Tyler Childers to Re-Release Landmark Red Barn Radio Sessions

Any upstanding country music fan worthy of the air they breathe already knows about the brilliance of Saving Country Music’s reigning Album of the Year winner Purgatory from Tyler Childers produced by Sturgill Simpson. But many long-standing disciples of the red-headed one from Kentucky were tipped off on his brilliance years before via a couple of live EPs released in 2013 and 2014 known respectively as Live on Red Barn Radio I and II.

It was these two 4-song EPs being passed around that helped put the songwriter and east Kentucky crooner on the music map. The promise those two EPs showed had folks in Kentucky and West Virginia salivating of what Childers could do with some proper studio time. When it was revealed Sturgill Simpson would be producing his first serious label effort with David Ferguson, folks just about lost their minds.

Now the two EPs are being combined together and re-released as Live on Red Barn Radio I & II. Already available through streaming services, they will now be sent to listeners on lush, 180-gram vinyl. Featuring the first appearance of Tyler’s “Whitehouse Road,” and a fan favorite song called “Rock Salt and Nails,” the first EP features Tyler’s acoustic backing band The Highwall, while the second one is just Tyler and a guitar. Both were recorded live in Kentucky. These eight songs are essential for any Tyler Childers fan.

Red Barn Radio is a 15-year-old Old Time and Bluegrass program that features traditional artists from Kentucky and nearby communities. Tyler Childers has returned to the Red Barn program multiple times, and Sturgill Simpson also performed on Red Barn Radio in 2007 with his band Sunday Valley. Earlier this week, Childers was nominated for the Americana Emerging Artist of the Year. Tyler also released another album in 2011 called Bottles & Bibles.

Live on Red Barn Radio I & II will be released in June, and is now available for pre-order.


  1. Shake The Frost
  2. Deadman’s Curve
  3. Charleston Girl
  4. Whitehouse Road
  5. Rock Salt and Nails
  6. Coming Down
  7. Follow You to Virgie
  8. Bottles and Bibles

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