The Wilder Blue Announce New Self-Titled Album

photo: Cal and Aly

Ever since this Texas music supergroup formed—first under the name Hill Country, and now as The Wilder Blue—they have been spellbinding listeners with the ease in which they meld together country, classic rock, and bluegrass styles to make something immediately engaging and and critically impenetrable. The chemistry this band has discovered is so incredible, it should be studied by science.

The Wilder Blue has yet to release even one bad song, and on March 25th, they’ll release a bunch of new ones on a self-titled release that immediately becomes one of the most anticipated albums of 2022.

Recorded at Echo Lab Studios in Denton, Texas, and self-produced by the band itself, it will see solo artist and songwriter Zane Williams, songwriter and performer Paul Eason, Houston drummer Lyndon Hughes, Austin bassist Sean Rodriguez, and multi-instrumentalist Andy Rogers make music that once made Luke Combs gush, “The melodies, the harmonies, the instrumentation, and the songs. All just Grade A” after discovering the band here at Saving Country Music.

Called a true collaborative effort and a democracy of ideas, the band was able to pay for the recording of the new album due to their unique business structure where they are supported directly by their fans in a personal subscription model called “The Hideout.” This allowed them the latitude to record on their terms of a few three-day recording sessions every few months, and to be able to record directly to tape to give the album that rich, organic feeling.

“Having studio time paid for by our fan subscribers gave us the chance to relax and spread out a little,” says Zane Williams. “What’s fun about tape is that it forces you to commit to a take. You don’t just record five million parts and go comb through them later.”

If you want a whiff of what all of this resulted in, check out the album’s lead single “Ghost of Lincoln” below. Featuring just the kind of imaginative and immediately infectious music they’re known for, it’s hard to know exactly what to call it except for “damn good.” The banjo is indicative of bluegrass, but “Ghost of Lincoln” progresses like you favorite Alabama song, yet is is untethered like a 70’s rock anthem.

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1. Picket Fences
2. Shadows and Moonlight
3. Feelin’ the Miles
4. Wave Dancer
5. The Birds of Youth
6. The Ol’ Guitar Picker
7. The Conversation
8. Okie Soldier
9. Build Your Wings
10. Nothin’ Like Lovin’ You
11. The Kingsnake and the Rattler
12. Ghost of Lincoln

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