Tyler Childers Announces Two New Red Rocks Shows

On Monday (6-21), Tyler Childers celebrated three decades on this mortal coil as the birthday boy of June 21st, 1991. But it was him doling out the gifts, not receiving them.

It started by Childers sharing a remastered live stream of his 2019 Red Rocks performance. The nearly 2-hour presentation streamed on Tyler’s YouTube page (see below), and was capped off with Robert Earl Keen joining Tyler for an epic version of “The Road Goes On Forever,” also joined by Town Mountain who opened the show.

However, basking in a replay was not the only reason thousands of folks tuned into the video stream from September 30th, 2019. They were also commanded to wait until the end for a special announcement. Would it perhaps be a tour? A new album? Unfortunately, the video ended without any announcement at all to the consternation of many.

Well, apparently there was an announcement, you just had to be in the right YouTube setting to be able to see the live comments. There, at the end of the live stream, the Tyler Childers account pinned, “Tyler Childers with very special guests Margo Price, Ona and John R. Miller at Red Rocks on Sept 29 & 30, 2021!

That’s right, Tyler Childers will be returning to the scene of the crime two years to the day of his epic performance in 2019. No news on when tickets will go on sale, but expect that announcement soon, and don’t be surprised if more Tyler Childers live dates materialize sooner than later.

And if you missed the live stream, it’s still appears to be available, for now at least. So watch it up while you have a chance. It’s one of the ages.

UPDATE: It was pulled yet again! Be quicker next time, and keep your eye out for when it is made available again.

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