Taylor Swift Tops Sugarland’s Steampunk w/ Splatterpunk

Taylor Swift GrammysThis week pop country duo Sugarland released a video for their first single off the album The Incredible Machine due out in October. The album is supposedly inspired by “Steampunk,” a brand of science fiction set in an era when steam power is still widely used, but there’s also futuristic and sometimes fantasy elements.

The Sugarland single is called “Stuck Like Glue” and the video (watch here) features singer Jennifer Nettles kidnapping a man, then torturing him by playing reggae and dancing in choreographed pop moves, all while wearing outfits that accentuate the pancake nature of her breasts.

Well Saving Country Music has learned that Taylor Swift, who has a rival album due out in October also, does not want to be outdone by Sugarland. So she is working on her own video based on a sci-fi sub-genre. But it’s not steampunk, it is the excessively-graphic, hyperintensive horror of splatterpunk.

Taylor Swift“It starts off innocent enough,” said a member of the production crew, speaking on condition of anonymity. “It begins like the Taylor Swift songs we’re all used to, about a High School sweetheart. But when she goes to a party and finds her new beau on the arm of another girl, the blood and guts start flying.”

Apparently the video called for 600 pounds of bovine intestines and 90 barrels of fake blood, along with scores of latex human limbs and other props to recreate a killing spree.

“When Taylor walks in, the lights dim, party streamers hanging from the ceiling are replaced with meat hooks dripping blood, and a jilted Taylor, decked out in a form fitting full leather suit, descends from the rafters upside down with two machine guns blazing in what can only be called a “killing orgy.” We all know that Taylor can’t hit a note to save her life, so we thought hell, give her two Tek 9”²s and more unlimited ammo than Duke Nukem, and she’s bound to hit something!

“Then she repels to the ground, unsheathes two machetes, and starts hacking away, with blood squirting and guts spilling.”

Apparently no expense was spared, with Taylor bringing in Stanton LaVey and Rob Zombie as creative consultants.

No word as of yet on a release date for the video, but a screen shot has leaked out and its pretty disturbing:


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