Billy Joe Shaver Charts for the First Time Ever with “Long In The Tooth”

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41 years, 26 albums, 11 different record labels, and one Outlaw country legend who had never experienced a charting album beyond a mere blip on the Christian charts a few years ago …. until now. Billy Joe Shaver, and his first album in seven years entitled Long In The Tooth has gone where no other Billy Joe Shaver album has gone before—to the Top 20 of Billboard’s country album’s chart. Coming in at #19, it marks Shaver’s first entry in the album chart ever, and his placing at #157 in the all-genre category is his first appearance in that chart as well.

The news comes after a strong push for the album that sees Billy Joe’s old friend Willie Nelson lend his voice to the opening track, “Hard To Be An Outlaw”. Willie Nelson also featured two Billy Joe Shaver songs on his recent album Band of Brothers, fueling the flames of Shaver interest. Fans waited seven years for the 74-year-old Shaver to finally put out another album of original music, and Long In The Tooth finds Billy Joe sitting tall in the saddle, shouting and spitting, brandishing his fists and taking potshots, and shining in moments of unexpected sentimentality.

Billy Joe Shaver joins a resurgent crowd of country music greats who’ve enjoyed renewed chart success recently, including Willie Nelson whose Band of Brothers album became his first #1 in 28 years, and his highest showing ever on Billboard’s all genre Billboard 200 chart, coming in at #6. Dolly Parton’s May release Blue Smoke gave Dolly her first Top 10 on the Billboard 200 of her entire career when she came in at #6. She also charted at #2 on the Country Albums chart. Johnny Cash’s posthumous release of his lost album Out Among The Stars also saw surprising chart success, debuting at #1 in country, and #3 on the Billboard 200.

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Why all the surprising chart success for older country music artists in 2014? It’s partly because the fans of older country music stars actually buy albums instead of streaming them online, or just downloading individual songs. This makes older artists more lucrative for labels, and allows the artists to outpace their much younger competition on the charts. It proves that country music’s older artists can deliver when they’re given a chance, even without radio play.

Meanwhile Willie Nelson’s Band of Brothers album remains in Billboard’s Top 25 of country albums for an eighth straight week, coming in at #22 this week.

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12 Comments to “Billy Joe Shaver Charts for the First Time Ever with “Long In The Tooth””

  • Pardon my french but Top 10 or Top 20: THIS IS A FUCKING HUGE ACCOMPLISHMENT!!


  • Your reasoning nailed it about Shavers listeners more likely to buy. Now lets see if we can get sales to gold status.


  • All great Artist for sure, Congrats Billy Joe! And not to take anything away from anyone of them, but I am thinking that maybe these Artists are seeing success because real music folks are tired of the CRAP they call Bro-Cuntry music being shoved down our throats!


  • This is fucking huge!! Great news!


  • I love how these older artists are taking clever shots at the industry and all the bro-country and any artists that aren’t standing up for the tradition.

    I’m sure some of those d-bags don’t even know the song is about them. Keep an out for FGL to show up wearing Billy Joe t-shirts next show. They couldn’t hold his jacket while he punched them out let alone try to consider themselves “country music artists” like him.
    *** And I have no doubt at 74, Billy Joe would wipe the floor with bro-country artists.


  • Greatness ! Go BJS Go !!!!


  • Well, I guess enough people got the message. When I saw him live last month, he told us if we didn’t buy it when it came out, “sumpin’ oughta happen to ya.”


  • […] He will shoot you in the face.  […]


  • This is a “will be buying”.


  • Awesome, just simply awesome! Billy Joe is the man!!! Proud to call him a hero of mine!


  • Today is Billy Joe’s 75th birthday.


  • Just saw him live a month ago. Incredibly energetic. Put on a great show and then hung around to talk, shake hands, and take pictures with anyone who wanted to. Well deserved.


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