld Lang Sine” (???)
  11. “The Book” (Kate Kelly “The Book We Made” (2nd Appearance))
  12. “The Garden” (Kate Kelly “The Garden” (2nd Appearance))
  13. “Friday Night” (Kate Kelly “Friday Night” (2nd Appearance))
  14. “Sweet Nothing” (Kate Kelly “Sweet Nothings” (2nd Appearance))
  15. “Tiptoe” (Kate Kelly “Tiptoe” (2nd Appearance))
  16. “Any Better” (???)
  17. “New Heartbeat” (Kate Kelly “New Heartbeat” (2nd Appearance))

Additional Fake Accounts

Jack Perdue – 15 songs

(Original artists not yet identified)

Kyle Kott – 13 Songs

Daniel Cottee – 34 songs

Daniel Bright – 49 songs

Timothy Pearson – 26 songs

David O’donnell – 17 songs

Samuel Gale – 34 songs

August Palmer – 43 songs

Edward Williams – 10 Songs

Zaki AL-Khamiri – 10 Songs

David Main – 10 Songs

Oliver Oglethorpe – 10 Songs

The Streaming Guys – 11 Songs

Last People – 30 Songs

Alex Beattie – 39 Songs

Marc Engels – 14 Songs

Gael Poilane – 14 Songs

Bertnat Sapero – 14 Songs

Terry Katz – 185 Songs


NOTE: Screenshots of all fake accounts and tracks lists are also available.

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