Muddy Roots Festival 2012 Complete Lineup

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The first year of the Muddy Roots Festival was about breaking ground. The second was about breaking even. The third year will be about breaking the mold of everything a music festival can be.

Muddy Roots isn’t just a festival my friends. No. It’s an act of solidarity. It is a force of the collective Will of real roots fans united from disparate backgrounds, coming together to say “We are here, and things can work differently.” It is proof that music can be true to it’s roots, while still innovating and moving forward. It is an example how success can be measured not simply by money and numbers, but by the amount of memories made, the amount of friendships forged, and the strengthening of community through a focus of sustainability. The Muddy Roots Festival isn’t just a big party, it is principles and philosophies in action; it just happens to be one hell of a good time as well.

Find below the additions to the initial Muddy Roots lineup, and then the rest of the linuep below that. “I gotta say man, this line up is our dream team all star lineup. I can’t wait!!” says Muddy Roots Promoter, Jason Galaz.

Additionally, Muddy Roots is working on potentially providing a 3rd stage that would work as an “open-mic” stage. When putting together a festival like this, there will never be enough spots for all the bands that want to play, and all the bands the patrons might want to see. This open-mic concept is something Saving Country Music has lobbied hard for, but will only help with the cooperation of bands and fans, sponsors, and volunteers. To stay up-to-date on all the Muddy Roots news, stay tuned to SCM, and make sure to sign up for the Muddy Roots mailing list.

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  • Ramblin’ Jack Elliot
  • Dr. Ralph Stanley
  • Slim Cessna’s Auto Club
  • Th’ Legendary Shack Shakers
  • The Goddamn Gallows
  • O’ Death
  • The Dirt Daubers
  • Slim Chance and the Can’t Hardly Playboys
  • Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band
  • Camptown Ladies
  • Owen Mays
  • Motorhome

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  • The Reverend Horton Heat
  • Dale Watson
  • Wayne Hancock
  • Possessed By Paul James
  • T-Model Ford w/ Gravel Road
  • Joe Buck Yourself
  • Cutthroat Shamrock
  • Cletus Got Shot
  • Soda
  • Sean Wheeler y Zander Schloss
  • Husky Burnette
  • Rachel Brooke
  • Viva Le Vox
  • Reverend Deadeye
  • Hooten Hallers
  • The Calamity Cubes
  • James Leg
  • Peewee Moore
  • Scott McDougall
  • The Pine Box Boys
  • Left Lane Cruiser
  • Valerie June
  • The Atomic Duo
  • Molly Gene the One Whoaman Band
  • Hillbilly Casino
  • Immortal Lee County Killers
  • Pearls Mahone
  • Everymen
  • Filthy Still
  • Sarah Gayle Meech
  • Pine Hill Haints
  • Rest^vRant
  • Jayke Orvis and the Broken Band
  • J.B. Beverly & The Wayward Drifters
  • Bob Wayne & The Outlaw Carnies
  • The Defibulators
  • Tom VandenAvond
  • Dad Horse Experience
  • The Cheatin’ Hearts
  • Last False Hope
  • Cashman
  • James Hunnicutt

53 Comments to “Muddy Roots Festival 2012 Complete Lineup”

  • I gotta say that is one hell of a line up. I was worried about the ticket price, because I am buying three this year, but it is well worth it! Can’t wait to see everyone.

  • This shit is getting way too clique-ish for me. See a lot of the same names from last year; in fact, I see a lot of the same names at most of these festivals…and Owen Mays, really? What the fuck has he done musically in recent history? I think there were many more deserving folks; whoever is responsible for booking this thing needs to look beyond the Farmageddon/XXX roster for talent.

    • Putting together a festival lineup like this is an extremely difficult task, trying to represent a large swath of folks and musical interests, while also trying to stay within a budget. If this was the Saving Country Music festival, of course I would have a different lineup, and so would us all. Folks need to understand when they DON’T see a name on a list, it may not be because the festival didn’t try, but because of scheduling conflicts or budgetary restrictions. Hell, I would have loved to see Sunday Valley on the list. I think they’re one of the best live bands out there right now and they live right in the area. But it just didn’t happen.

      From attending, working, and volunteering at festivals for years, I’ve found that when a festival like this gets to its adolescent stages, there is always this brush back from certain elements about the lineups. It is unavoidable. It is part of the growing pains of an emerging festival. But we all have to be understanding how hard it is, and what a risk it is to throw one of these things. And to not necessarily be conciliatory with our opinions, but attempt to be proactive with them as well. Voice them, and hope that if a consensus forms around one direction or another, the promoters listen. And from my experience, the Galaz brothers have been very receptive to new ideas, and that is illustrated in the potential of having the open mic stage this year, where hopefully some of the bands you’d rather see will get a chance to play.

      • I agree with what you are saying 100%. We all have line-up’s we’d love to see. At the end of the day it has to work right schedule wise.

