Chris Knight Addresses Delay in New Music


There is nothing like a Chris Knight album and a Chris Knight song. The consummate songwriter’s songwriter, Chris Knight is one of the most revered in the craft, and all you have to do is look at the list of artists who’ve covered his songs over the years, from Randy Travis to Lee Ann Womack.

Ever since his first self-titled release in 1998, it’s been a steady diet of solid releases every couple of years or so from Knight. But his last record Little Victories was released going on four years ago now. It’s not as if a four-year hiatus in album output is unheard of, it’s just that there’s something about a Chris Knight album that can’t be satiated or substituted by anything else.

Chris Knight has also been decidedly mum on the subject of new music, but in a recent discussion with The Tennessean‘s Juli Thanki ahead of an appearance at Nashville’s City Winery, Knight opened up about his new album prospects, and his frustrations at writing new material.

“It’s hard for me to just write a song that ain’t going to be really interesting to me, just a nice little ditty,” Knight said. “If I could write a real good ditty, I’d do it all the time, but I’ve never been able to do that. I’ve always had to have some kind of story that interested … (Songs are) coming slower than they used to for some reason.”

It’s not unnatural for songwriters to slow down as they get older, and the now 56-year-old Knight has written more quality songs than most in his profession. But Knight did offer a glimmer of hope to hungry fans that he may try to get started on a new album soon.

“I need to get in the studio, record what I got, and see where I go from there.”

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