Another One Bites The Dust: Eric Paslay Sells Out with “High Class”


I feel like I’ve been stabbed in the heart. All the ink spilled for this guy as one of the good ones who happened to find himself on a major label roster, all the plaudits for his song “She Don’t Love You,” including putting it on the short list of 2015’s best so far, all the talk about pragmatism in country music, and trying to find common ground with artists like Paslay that can bridge the differences between mainstream and independent, classic and contemporary. And this is how all of that praise, that hope, that loyalty in this artist given to him by thousands of fans is rewarded?

I am embarrassed to even own a website with the word “country” in the title for fear it may be inadvertently regarded as having anything to do with a song like Eric Paslay’s “High Class.” The release of this song is nothing short of a devastating development in the effort to save country music, and a disturbing sign for the future of decency on the public airwaves. Beyond being disgusted and angry, I’m heartbroken, and regretful for the positive words offered previously in Eric Paslay’s regard.

When the hints began to drop days before the release of “High Class,” showing images of Paslay dudded out in a black suit, you immediately knew where this was headed. This whole Metro-Bro mess is like the zombie apocalypse of country music, sparing not a single soul, and instead of turning its victims into flesh-eating undead, it turns them into blazer-sporting, martini-sipping, cocaine club douche rockets with their manscaped bodies quaffed in Axe, and racked with a raging, incurable case of shallow, self-absorbedness.

“High Class”? Try bottom-feeding on the dreck of moralistic depravity and the absolute evisceration of scruples this song evidences in spades from Eric. The words of this song are slop, purposely dropping essential consonants and vowels to invigorate its appeal to the idiocy of the drooling mass consumer. References to Escalades, VIP lists, DJ’s, and Timberlake prove what terrible atrocities Paslay is perpetrating against the integrity of country music, while promoting this song as a single is like videotaping your crime spree and then dropping the tape off to the police. Too bad there’s no pigs in the poke, and as long as Paslay and his label are getting paid, the crimes against country will go uncontested. It’s anything goes these days, and when those asshole bloggers start chirpin’, just call it evolution.

Paslay does the unthinkable with “High Class,” not just because it’s so bad, but because it will make you second guess rooting for the good guys in the future, it makes you wonder who will be next to fall, and most unfortunately, it makes you lose faith that a righting of the ship is anywhere in the offing. “High Class” you say? I say it’s a classless act of selfish money-grubbing from a bright and talented artist who knows better.


Two Guns Way Down! (0/10)

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