This Feels Big – Brendon Anthony Named Big Loud Texas Vice President

You may not know who Brendon Anthony is unless you’re down in Texas and paying close attention to the power players behind-the-scenes helping to push the music of Texas to the forefront. But he’s been an important figure in trying to make sure the homegrown talent of Texas doesn’t necessarily have to venture to Tennessee to tangle with the mainstream country music industry to make it.

For nearly a decade, Brendon Anthony was the Director of the Texas Music Office, which is a one-of-a-kind organization that helps advocate for Texas music and encourage music business development in the state. Far from a figurehead, you see Brendon Anthony out in the field all the time, from major music functions to small shows.

Brendon Anthony is also a musician himself, and he knows how to speak the language, and understands the challenges musicians and music-based businesses face. Many people in Texas knew Brendon Anthony before he took the Texas Music Office position as the fiddle player for Pat Green.

In April, Brendon Anthony took the stage with Pat Green at the Two Step Inn in Georgetown, TX, and Saving Country Music highlighted Anthony, saying, “Nashville might be Music City. But Texas is the Music State, and it’s because of folks like Brendon Anthony both behind a desk, and on the stage.”

Ironically, about a week later, Brendon Anthony announced his resignation from Texas Music Office. On April 26th, Anthony said,

“After nearly a decade spent in service of the Texas Music Industry, I announce today that I will be leaving my role as Director of the Texas Music Office (TMO) effective May 6, 2024. It has been my absolute honor and privilege to serve in this capacity since 2015, and I am very proud of all that the Texas Music Office has accomplished during my tenure as Director. I am proud to call myself a lifelong Texas Music Industry professional, and I look forward to continuing my career as I move on to my next opportunity.”

That next opportunity has now revealed itself as being the Vice President of the label Big Loud Texas. The label was launched in November of 2023 by co-founders Miranda Lambert and Jon Randall, and has since signed viral songwriter Dylan Gossett to the roster as the label’s flagship artist.

The promise of the launch of the label Big Loud Texas is that it could give a bigger opportunity and opening for Texas to seed its own mainstream-level musical infrastructure. Big Loud Records is currently the big up-and-coming label in country music as the home of Morgan Wallen, Hardy, and Ernest, along with more independent and traditional country acts such as Jake Worthington, Charles Wesley Godwin, and Hailey Whitters.

Adding Brendon Anthony to Big Loud Texas means that the label imprint won’t just be Texan in name only. This is an active effort to make sure the label has its epicenter in the Lone Star State, and Austin specifically.

“I am very proud to join the amazing team at Big Loud and look forward to working with Miranda and Jon to create something truly special in Big Loud Texas,” Anthony says in a press release about the news. “Being a part of growing and supporting the Texas music industry has been my focus for over 25 years and I am thrilled to continue that effort by joining Big Loud Texas.”

Miranda Lambert adds, “We’re so proud to have Brendon join us at Big Loud Texas. He is as passionate as we are about the Texas music scene and has knowledge that will benefit artists in so many ways.”

For years what Texas has lacked is the actual hardware of the music industry to help develop and keep Texas artists in the state as their careers grow. This is an issue that Brendon Anthony has dedicated his career to trying to help solve, and this development is yet another big step in that direction.

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