Whiskey Myers Speaks on Independence on Steven Rinella Podcast

Texas country and Southern rock band Whiskey Myers has made their way in the world not through the help of major labels or mainstream radio play, but through grit and hard work, and a few hefty shout outs from influencers and a big piece of exposure through the Paramount network show Yellowstone.

Now they just got another opportunity on the wildly popular podcast of avid hunter and conservationist Steven Rinella. The latest episode of The MeatEater Podcast posted on Monday, December 7th includes a lengthy interview, and some of the boys also go on a Duck Hunt with Rinella.

“I mean, we just wanted to do our thing, we wanted to play our own music,” frontman Cody Cannon tells Steven Rinella. “Some people get into music I think and they want to be famous. Ya know? They don’t care, they want to be famous. That’s the end goal. There’s nothing wrong with that. But I don’t think anybody in our band ever had that in mind. It’s what you did. We play music. We’re in a band now. That’s what we do. And it was important for us to have our own style, and have our own control.”

Whether it was their goal or not, Whiskey Myers is now plenty popular, even if it would be a stretch to label them “famous.” On September 18th, not one, but two singles from the band were Certified Gold by the RIAA. Their song “Ballad of a Southern Man” off their 2011 album Firewater was certified Gold for reaching over 500,000 units in sales, downloads, and streaming equivalents, as was their song “Stone” from their 2016 album Mud.

Along with Cody Jinks and Tyler Childers who’ve also received RIAA certifications, Whiskey Myers is helping to spearhead the independent country revolution. And don’t look for them to up bite anytime soon if a major label comes calling.

“It’s still important to us. So that’s why we never signed any record deals or anything,” Cody Cannon says. The band currently operates their own label, Wiggy Thump Records distributed by Thirty Tigers. “We’ve always been independent, and we always want to be … Why the hell do I want a boss?”

The new podcast with Steven Rinella can be heard on MeatEater.com and Apple Music.

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