Zach Top Announces Debut Album, Tops Radio Adds

If you haven’t heard Zach Top, you’re about to in a big way. The staunch traditionalist that draws comparisons to Mark Chesnutt, Alan Jackson, and Randy Travis is on the honky tonk escalator straight to the top. Not only has he been booked on some of the biggest festival lineups for this upcoming year, he’ll also will be opening for Lainey Wilson for much of 2024.

But that’s not all. Zach Top just released his debut radio single called “Sounds Like The Radio,” and it debuts as the “most added” song on country radio this week. Granted, it’s early in the year and the amount of singles headed to radio is slim. But for such a new artist and for such a traditional country song, this is a significant accomplishment. It truly is a new day when this much twang is being given a chance on mainstream country radio.

“Sounds Like The Radio” is the first taste from what is being called Zach Top’s official debut album, Cold Beer & Country Music, due out on April 5th. Produced by Carson Chamberlin, all the songs are co-written by Top, with all the songs also being co-written by Chamberlin. The album is being released by the new independent label Leo33 out of Nashville, which was founded last April. Zach Top is the label’s flagship artist.

Zach released an 8-song album in May of 2022, but it was really the succession of subsequent singles that have caught fire, and have him poised to break out big time in 2024. “Creating ‘Cold Beer & Country Music’ has been an incredible journey,” says Zach. “This album is a labor of love, a reflection of my roots, and a celebration of the timeless spirit of country music.”

Raised on a ranch in Sunnyside, Washington, Zach Top is one you don’t have to worry about straying from the script. Country music is deep in his soul, and at 25-years-old, he’ll be expressing it for many years to come. What’s taken some time to develop is his writing. The lyrics of “Sounds Like The Radio” are nothing special, but it certainly doesn’t sound like anything we’re used to the radio playing in the last 30 years.

It’s a new day in country music, and it’s due to exciting new traditional artists like Zach Top.

Cold Beer & Country Music TRACK LIST:

  1. “Sounds Like The Radio” (Zach Top, Carson Chamberlain, Wyatt McCubbin)
  2. “Cold Beer & Country Music” (Zach Top, Carson Chamberlain)
  3. “Cowboys Like Me Do” (Zach Top, Carson Chamberlain, Roger Springer)
  4. “There’s The Sun” (Zach Top, Carson Chamberlain, Wyatt McCubbin)
  5. “Dirt Turns To Gold” (Zach Top, Carson Chamberlain, Paul Overstreet)
  6. “The Kinda Woman I Like” (Zach Top, Carson Chamberlain, Michael White)
  7. “Lonely For Long” (Zach Top, Carson Chamberlain, Mark Nesler)
  8. “Bad Luck” (ZachTop, Carson Chamberlain, Mark Nesler) 
  9. “Use Me” (Zach Top, Carson Chamberlain, Tim Nichols)
  10. “Ain’t That A Heartbreak” (Zach Top, Carson Chamberlain, Paul Overstreet)
  11. “I Never Lie” (Zach Top, Carson Chamberlain, Tim Nichols)
  12. “Things To Do” (Zach Top, Carson Chamberlain, Mark Nesler)

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