The Tillers Take You Back with “Hand On The Plow” (Album Stream)


Leave behind the world of nagging priority that is screaming at your for attention through various flashing doo dads streaming threads of bad news and worse entertainment choices, and go back to a time when people played songs on their back porches from the simple love of the music, and the only way to evoke entertainment was to breed fellowship with friends and family and sing and play along. This is the warm and relaxing, yet still energetic and engaging reality that The Tillers conjure up when they strike wires on wood and bring their love for the way things were to the modern ear yearning for a time when less was more.

the-tillers-hand-on-the-plowThis trio from Cincinnati pulls their influence from just beyond the southern shore of the Ohio River where the Kentucky Hills brim with music lore, while the Appalachian Mountain looming just to the east lend their ghost stories of coal and cutting poverty to their muse. It all comes together along with many other primitive American influences to create The Tillers sound that is both welcoming in its familiarity yet fresh with its take.

The Tiller’s latest album and 5th overall entitled Hand On The Plow is the inaugural issuance of original, full-length from the newly-formed Muddy Roots Records, and features 11 tantalizing tracks and an appearance by Legendary Shack Shaker and Dirt Dauber Col. JD Wilkes on harmonica. And lookie here, you can listen to the whole dern thing below. So put down your iPhones and log out of Facebook, and let’s get real for a while.

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