Turnpike Troubadours Put Cool Twist on Brew Partnership

Look, I’m not here to knock anybody. Merchandising and licensing deals are one of the lifebloods of music, and much of independent music specifically. Your favorite band isn’t getting by just on their Spotify streams alone, trust me.

But I can’t tell you how achingly predictable and just sort of uncool it feels to see so many artists releasing a signature line of booze these days. At one point it was kinda cool. But now most any artist of any decent size has one, and it’s gone from something unique to something that’s almost expected.

This isn’t to knock some local brewery when they decide to do a limited-edition bottle, can, or brew commemorating a cool artist, or to be a total prude about artists wanting to put their mug on an alcohol product. More power to them. It’s just so par for the course these days, it feels pretty uninteresting when the announcements come out about a new one seemingly weekly.

But I have to say, the Turnpike Troubadours partnering with a coffee company actually seems quietly awesome, and this is coming from someone who doesn’t even drink coffee, and doesn’t get excited about these kinds of things ever. It’s an interesting twist on the country music brew partnership, and a very subtle and unspoken jab at always making these deals about alcohol, especially when so many artists and their fans are sober these days.

Sure, many people can enjoy alcohol responsibly. But it’s cool to see a band offer an alternative, especially one with numerous members who’ve struggled with alcohol themselves. When they put George Jones on bottles of moonshine and vodka, it never sat right with me after how much he struggled with the sauce. This isn’t just about coffee. It’s about what it symbolizes.

The Turnpike Troubadours have partnered with the Onyx Coffee Lab out of Rogers, Arkansas to offer the limited edition “Long Road Home” blend. The coffee is said to come with an aroma of chocolate, molasses, heavy body, and fruit punch. For more info and to purchase, CLICK HERE.

Now I know that what most of y’all out there want from the Turnpike Troubadours right now, and it’s not necessarily a cup of joe. You want new music dammit. Well, I’m sure that’s brewing too and will be on the way sooner than later. I’m kind of surprised we haven’t heard at least a new single at this point. But give the boys from Oklahoma some space. I’m sure they want to get this right, and so should the rest of us.

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