Yeah, I heard about Taylor Swift being “dissed” by “Kanye” at some contrived MTV awards show. The fact that anyone capable of growing pubic hair would watch that garbage is beyond me. I rolled up to CNN.com this morning, and even though we have two wars going on, are in the midst of one of the biggest economic crises in our generation, and are fighting a very important battle over health care that might change the identity of our country, THIS is what CNN decided was the most important thing to report on.

MTV is an abomination of Western Civilization and an insult to intelligence. Whatever went down last night was a program FOR children, BY children. I won’t be rope-a doped offsides by overanalyzing some orchestrated, premeditated moment drummed up by millionaires so they can draw even more attention to themselves. Instead I’d rather forget all that nonsense and say:


I need to apologize to you all. For the last year or so, I honestly thought that Taylor Swift was yet just another fabricated pop country starlet douche who’d have a few hit songs and be spit out of the other end of the Nashville machine broke with a bad cocaine habit once she stopped being “hip.” I guess there’s still a chance that may happen, but in the meantime, Taylor Swift has sold 10 MILLION ALBUMS this year, and has been nominated for multiple CMA Awards. Who cares, right? I do. Country music is my music, our music, and I’m not going to let someone hijack it to abscond with millions of dollars.

All of a sudden, Taylor Swift is a serious matter, more serious than any of these other pop country celebrities we like to hoot on. It is true, Garth Brooks was the beginning of all of this pop country mess. But though it pains me to say it, what Garth Brooks did, however commercialized and in bad taste it was, was still some version of country. What Taylor Swift is doing has NOTHING to do with country. The “country” of Taylor Swift is strictly a marketing term, plain and simple. That is why we all have to put our foot down and say:


What Taylor Swift symbolizes is taking the damage that Garth Brooks did to country to the next level. Garth dumbed down country to make it appeal to classic rockers and soccer moms. Taylor Swift’s puppetmasters want to completely eliminate any country elements from the music to make it appeal to every last human on the planet, with the aim of getting a dollar from them.

There will be some that say we shouldn’t worry about what Taylor Swift and other pop country people do. I understand that notion, but I want to make sure that when future generations look back at this era in country music, they know that there were people that put their foot down, and stood up for what they believed in, that didn’t just stand idly by as their culture was raped and ripped from their hands.

So lets shout it at the top of our lungs, make T shirts, paint billboards, march with signs, all that say:


I am in full out defiance.

Somebody just sent me this image. Wouldn’t it be great if it spread out over the internet like a bad rash.

Taylor Swift Not Country

Expect more, lots more blogs about the Taylor Swift sham in the coming weeks. Her and her handlers are square in my crosshairs. And my aim is true, without any reservation. I didn’t get the name for nothing. That’s right Taylor, you are now #1 on my shit list.

— Triggerman Out.

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