TMZ Pulls Mischaracterized Morgan Wallen “Drink Pouring” Story

On Sunday morning (1-8), the country music internet was all abuzz from a story in TMZ about Morgan Wallen pouring a drink down the front of the blouse of a woman at a Nashville bar. The incident allegedly happened Friday night, January 7th, at an unnamed bar in Nashville’s Lower Broadway entertainment district. The title of the story was, “Morgan Wallen Caught Pouring Drink Down Woman’s Blouse in Nashville Bar.”

With the sordid and lengthy rap sheet of bad behavior by Morgan Wallen, the headline and the story itself was most certainly concerning. Let’s not forget, it was the notorious Morgan Wallen ‘N-word” incident first reported by TMZ in February of 2021 that sent the entertainment world into a tizzy, let alone the story of the postponement of his Saturday Night Live performance for breaking COVID quarantine, or for being arrested at Kid Rock’s bar in May of 2020.

The TMZ report included two separate video clips from TikTok user @reillyvicendese —the first being rather innocuous—along with this description ….

The second clip is the one where we see him act out. It seems like there’s some tension between him and this woman, as she tries to pry him away from a group of guys he’s chatting with toward the back.

When she grabs his hand, he pulls it away dramatically.

The woman ignores that and walks back to her girlfriend, but then … Morgan creeps up behind her and quickly drops a full cup’s worth of liquid right down the front of her shirt — which clearly leaves her shocked. She pushes him back a little, and Morgan’s cheesin’.

It would appear he realized she wasn’t pleased with the rude gesture … as he retreats to the corner of a booth and out of sight. It’s unclear what else may have come of this interaction.

While the full context of his relationship with this woman is missing for now — which might help explain if this was innocent or malicious — we gotta say … on the face of it, this comes across as a bad look. The gal in question didn’t seem like she wanted that to happen at all.

On its face, this behavior from Morgan Wallen is very concerning for what is currently the biggest star in country music, and for someone that is supposed to be flying on the straight and narrow ever since the N-word incident, let alone early proclamations that he’d gotten sober (Wallen’s been photographed numerous times drinking since).

However, the story in TMZ no longer exists, and they also scrubbed the story from Twitter and other social media. Immediately after the story was published, Morgan Wallen fans and others started pointing out that Morgan Wallen did not pour anything down the woman’s blouse as both the title and the description of the TMZ story stated. Clearly as Morgan Wallen walks away, his cup is still full. Wallen only slightly feigned spilling his drink on her before pulling away. The characterization that he “quickly drops a full cup’s worth of liquid right down the front of her shirt” is clearly false.

As TMZ accurately states, we have no idea what the relationship between Morgan Wallen and this woman is—if they’re friends, acquaintances, or if they just met in this moment, which would all be important context in interpreting what actually happened. It’s also fair to wonder why Morgan Wallen is even putting himself in these types of potentially compromising situations at this late stage in the game when he’s trying to rehabilitate his image. Does his label Big Loud not have handlers for him at this point? And if he was being aggressive toward this woman, it would most certainly be concerning.

But another big question is why TMZ pulled the story with absolutely no explanation. If there were mischaracterizations in the story, they could have updated these. Pulling the story in its entirety feels like a clear mea culpa, but without a correction or explanation, it leaves the public in limbo about the authenticity of the original story. Just because you pull a story doesn’t mean it gets erased from the memory of the likely hundreds of thousands of people, or perhaps million-plus, who read it initially. TMZ also earned revenue off a story that was at least in part false, and perhaps entirely mischaracterized.

Meanwhile, a link and description of the story still remains up on TMZ’s Facebook page, and numerous outlets that reprinted the TMZ story are still live, meaning the story is very much still out there.

The behavior of Morgan Wallen has been arguably the biggest story in country music in the last two or three years. He’s also been the victim of false reports and other click bait due to the sensationalized nature of his stardom. TMZ’s initial reporting, along with refusing to offer a correction or explanation only fuels the fire of Morgan Wallen fans saying that the media is out to get him, and are treating him unfairly.

Perhaps the incident involving Morgan Wallen and this woman deserves to be scrutinized. Saving Country Music reached out to Morgan Wallen’s label for clarification or explanation, but did not hear back by the time of this report. But both Morgan Wallen and the public deserve to be shot straight about the incident, as opposed to sensationalized dramatizations about what happened, with no correction or explanation as to why they decided to pull the story.

Original clip of the incident:

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