For all news tips, music tips, general inquiries, suggestions or corrections, feel free to use the Contact Forum below to reach out. Please understand that everything is read, but there may not be an opportunity to respond.

For Submitting Music for Potential Review/ Feature PLEASE READ The Submission Guidelines Below BEFORE Reaching out.

    Submission Guidelines

    Reading the guidelines will increase your chances of receiving coverage. These guidelines also pertain to professional publicists, managers, and labels. Please understand that Saving Country Music is one of the few outlets that is open to unsolicited submissions, and regularly features unsigned and unrepresented artists. However, it is imperative everyone follow the submission guidelines to enure everyone’s submissions can be read.

    Obviously, Saving Country Music receives an excessive amount of submissions. Everyone following the rules increases the chances of more music being featured.

    • Saving Country Music is a TRADITIONAL COUNTRY outlet that also covers some country-adjacent roots/Americana. Please do NOT send indie rock, country rap, pop country, or other genres of music outside of country. Taking the time to understand what an outlet covers before submitting music is critical to finding the right outlet for your work, and making sure overworked journalists spend less time in their inbox and more time writing features.
    • Saving Music does NOT do interviews unless requested by the outlet itself, and does NOT do song/video premiers or exclusives. Do NOT reach out about these things.
    • The primary way Saving Country Music features music is full-length album reviews. We rarely feature singles, videos, or short-form EPs in article form. If you’ve done your research and believe that Saving Country Music is the right outlet for your music, you can feel free to still submit singles or EPs, but do so sparingly, understanding they are unlikely to be featured in article form.
    • Saving Country Music does NOT take submissions or pitches on any playlists. Playlists selections are aggregated from album/song submissions.
    • Saving Country Music does NOT take submissions via Dropbox, Google Drive, and cannot download any music. Music must be submitted via SoundCloud or an equivalent streaming player where you can push “play” and the entire album plays continuously. If the album is already released, it can also be screened on streaming networks such as Spotify and Apple Music.
    • Saving Country Music does NOT take physical submissions. Submit all work digitally, and if it is deemed a physical copy is necessary, one will be requested. If an album is only available via physical form, reach out via the Contact Forum, and a physical address can be provided, but we only feature music that has been widely distributed and is easily available.
    • Make sure to submit all albums with a CLEARLY MARKED artist name, title, and release date. Without these three pieces of information, an album cannot be slotted for listening/review consideration. Include all of these items in your submission. Do NOT submit your music until all three of these things have been finalized.
    • The Contact Forum is dynamic and can receive links and HTML. Include all the information you want to send in your initial email, including name, title, and release date, biography, credits, as well as a link to the full album for review purposes. If a direct email address is absolutely necessary for a submission, reach out and one can be provided, but try first to use the Contact Forum.
    • Feel free to submit your music for review 6 weeks to 3 months before the release date, or after the release date. However, please understand that Saving Country Music will NOT review material that was not released in the current calendar year (with some rare exceptions). Reviews are ONLY published AFTER an album’s release date.
    • Excessive followups are unnecessary and unhelpful. Once you have received a response about your submission, it is in process and will be listened to. No guarantees will ever be given to review an album until the review is published, and albums are never outright rejected unless they do not fit the format.
    • Only submit one album at a time.
    • If a project is being rolled out as a succession of singles or EPs, feel free to reach out at the beginning of the release cycle, but understand it will likely not be considered for review until the full project is available and released.
    • Not reviewing something is never a commentary on the music itself. With the excessive amount of submissions Saving Country Music receives, it is impossible to review everything. However, understand that even if an album doesn’t receive a review, it may be featured in a Release Radar article, on a playlist, mentioned in passing in another article, or via the News Crawl that goes along the top of the website.