Charles Wesley Godwin Readies New Album ‘How the Mighty Fall’

photo: Harry Ilyer

From when we initially heard him though his first band Union Sound Treaty, to his solo album Seneca in 2019 that put his West Virginia experience into song, Charles Wesley Godwin has proved himself to be one of the preeminent members of the new resurgence of authentic voices from the Appalachian region.

Now he’s readying the release of a new album to be called How The Mighty Fall that will hit shelves on November 5th. Produced by Al Torrence who also was behind the mixing board for Seneca, the album is said to expand its scope beyond Godwin’s West Virginia experience in an effort to capture more universal themes.

“I try to write with a sense of place,” says Godwin. “Up until now, that setting has always been my home, but I don’t think this new album is as locally-focused as my previous release. I hope these songs will connect with people wherever they live.”

But the first track from the record called “Lyin’ Low” (listen below) definitely finds Charles Wesley Godwin leaning heavily on his West Virginia roots once again. From there though, the record does expand its perspective, while still containing a personal connection with the material. The album also contains a more stripped-down version of the song “Needle Fall Down,” which was one of numerous songs from his band Union Sound Treaty that put them on the map for many.

“I started a family around the time ‘Seneca’ came out,” Godwin explains. “After my son was born, I remember sitting in the hospital, thinking about how that very experience would eventually become one of those life moments that flash before my eyes when I’m old. I realized that time is passing, and my time will pass, too. Becoming a father made it all sink in.”

Now signed with management company True Grit—which also manages Cody Jinks, Whitey Morgan, Ward Davis, Sunny Sweeney, et al—the hope is How The Mighty Fall will see Godwin rise to the next level.

“There’s a lot of blood, sweat and tears that went into this and I cannot wait to share it with you,” says Godwin. “It’s a long road to get to this point right here as an independent artist. I appreciate y’all so much for your support.”

How The Might Fall is now available for pre-order.


1. Over Yonder
2. Lyin’ Low
3. Jesse
4. Temporary Town
5. Needle Fall Down
6. Strong
7. Bones
8. Gas Well
9. Cranes of Potter
10. Blood Feud
11. Lost Without You
12. How The Mighty Fall

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