Eric Church Plans New Music, But Not Touring for a Long Time

Like everyone else, most of Eric Church’s music plans have been put on ice due to the Coronavirus. But he is planning on releasing new music sooner than later, though any tour plans will be coming later than sooner.

On April 18th, Eric Church teased a new song in a very Eric Church sort of way with an impassioned plea for fans not to give into fear (see below), and be confident that we will overcome the COVID-19 crisis. The new song also has a very Eric Church title. It’s called “Through My Ray Bans.” It was written before the Coronavirus with Luke Laird and Barry Dean, and was more inspired by his experience at the Route 91 Harvest Festival massacre where he performed the night before the fateful event, but Church says it works very well for addressing the bigger issue we’re all facing at the moment.

There’s no word on when exactly “Through My Ray Bans” will hit the market, but in a new interview with the Associated Press, Eric Church is saying he’s got new music on the way, and a lot of it.

“I don’t know if this is an album, if it’s two albums, if it’s three,” he told the AP. “I feel confident enough with the material that people will get to hear all of these songs at some point.”

The output is the result of Eric Church isolating himself in a cabin in North Carolina with a handful of writers and his band (well before isolation became a requirement), and writing and recording a song each day for 28 days. That means he’s got 28 songs in the can, ready to go, including “Through My Ray Bans.”

Also in the interview, Eric Church lets fans know to not expect him to tour anytime soon. While some artists are still holding out hope for some live dates later this year, if not this summer then perhaps in the fall or winter, Eric Church is not expecting to take the stage for a good long while.

“For me, I think it’s summer or fall of ’21. I am going on the promise of a vaccine. I’m going on the possibility of a therapeutic that could change the game,” Church said. “When people come back, they have to feel that it’s OK to be there, that they can experience it the way they want to experience it. They should be able to go up and throw their arms around the person next to them. They should not be scared about being three feet away and not six.”

Of course, an Eric Church concert falls well into the mass gathering classification that may take longer to come back to than club dates and mid-sized festivals, and as a major label artist, he can wait it out a couple of years before launching a big arena tour. But his words still give good insight on how some in music plan to approach returning after life returns to normal after COVID-19.