Tyler Childers Breaks Another Barrier with 2X Platinum Certification

The paradigm continues to shift, and the possibilities for country artists without the support of mainstream radio and major awards continues to increase with the continued success of Tyler Childers, and specifically the songs from his 2017 album Purgatory.

Previously we had always believed that RIAA Certified Gold and Platinum singles and albums were only within the purview of mainstream country stars. Tyler Childers was the first to upstage this order when his song “Feathered Indians” was Certified Gold for achieving 500,000 in sales, downloads, and streaming equivalents on February 21st, 2020.

This would open the floodgates for a rash of independent artists to begin accruing precious metal, with Cody Jinks, Whiskey Myers, and later Sturgill Simpson and Jason Isbell also receiving Gold certifications. Cody Jinks upped the ante when his song “Loud and Heavy” was the first to be Certified Platinum for 1 million in sales, downloads, and streaming equivalents in September of 2020. Jinks now has two more Gold certs on top of that for the song “Hippies and Cowboys” and the album Adobe Sessions.

But Tyler Childers has just outdone them all with the song that started it all. What now has to be considered his signature song, “Feathered Indians,” has officially gone DOUBLE PLATINUM, with certified sales, streaming equivalents, and downloads surpassing 2 million. It officially received the distinction on May 26th.

This joins Tyler’s Platinum Certified singles “Lady May,” “Whitehouse Road,” and “All Your’n,” along with a Gold certification for the album Purgatory. This all comes as the album continues to be one of the hottest titles in all of country music, receiving some 7 millions streams weekly, and regularly showing up in the Top 15 on the Billboard Country Albums chart.

The Avett Brothers, The Josh Abbott Band, and even Wheeler Walker Jr. have all now also minted Certified Gold singles, speaking to the breadth of this phenomenon.

Gone are the days of worrying if the gatekeepers at country radio will play your single. Tyler Childers and others have proven, and with certified numbers, there is a better and healthier alternative. And as time goes on, the amount of RIAA certs for Tyler Childers and others will only continue to grow, verifying what independent country fans have known for years: just give these artists an opportunity, and they will thrive.

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