Tyler Childers Song Backdrops New SEC Football Campaign

photo: Brad Coolidge

Oh thank God. Usually when country music and sports interact—especially when it comes to college football—it’s a weekly shaming ritual for actual country music fans as Florida Georgia Line or some other trash gets selected as the bumper music into commercial breaks during broadcasts, or as the background noise of highlight reels. This is one of the reasons for the strange cross pollination for hatred in what modern country music has become that’s shared with many of the writers and talk radio personalities of the sports world.

Sports is actually one of the ways cool country music is busting through to the greater population in lieu of radio support, with Cody Jinks, Cody Johnson, the Turnpike Troubadours, and many others becoming the favorites of athletes, getting played as baseball walk-up music, and making it onto locker room playlists. Mainstream country no longer has a monopoly on American culture, and a new television ad is just the latest example.

The SEC College Football Conference recently debuted a new minute-long spot as part of their “We Love It Here” campaign, highlighting the various teams from what most consider the most powerful conference in college sports. And it’s none other than Tyler Childers and his current single “All Your’n” from his new album Country Squire comprising the music.

Make no mistake, millions of folks will see this commercial which is set to debut on Thanksgiving Day, and play during most of the SEC games to come leading all the way up to SEC Championship Weekend. Other team-specific commercials will also be part of the campaign, and include “All Your’n” as the official theme song. Tyler is originally from Kentucky, and The University of Kentucky is part of the Southeastern Conference.

The commercial was created by the McKinney ad agency, who says the spot “…pays tribute to the SEC lifestyle and everything that makes the Southeastern Conference feel like home—highlighting traditions, rituals and moments with family and friends around the SEC.”

These SEC football games draw huge audiences, and rest assured those who don’t recognize Tyler Childers right off the bat will be Shazaming the song. And this isn’t the only opportunity “All Your’n” has scored recently. On November 20th, it was announced that the song had been nominated for Best Country Solo Performance for the upcoming 2020 Grammy Awards.

Tyler’s latest album Country Squire debuted #1 in country music upon its release in early August. It was his first release signing to Sony Music’s RCA Records in a partnership with his own imprint, Hickman Holler Records in May. Along with his producer Sturgill Simpson, Tyler Childers has also been making noise on the touring circuit, with their upcoming 2020 “A Good Look’n Tour” already selling out certain arenas, and topping the touring charts. Tyler’s previous record Purgatory also continues to sell well. In fact this week Purgatory came in at #34 on the country album charts, while Country Squire was at #70.

Don’t be surprised if Tyler Childers sees a spike in interest in the coming weeks as we head into bowl season.

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