Travis Tritt’s 1st Album in 14 Years Features Formidable Songwriters

Ashley Monroe/Brent Cobb/Travis Tritt/Adam Hood/Channing Wilson

Travis Tritt’s long-anticipated first album of original music in nearly 14 years now finally has a name and a release date. The Dave Cobb-produced Set in Stone will officially arrive on May 7th, 2021. Said to be recorded in a “No frills, classic Outlaw country sound,” a new single called “Smoke in a Bar” will be released on March 5th.

Travis Tritt announced in mid March of 2020 that he’d signed with the Big Noise Music Group, and was working with Dave Cobb as producer on a new album—his first of original music since 2007’s The Storm. But perhaps most notable in the details for the album just revealed is the songwriters Travis Tritt has chosen to work with.

Along with picking one of the hottest and most well-respected producers from the independent side of country for his comeback record, Tritt has also called on some of the best songwriters and performers at the moment. Don’t expect a dated retrospective from Tritt. Expect an album infused with some of the blood of the latest country music revolution.

We first learned in February of 2020 that Travis Tritt was working with songwriters Brent Cobb and Adam Hood, but who knew they would both get multiple cuts on the record. Along with all three writing the title track together, both Cobb and Hood also write individual songs with Tritt, and then Cobb and Hood land the cut “Ain’t Who I Was” they wrote with each other.

Also a player in the liner notes is the well-respected Nashville-based songwriter Channing Wilson landing a couple of cuts. From the performer class, both Dillon Carmichael, and Ashley Monroe contribute words, while Tritt himself is a co-writer on eight of the tracks. Troy Seals, B. Durrett III, Aaron Raitiere, JB Strauss, and Anthony Robbins are also contributors.

Travis Tritt was a massive star in his heyday, selling more than 30 million records, and becoming of a member of the now legendary “Class ’89” which took country by storm and helped set up its resurgence throughout the 90’s. But after releasing six platinum and multi-platinum albums for Warner Brothers and Columbia Nashville, mainstream country moved on, and so did Tritt, preferring to sit out spending time in the studio as opposed to spinning his tires on albums labels wouldn’t promote.

However, the resurgence of interest in 90’s music has put Travis Tritt back in the spotlight. He was recently featured on the single “Pick Her Up” from Dierks Bentley’s Hot Country Knights project, and was also featured last year on a rock single from Cory Marks called “Outlaws and Outsiders” that became a Top 10 on rock radio.

Set In Stone Track List:

1. “Stand Your Ground” (Travis Tritt, Wayne B. Durrett III, Channing Wilson)
2. “Set In Stone” (Travis Tritt, Brent Cobb, Adam Hood)
3. “Ghost Town Nation”(Aaron Raitiere, JB Strauss)
4. “Smoke In A Bar” (Jeremy Bussey, Derek George, Tim Montana)
5. “Leave This World” (Travis Tritt, Ashley Monroe)
6. “They Don’t Make Em’ Like That No More (Travis Tritt, Matthew Dillon Carmichael)
7. “Better Off Dead” (Travis Tritt, Adam Hood)
8. “Southern Man” (Travis Tritt, Channing Wilson)
9. “Open Line” (Travis Tritt, Brent Cobb)
10. “Ain’t Who I Was” (Brent Cobb, Adam Hood)
11.  “Way Down In Georgia” (Travis Tritt, Dennis Anthony Robbins, Troy Seals)

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