Outlaw Radio Compilation in the Works

January 4, 2010 - By Trigger  //  News  //  7 Comments

Outlaw RadioMan. If you like REAL/Underground country music, than this upcoming compilation from the Outlaw Radio Chicago podcast should get you pitching a tent in your music pants. This compilation is going to include ALL PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED MATERIAL. And the names are a who’s who of the underground movement. Check out this laundry list of contributors:

And there might be more to come from that!

At the moment it is slated to come out in April 2010, and the cost will ONLY be around $8.00. The idea is just to recoup the capitol to put out to make the CD’s, and help promote the artists, so this is not some for-profit hosing. Can you imagine pop country doing this? This again proves that Jashie P. of Outlaw Radio is a man of integrity and good ideas, and that as a community, the REAL country movement is stronger than most, if not all. Artists are ponying up the songs, Outlaw Radio is ponying up the dough and time to make it happen, and I’m sure you will pony up for a copy.

I’m usually not much for compilations, but this CD is already near the top of my list for most anticipated 2010 releases in an already VERY strong field.

Outlaw Radio is heard every Tuesday night at 9 PM Central, and all the shows are archived the next day at savingcountrymusic.com/outlaw-radio. This week Pearls Mahone will be co-hosting, and he will be debuting a song from the new Jayke Orvis project.

7 Comments to “Outlaw Radio Compilation in the Works”

  • hell yeah cant wait for that one


  • sounds fucking great!


  • nice =)


  • congrats guys


  • Thanks Triggerman, just caught Outlaw Radio #77! Don’t know how I missed it…really didn’t know I had…til I listened! Listenin” to #78 now!…Kinda hard to think with Bob Waynes “pistol To My Head”…Thanx for pickin’ it up Triggerman and thanxs to Scrub Radio Too!


  • Can’t wait to buy my own copy. It’s an honor to be on there with the greats!


  • Would be nice if you can find some Jimmy Orion Ellis


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