Contacting Saving Country Music:

Please understand Saving Country Music gets dozens of emails and requests every day. Everything is read, but there may not always be the opportunity to respond.

Submission Guidelines for Artists and Bands:

Please understand that Saving Country Music tries to listen and review as many albums as possible, but unfortunately cannot feature everything that is submitted. Please note that EP’s, splits, and singles are reviewed only in rare or exceptional cases. SAVING COUNTRY MUSIC DOES NOT DO SONG/VIDEO PREMIERS OR EXCLUSIVES. Full length albums are preferred. Saving Country Music also prefers to review material that has been put out recently, especially in the same calender year as when the album is being submitted. Preference is also shown to professional, full-time artists, artists that tour nationally or regionally, or that are currently on tour, or have toured in the past. Please take the time to understand the type of music Saving Country Music covers before submitting material. Material can be submitted digitally, and if links are available, please include these in your initial email. Links to streaming players like SoundCloud are preferred. If the music is available on Spotify, this is another option for listening purposes.

Saving Country Music NO LONGER TAKES DROPBOX SUBMISSIONS. They will not be listened to. Saving Country Music will also NOT download music of any sort. If you’re submitting your music before it is released, make sure to include the release date. Submitting a physical CD does not increase the chances of the album being reviewed. Both an email address and physical address can be obtained by first using the contact forum, and leaving links to your website/ReverbNation/YouTube videos to make sure the material is worth putting through the submission process.

Just because Saving Country Music does not review something submitted does not mean it is not liked. Saving Country Music is an altruistic venture that tries to do the best it can to not play preferences with anyone, and tries find the best music to bring to readers. Also note that even though a submission may not get a full review, it still may be featured in passing on the site, or in the SCM Newsfeed at the top of every page, or on social network properties.

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