The Quebe Sisters Announce Final Tour Dates Ahead of Hiatus

Over the last 23 years, Grace, Sophia, and Hulda of The Quebe Sisters (pronounced quay-bee) have gone from fresh-faced and precocious fiddle prodigies to one of the most formidable acts in all of Western Swing and roots music. If you’ve heard of them before, then you remember the very first time their vintage three-part sister harmonies hit your ear in classic songs like Moon Mullican’s “Every Which-a-Way” or “Roly Poly” by Fred Rose.

The sacrifices these women have made in their lives to keep the older modes of classic country alive—including what at times has been a grueling tour schedule across the United States and Europe—have been significant. That is why nobody should be surprised they have decided it’s time for a hiatus, even if Quebe Sisters fans will be understandably disappointed.

They’re calling their upcoming run of shows the “Bye, For Now” tour, with the Dallas-based trio ceasing all touring by the end of 2023. They’re not saying it’s over for good, but you might want to take advantage of seeing them live while you can. “This isn’t retirement for us, just a nice break,” the trio says.

Along with turning in some of the most definitive and unique takes on classic country and Western Swing standards, the Quebe Sisters also flexed their creative muscles with original compositions on their 2019 self-titled album. Though conventional wisdom may call the Quebe’s niche and outmoded, when presented to audiences, their appeal is exposed as nearly universal and surprisingly current.

“Bob Wills was all about experimentation—melding just about every style he heard,” says Grace. “He hired the best musicians playing regionally traditional instruments, as well as players interested in experimenting on what were the cutting-edge instruments of the day. This spirit formed what we today call Western Swing, and it needs to be an ingredient in current iterations of Western Swing to keep the style fresh and vibrant for the present and future. So, for us it’s authentic to the style to introduce our own originals.”

Along with the dates listed below, more dates could be coming. But after that, all future plans are in the air.

“We want to thank our family, friends, and our behind-the-scenes team that have supported us for so many years,” the sisters say. “Most of all, we want to thank you, our extremely loyal, diehard fans for following us and coming to our shows. Y’all are truly one of a kind and we appreciate you so, so much.”


6/15: Murfreesboro, TN @ Hop Springs
6/17: Floyd, VA @ Floyd Country Store
6/20: New York, NY @ Rockwood Music Hall (Stage 2)
6/22: Saratoga Springs, NY @ Caffe Lena
6/23: Portsmouth, NH @ The Music Hall Lounge
6/24: Brownfield, ME @ Stone Mountain Arts Center
6/25: Shirley, MA @ Bull Run Restaurant
7/22: Denton, TX @ Dan’s Silverleaf
7/23: Dallas, TX @ Cafe Momentum
7/24: Tomball, TX @ Main Street Crossing
8/22: Berwyn, IL @ Fitzgerald’s
8/23: Milwaukee, WI @ The Back Room at Colectivo
8/24 & 8/25: Minneapolis, MN @ Minnesota State Fair
8/27: Berthoud, CO @ Newell Farm Concert
9/9: Decatur, GA @ Eddie’s Attic
9/10: Bristol, TN @ Bristol Rhythm & Roots
9/11: Nashville, TN @ City Winery
9/12: St. Louis, MO @ City Winery
10/21: Greenville, TN @ Greenville Municipal Auditorium
10/28: Mountain City, TN @ Heritage Hall Theatre

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