        Also festivals build up relationships with artists and enjoy having them play. Having the atmosphere and festival veterans is great. NOFX and Bad Religion always seem to play the Warped Tour and a lot of that is that they want to and have a great relationship with that Tour.

        I think if Muddy Roots didn’t have a lot of those names in that list a lot of people wouldn’t be interested. I think anyone who likes the style of music could easily pick four or five bands on the list they enjoy. You could see some of these bands five or six times and still get something unique. Just look at Muddy Roots last year I think everyone involved got a unique and different show than a lot of these artist usually give (I’m talking the weather, small intimate sets, etc…).

    • There are only like 4 Farmageddon bands. I’d suggest looking into who the rest of the bands are.

      • More like 12

        • 12 on the Farmageddon roster or 12 playing at Muddy Roots?

    • If you don’t like Owen, go to another stage, go eat, or go sit down and rest. Finding good music isn’t hard at the festival. Actually the only bitch about the festival is the fact that you can only pick one stage to watch at a time. It’s hard to find time to go up the hill to get beers. It’s more good music packed into 48hours than you’ll ever experience.

    • MRMF’s creators can add who they want to add. That’s their own festival. If you don’t like the Line-up just don’t go there. That’s pretty simple. Even if there would have 100 or 2 Farmageddon acts….what’s the problem. they don’t put a knife under your throat and force you to be there

    • Don’t know what you have against Owen & Farmageddon Records. But sounds like you should think about winding your neck in.No Disrespect intended BUT why complain about something, that by the sounds of it…. you obviously won’t be attending?
      Honestly, I really don’t care….I just felt the need to defend & show some Respect for All of the singer/songwriter/musicians attending the Fest! No matter what label they are signed to & for all the people involved in making an Event like this possible. =) Have a Good day.

  • My thoughts on the new lineup additions:

    I’ve always said that Th’ Legendary Shack Shakers and Slim Cessna’s Auto Club are two of the most dynamic and engaging live bands in modern music today, followed closely by Hillbilly Casino and The Goddamn Gallows. To see Slim Cessna and The Shack Shakers on the same lineup, with Hillbilly Casino and The Gallows as well is just mind melting. I may just evaporate into music bliss at some point that weekend.

    Another EXCELLENT addition that I hope people don’t overlook is The Camptown Ladies. To have Gina Gallina, Beth Christman, and Melissa Carper back on stage together will be magical.

    And of course, the addition of Dr. Ralph Stanley and Ramblin’ Jack Elliot just add a layer of legitimacy to the whole thing!

    • The Camptown Ladies plus Cookeville Boat Dock catfish and hushpuppies dinner within 15 minutes of one another? I may to make this trip afterall.. :)

      • If you go i will make the trip!!

  • wow…… how does one outdo THAT? Beautiful.

  • How does one go back to the mundane life and work after a three day event like this? Sadly I wont be able to find out first hand as I live as far north as one can in this country.

    • I can tell you, after last year, it took a while to recover from the haze. Not only the buzz from seeing all these great bands, but the people. It was such a great family atmosphere.

  • Antiseen isn’t americana, country, rockabilly or alt country…. they seem to stick out like a sore thumb on this list. I have nothing against them, just curious how they made it into this lineup….

    • I LOVE that Antiseen are there! I love that this is a festival of bands that the festival organizers like. Defying genre categories is the way to keep things interesting!

    • That’s a good question and I’d be happy to answer. I personally get tired of labels and genres even though they are necessary to communicate. Truth is a ska kid might like rockabilly and a metal head might like country. You can count on us to have at very least one band a year that defies the classification but still has a shared fan base. To me they are all just blends of different genres anyways. I’m hoping to get a ska and garage rock band on the open mic stage myself. -Jason galaz

      • Antiseen being on the bill reminds me of the early years of Warped Tour. They always tried to book one metal band and one rap group that they thought would fit within the “movement”. Lots of bands tackle the same themes that are brought up in this music, and it is cool to see that Muddy Roots is trying to branch out to some of these other types of music to showcase. Just like you have friends of different political parties, taste in music, taste in eating meat, etc etc, this festival can have different taste on the same themes.

  • Terms like “legitimacy” and “clique-ish” are interesting to hear in a discussion of Muddy Roots. Why create division? I guess it’s props to Jason et al for persevering and rounding to third in this festival’s tenure. So if ICP coined the term Juggalo, me thinks the Muddy Roots craftsmen/women may need to come up with a term for us – the fans. That way we can determine who is “legitimate” and who gains entrance into the “clique”! LOL.

    I’m just plain old blown away by this line up and can’t wait to see the bands and my friends. Thank you Thank you Muddy Roots for outdoing yourselves yet again with a great line up. I’m counting the days til Labor Day weekend.

    • So am I! 200 days!

