Saving Country Music is Moving to Texas

Texas MusicWell, at least for the Winter . . . or at least part of the Winter. But maybe for longer. Actually I really have no idea what the hell is going on.

I try to talk as little about myself around here as I can, because it is about the music, not about me. But since this might effect things around here in the short and long terms, I figured I’d clue you in. So at least for the short term, the Saving Country Music hideout is going to be relocating to the Lone Star State where I was born and raised, and pulling up stakes from its current location somewhere in the foothills of the Cascade-Siskiyou Mountains.

Yes this news might seem sexy on its face, since Texas was the scene of the Outlaw country movement and Austin is still Nashville’s most credible counterweight. But for me there are practicalities involved, like finding a new hideout, keeping food on the table, etc. And you have to understand that I have a tragic, tragic traveling Jones, and am about as good at staying in one place as a bad rash. And I’m a country rat, not a city rat, and all the practical locals in this Texas move involve more concrete than cow shit. And I’m also a mountain man; in little mountain towns is where I feel most comfortable. So pardon me if I freak the hell out and end up right back where I started.

For the next month or so, there may be a few less of these articles as I move around a bit. I’m going to be playing a little music with some friends, and there’s talk of a trip to Mexico. But after that, if everything works right, being located in Texas will give me a lot more opportunities to see and review more shows, talk to more artists, and collaborate with other like-minded entities trying to save country music.

2009 was an amazing for what we are trying to do. Regardless of what happens this year or any year in the future, 2009 will always be the year when this thing turned a corner and became a viable player in the greater country music landscape, and that is all thanks to YOU, the loyal reader. We’ve laughed together, come here to find camaraderie in a culturally-bankrupt world, and collaborated to become an irritating chigger under pop country’s panty line. We’ve had some serious heath scares with people I’ve never met but still somehow feel like family to me. We’re ARE a family, and a force to be reckoned with. And I can’t help but be giddy at what our future might hold.

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