Best Flat Picker Around to Break In SCM LIVE

I’ve had the blessed opportunity to meet some of the greatest musicians over the years, some of which are well-known, others that obscurity has land locked in their particular locality, but posses talents so pure that it rises to sin that the world has not been made privy to them. This was one of the motivations behind the new SCM LIVE feature of this site that will make local shows international events.

One such specimen is Jeremy Hickman, a ridiculously-talented flat-picking acoustic guitar player that can burn through bluegrass with the best of them. His speed is sick, and accompanied by soulful singing and unique takes on traditionals while mixing in a few originals here and there.  Backed by Dave Hampton on bass and Aaron “The Kid”  Alkire on mandolin, The Jeremy Hickman Band brings the traditional bluegrass hard and heavy.

The Jeremy Hickman Band will be the guinea pigs for our first run of SCM LIVE this Saturday (9/11/10) 10:30-12:30 CENTRAL time. They will be broadcasting LIVE from The Avalon in Talent, OR, with a sick harp player Mark Reeves sitting in. Check them out below.

Please understand this is a test, this is only a test. Do not pass go, do not collect $200. So if there’s glitches, if it doesn’t happen at all, that’s life. And to complicate matters, I personally will be attending a Joe Buck concert that night, so my participation will be sporadic.

We’re hoping to have a live chat capability for viewers set up by then as well.

Whether you can check out the show Saturday night or not, you should check out The Jeremy Hickman Band.

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