Whiskey Myers Announces New Self-Titled Album

photo: Brad Coolidge

Travis Tritt once wondered aloud where the hell the drive in country had gone. Well it comes flying right in your face whenever Whiskey Myers takes the stage or gets cued up on the stereophonic speakers, so much so it’s more apt to label them Southern rock, if not rock n’ roll entirely in some selections. This wild-assed group of east Texans recently took enough time off from tearing down the road to record their fifth album, which will be released on September 27th.

Whiskey Myers decided to make this a self-titled affair since they produced the album themselves after working with Dave Cobb on their last record Mud from 2016, and because they feel this new album embodies their sound and spirit better than ever. Frontman Cody Cannon wrote five of the fourteen tracks solo, and guitarist John Jeffers contributed three of his own. Whiskey Myers also worked with notable songwriters Brent Cobb, Adam Hood, Dave Kennedy, Aaron Raitiere, and performer Tennessee Jet on the new album.

The band also solicited the services of the Godfather of Texas Country Ray Wylie Hubbard on the lead track for the record, “Die Rockin’, co written with Cody Cannon. As you can imagine, it’s gritty, raw, and loud, and makes reference in one of the early verses about hearing “Sway” by the Stones, which is appropriate since the band was recently announced as one of the openers on the upcoming Rolling Stones North America tour.

Though Whiskey Myers has been around for over 10 years, you get a sense this is a band that is about to hit their stride and this new, self-titled record could be the catalyst. Not just their music, but the band itself was featured in an episode of the Paramount Network’s original series Yellowstone starring Kevin Costner in July of 2018, causing their sales to spike and creating national and international interest in Texas music’s premier Southern rock band. More Whiskey Myers songs will also be featured in the newest season of Yellowstone starting on June 19th.

From Palestine, TX, Whiskey Myers was initially formed by Cody Cannon and John Jeffers, and was inspired early on by the music of Hank Williams Jr. and Waylon Jennings. They’ve formed a strong grassroots following in the Texas/Red Dirt scene.

Whiskey Myers Track List:

1. “Die Rockin’” (Cody Cannon, Ray Wylie Hubbard)
2. “Mona Lisa” (Cody Cannon)
3. “Rolling Stone” (Cody Cannon, Adam Hood)
4. “Bitch” (John Jeffers)
5. “Gasoline” (Cody Cannon)
6. “Bury My Bones” (John Jeffers, Tennessee Jet)
7. “Glitter Ain’t Gold” (John Jeffers)
8. “Houston County Sky” (Cody Cannon)
9. “Little More Money” (Cody Cannon)
10. “California to Caroline” (Cody Cannon, Aaron Raitiere, Mark Stephen Jones)
11. “Kentucky Gold” (Cody Cannon, Aaron Raitiere, Dave Kennedy)
12. “Running” (Cody Cannon, Brent Cobb)
13. “Hammer” (Cody Cannon)
14. “Bad Weather” (John Jeffers)

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