Brent Cobb to Release Gospel Album “And Now, Let’s Turn to Page…”

It used to be a long, storied tradition in country music. If you really wanted to establish yourself as someone well-versed in the roots and modes of the music, you released a Gospel album. Even if it didn’t sell like your original stuff, even if you didn’t see yourself as especially religious, these are the songs that many of the traditions of country music spring from. It was a rite of passage.

For Brent Cobb, the motivation to record a Gospel album isn’t just symbolism. Although he’d wanted to record a Gospel album for a long time, it was a near-death experience in July 2020 when the vehicle that he was driving with his young son inside, got T-boned at a crossroads in the country. Afterwards, Cobb found a renewed outlook on life.

He recalls, “You just start piecing together how everything is sort of intentional…I’d always had it in the back of my mind to make a gospel album. That moment of clarity, of almost getting killed, made me think I should just make the gospel album now.”

Produced by cousin Dave Cobb in historic Studio ‘A’ in Nashville, And Now, Let’s Turn to Page… to be released January 28th, 2022 will include eight familiar hymns along with an original song written by Brent Cobb and his wife. It will be released on his own Ol’ Buddy Records. And if the first song “We Shall Rise” is any indication, Brent Cobb will bring his uniquely funky Georgia roots to the effort.

“I’ve always wanted to make a southern gospel album because it’s what I come from, but also it used to seem like a rite of passage for country singers to make a gospel album,” Brent says. “It all comes from gospel music. That’s where country music came from. I’m just trying to carry that torch.”

A Grammy-nominated performer, Brent Cobb released his last original studio album called Keep ‘Em On They Toes in 2020. He also recently released a children’s book called Little Stuff.

And Now, Let’s Turn to Page… is available for pre-order.


1. Just a Closer Walk with Thee
2. When It’s My Time
3. In the Garden
4. Are You Washed in the Blood?
5. Softly and Tenderly
6. Old Rugged Cross
7. We Shall Rise
8. Old Country Church
9. Blessed Be the Tie That Binds

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