Chris Stapleton Announces New Album “Higher”

Chris Stapleton will try and take us all Higher when he releases his latest album on November 10th. While much of the mother brain of country music is muddied up by polarizing opinions on folks like Morgan Wallen and Jason Aldean, Chris Stapleton just keeps soldiering forward as one of the most consistent and successful artists in mainstream country music, even if his sounds veers more into Southern rock and soul.

That’s not always a bad thing though, and this is evidenced by the new song “White Horse,” which accompanies the announcement of the new album. High energy and evocative, the song reminds you a bit of Jompson Brothers-era Stapleton, and eschews the sometimes sleepy nature of some of his music. It was co-written with Dan Wilson from Semisonic, who also co-wrote “When the Stars Come Out” with Stapleton from 2015’s Traveller.

Higher was co-produced by Chris Stapleton and wife Morgane Stapleton with Dave Cobb at Nashville’s RCA Studio A, just like all of Stapleton’s albums since his meteoric rise from the songwriting class in 2015. It will feature members of his touring band J.T. Cure (bass) and Derek Mixon (drums), along with steel guitar maestro Paul Franklin, Morgane on background vocals, synthesizer, and tambourine, and Lee Pardini on organ and piano.

Similar to his previous releases, Stapleton is not saying much to the public about what to expect from the album, what the inspirations behind the album are, or anything else. Instead he’s allowing the music to speak for itself, which has put him in his current position, including being the reigning Academy of Country Music Entertainer of the Year.

Quietly and with no controversy, Chris Stapleton continues to put together a high caliber legacy in country music that puts the music first. Along with new song “White Horse,” Chris Stapleton has been recently performing the song “Crosswind” live. “It Takes a Woman” is also a song Stapleton has performed in the past as an other song from his repertoire. See full track list below.

Higher tracklist:

  1. “What Am I Gonna Do”
  2. “South Dakota”
  3. “Trust”
  4. “It Takes a Woman”
  5. “The Fire”
  6. “Think I’m In Love With You”
  7. “Loving You on My Mind”
  8. “White Horse”
  9. “Higher”
  10. “The Bottom”
  11. “The Day I Die”
  12. “Crosswind”
  13. “Weight of Your World”
  14. “Mountains of My Mind”
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