A Call to Action for Reinstate Hank & Free Hank III !

Need Volunteers for a Reinstate Hank Rally

The Reinstate Hank movement is looking for volunteers to help with a couple of camera shoots. One will be on June 6th & 7th at the CMA Fan Fair, and the other is in Georgiana, Alabama that same weekend. If you can help out or want more information, click here.

Volunteers For freehank3.org

I am also looking for volunteers to pass out flyers at Hank III shows during his upcoming (hopefully) tour. This would involve going to the show early, and passing out flyers at the door (venue permitting) to help spread the word.

I’m also looking for anyone who wants to put a cool flyer together that we could email to all the volunteers. It would be cool if it was a cool flyer, but the important thing is that it has all the information there: the website/MySpace addresses at least, and maybe a short explanation of how Curb is screwing him over, and a list of ways people can help. I’ll also contact the Reinstate Hank people to see if they want their info involved.

I’m hoping that one of the reasons this tour is being delayed is because the Hank III camp is hoping the CD will come out soon. But if the CD does not come out, I want to be ready to help Shelton out as best we can.

Depending on when the tour is, I will hopefully be able to cover any Northwest shows (Portland, Seattle, etc.) I’m also thinking about a trip to Montana for the Murder in the Mountains Tour featuring Those Poor Bastards , .357 String Band , Rachel Brooke , & others. This would be a great place to spread the word.

Free Hank III Petition ?

I’ve had some people email me wondering if we should put up a petition, just like Reinstate Hank. At this point, I don’t think that would be smart. To give the petition legitimacy, you really need 25,000 + signatures, and right now I just don’t think the network is big enough to get that many signatures. That’s why I think it is important to continue to spread the word and get as many people involved. That way if Curb continues to screw Shelton over and we DO start a petition, they’ll be thousands, not hundreds, ready to sign it.

But if you want to sign petitions to help Hank III out, of course you can sign the Reinstate Hank one, and there is also a much lesser known one and not very well promoted one HERE trying to get Hank III’s ‘This Ain’t Country’ album released.

You can also send Curb a letter at 48 Music Sq. E, Nashville, TN, 37203. And if you don’t feel like writing one, just copy and paste my ‘Dear Mike Curb’ letter on my home page into a word or text document, print it out, and sign your own name to it.

Thanks to everyone helping out on the Free Hank III AND Reinstate Hank fronts. I’ve been doing a lot of work with DJ’s and media outlets lately trying to spread the word, and hopefully soon here we’ll see the results. I’ll let you know when any articles, etc. get posted.


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