  • I’d like to book Tom waits, dwight yoakam, and slayer. Somethin tells me it would still make sense to a lot of us. ;)

    • …and I’d pee my pants over each of those additions…without question! :)

      • The other night, we went to our favorite bourbon bar here in Dayton with the awesome juke box. Our first 4 musical picks were: Biram, Jr. Brown, Ween and Slayer…I get you…I really do.

    • to borrow the words of Billy Joe Shaver: “Jason, may the God of your choice bless you!”. the last two years were life-changing, and the good Lord willing and the creek don’t rise, this year is going to be even crazier. see you in September!

    • AMEN brother! First time I saw Hank 3 (Roxy in LA, 2006ish) ANTiSEEN opened with Merle Allin on bass – they covered some of GG’s classics. The ONLY thing that could have made that show better would be a zombified appearance by GG (I think he’d be okay with that ‘compliment’ -no disrespect intended).

      Anyway – Dwight? YES! Slayer? YES! Waits? FUCK YES!

      oh, Motorhome! for those not in the know – youtube their cover of Seasons in the Abyss. delightful.

  • Oh man, I just found out that my wifes going to be right around 8 months pregnant at the time. We already bought tickets so I’m still damned determined to go. We might just be bringing a whole new meaning to labor day weekend.

    • we brought our 6 month old, it was great!, your wife being in her 3rd trimester…might wanna ask a Dr before she takes a flight…jus lookin out… hopefully you are driving!

      • Yea we would be driving, and ill definitely takes the docs advice on whether she should be going or not. But ill be hearken if I have to miss this one.

  • This line up is great. I am glad there are similarities to last years, it was an amazing fun time. The folks putting the show together and behind the scenes have been nothing but tremendous help with the fact that some people are planing a wedding around the event. This isn’t building a clique, this is building a community and a family.

    Also, seriously, Tom Waits, Dwight Yoakam and Slayer, yes please.. This should happen.

  • Antiseen totally makes sense; Punk rock IS urban American folk music!

  • no Derek Dunn….I’m sad :(

  • I don’t know if any of you have listened to Molly Gene One Whoaman Band yet, but she is fantastic. Its heavy blues/country/rock with some serious attitude and slide guitar chops. Good to see her on the list.

    • She’s basically Scott H. Biram’s female counterpart and she most definitely kicks ass.

  • Lucky Tubb?

  • Amazing line-up. I’ll make everything possible to go back there once again this year !

  • The inclusion of The Hooten Hallers is going to force me to make the trip this year. Put a dog on it!

  • The only sadness I have is that Larry and his Flask is not on the schedule, and Willy Tea, Charlie Parr, and …. Really I could go on forever but this is a helluva lineup and I am stoked for my second trip to Tennessee! Time to go sell some more plasma so I can pay for it.

  • For anyone looking at the lineup and focusing on what the DON’T see, I would suggest squinting at it and remembering back just 2 1/2 short years ago when NONE of these names would be on it because a festival like this didn’t exist. That is why I am going to be supremely thankful for ANY lineup.

    At the same time, I do think it is important that we all offer up our constructive opinions, but I think we should always do that in a thankful and constructive manner. When Nickelback is announced as the headliner, then we”ll all riot, but until then, let’s be thankful.

    I also feel like saying that many of the boo birds could be seen as a vocal minority. I remember when I used to post tour announcements. They’d get 20 comments, and 19 of them would be complaining that the tour wasn’t coming to their town. We’re all doing our best, and that’s all anyone can ask for!

    • This is a great point. When last year’s lineup was announced I was a little disappointed that Larry and His Flask and Tom Vandenavond were not on it since they were so great at the first one. Once you are there, it does not matter. There are so many great artists playing great music there, the last thing you will be thinking about is who is not there.

    • I totally agree Trigg. Wasn’t trying to be a boo bird by any means!

      • Sorry Muller, it looked like I was responding to you, but I was just making a general point. I think you’ve proven your open-mindedness and loyalty to the music many times over :)

        • I wasn’t too worried pal. My skin isn’t that thin…

  • no highlonesome???

  • But what about Hank III??????

  • I might have missed it or maybe it hasn’t been released yet but is the anything posted about set times ?

  • Times are going to be announced right here on SCM in a couple of days!

    • Cant wait for the times! just ordered my tickets. hope theres no conflict in the schedule so i cant see everyone i want to!

  • Greetings all! My husband and I am super excited to be coming to our first MRMF! We are thrilled with this line up, many of the bands we have never heard of but are always happy to check out new music. Can’t wait! Expect we will have a rip-roaring good time! See you all there :-)

  • Just moved here from Seattle and having been lookin’ for some real action…Viva La Vox? The Legendary Shack Shakers? And The Legendary Shack Shakers? That right there would guarenteed my presence, not to mention all the other fine talent! I’m psyched!

    • Oops- that should have been “AND Last Fall Hope?” (guess that s how’s how excited I am!)

  • What bout the Johnny foodstamp show. We are listed on the muddy roots homepage?!

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