Jake Orvis New Album “It’s All Been Said”

May 26, 2010 - By Trigger  //  News  //  16 Comments

Jayke OrvisJayke “Goddamn” Orivs, (a name I coined, thank you very much) formerly of the .357 String Band and now of The Goddamn Gallows, has finally set a hard and fast release date of June 29th for his solo project called It’s All Been Said. Originally there had been some chatter about it being released in late April.

The record is being released through the newly-formed Farmageddon Records which is the new baby of Darren, a long time roots music promoter from Montana. The album is also going to be released on a 500 run of limited edition vinyl, with the first 100 albums being gold vinyl. The album will be able to be purchased at the currently under construction (pardon the dust) “”

The other players on the album primarily consist of JB Beverley & The Wayward Drifters members, including JB, Banjer Dan, and Johnny Lawless. Also appearing is James Hunnicutt.

Also on June 29th, Farmageddon Records will be releasing a 7″ 45 of the Goddamn Gallows LIVE including the songs “Ya’ll Motherfuckers Need Jesus” and “Waitin’ Around To Die.” This will be a limited 1000 vinyl run. Then in August they are releasing a 7 song EP split with The Goddamn Gallows, and Gary Lindsey’s band Black Eyed Vermillion.

Darren of Farmageddon will be appearing on the next show of the White Trash Revival Podcast, so make sure to check that out as well.

Here’s the Jayke Orvis “It’s All Been Said” cover, and you can hear some songs from the album on Jayke’s MySpace.

Jayke Orvis It's All Been Said Album Cover

16 Comments to “Jake Orvis New Album “It’s All Been Said””

  • I am very excited about this album. Can’t f’n wait.

  • Nice! Glad to hear an update on this, thanks Triggerman!

  • I get so many albums using that font they’re using on the title….it’s becoming the comic sans of the music scene….

  • Jayke was the only truly talented member of the 357. Glad to see he’s out doing is own thing. I’m sure it’s great.

  • BJ- Me neither. Really like what I’m hearing on the MySpace.

    Nlindsay- This one was for you by request.

    Autopsy – Totally hear you man, I thought that same exact thing when I saw it. Cool cover nonetheless.

    Farmer- Couldn’t disagree more. We can go back and forth if Jayke was the most talented member, but to say the others are not talented is ridiculous. Rick Ness might be the best standup bass player out there, period. Joe Huber might be the best banjo player, who can also fiddle, and is a hell of a songwriter too. And Derek is also a good songwriter. You can like Jayke and not hate the rest of .357 String Band. I Promise.

  • i look forward to hearing this album for sure

  • The font is called Bleeding Cowboy….

  • Thanks fellas!! We couldn’t do this without good foks like yourselves. When we our merch done up we’ll send a box your way! Jayke’s album is gonna open a lot of doors and thankfully close a few. Keep at it, The Farmageddon Family.

  • Cool !!!

  • This album is amazing in my opinion whereas it not only showcases Jayke’s picking but even more so it shows what a great songwriter he is. Any .357 fan already knows how great Jayke is across the board but I think “It’s all been said” gives him a chance to shine in a way that he hadn’t been given before. I love the guy, have mad respect for him & think that he totally deserves this record. It is truly an honor to be part of it. It’s an even greater honor to work with some of my closest friends & favorite people in the process. Go Jayke Go!!!
    Thanks to all of you for the support & keep spreading the word!

  • Ah, so that’s where Darren disappeared to. Glad to hear he’s still on the scene, and looking forward to another great CD this year.

  • Jake’s soundin’ goddamn great man…

  • Wow there’s a lot of hate for 357 after Jayke was kicked from the band but man Billy Cook rocks the shit out of the mando live and if you don’t think the rest of the band has talent then you didn’t listen to the new album. I know alot of people loved Jayke and the Ghost Town album (me included)but let it go, and enjoy some great music! I heard the Gallows are working on working “Raise the Moon” into their set, so get ready!

  • again a great album for my wanted list, I’ll check his page ASAP, thanks for the news!

  • Thanks guys for givin a damn. I just want to say that even though i may have differances with an old band, it doesnt make them any less talented. Im damn proud of the work I did gettin .357 off its feet. Billy Cook is a killer picker, and Joe’s still one of my favorite songwriters. Course, I havent heard more than 3 songs on there new album. Ill get around to it when i give a damn again Im sure.

  • It is what is, and in fact it give you a great opportunity to shine. Thanks for making music everyone can enjoy and I’ll always have Ghost Town at the top of my cd case.

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