Carly Pearce Returns $75,000 Payment from City After Canceled Show

Carly Pearce has made it right to the City of Jeffersonville, Indiana after having to cancel a show last minute due to weather. Pearce was scheduled to perform a free concert in Jeffersonville on Saturday, July 1st as part of the city’s “Jammin’ in Jeff” series. But concerns over impending weather had Pearce and her team deciding to cancel the concert at 6 pm when she was scheduled to go on at 7. Jeffersonville is right across the river from Louisville, Kentucky.

The forecast for Saturday said there was a chance of inclement weather in the area around 10 pm, and inclement weather did ultimately move through the area later in the evening. Since the Jeffersonville Riverfront stage rests on a barge in the river, concerns over lightning were especially elevated, and this also affected Carly Pearce’s road crew’s ability to set up the stage earlier in the day.

But according to local officials, they offered Pearce multiple alternatives to allow the performance to go forward, including starting the concert early to give ample time to perform and load up before the storms came through. Pearce’s camp cancelled at 6 pm and refused to entertain any alternative plans. According to city officials, when asked to return her performance fee, the Carly Pearce camp cited a contract provision that allows Pearce to keep the fee if a cancellation is due to “an act of God.”

After the cancellation, multiple Jeffersonville officials offered public statements. Mayor Mike Moore calling the situation “disheartening,” and a city attorney stating, “The city is disappointed in Carly Pearce’s decision.” Officials also claimed the Pearce team refused to reschedule the date, at least initially. As some fans pointed out, Taylor Swift started a show in Cincinnati affected by the same weather system an hour early, and was able to fulfill the appearance.

On Thursday evening, July 6th, Carly Pearce’s team released a statement, saying they “declined” the $75,000 performance fee. Jeffersonville Mayor Mike Moore said in a statement that he wishes Pearce “the best and I appreciate her refunding the $75,000.”

The full statement from the Carly Pearce team reads,

We are aware of some misinformation about Saturday night’s free concert in Jeffersonville, Indiana.  

The safety of Carly’s fans is always our primary concern. With lightning and heavy rain taking place throughout the day of the show, local law enforcement warned of the strong possibility of incoming inclement weather continuing into the evening.  After a complete review of the situation, the decision to cancel the show was made, primarily to not put any fans in harms way.    

After this decision was made, Carly’s team was offered final payment for the show on-site, which is industry standard, but declined to accept the payment. Additionally, the advance deposit paid to Carly is in the process of being returned.  This show was hosted by iHeart radio’s WAMZ-FM/Louisville and Carly was very excited to perform.  She truly wishes she could have performed as planned had the weather conditions been safe for her fans, band and crew.

Discrepancies still remain between the characterizations of the Carly Pearce team of the incident, and local officials who say they did not advise Carly Pearce to cancel the show, and that she did not initially give back the performance fee. But the matter appears to be settled between both parties.

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